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The 15 Best Local Book Covers of 2014: Do you agree with our selection?

Sunday Read: I Want to Believe – An Excerpt from David Duchovny’s Debut Novel Holy Cow (Plus a Recording of Him Reading it)

David Duchovny Holy Cow

Holy CowWe have no idea how we missed this on our list of books to look out for in 2015, but David Duchovny has written a novel.

It’s called Holy Cow – which oddly enough is precisely the reaction we had when we heard the news – and the former X-Files heart-throb says, modestly, that it’s “like Charlotte’s Web or Animal Farm, if I’m lucky”.

Described by his publisher as “a comic delight that will thrill fans of Jasper Fforde and Ben Aaronovitch”, and by the LA Times as “a loopy fairy tale”, Holy Cow is the story of a cow from Upstate New York who decides to travel to India. She is joined by a Jewish pig and a turkey.

It’s due out on 3 February.

Back in the day, Duchovny wrote his senior thesis at Princeton on Samuel Beckett – it was entitled “The Schizophrenic Critique of Pure Reason in Beckett’s Early Novels” – and then went to Yale to do his doctorate, but as he admits to the LA Times: “I didn’t write my dissertation, so I don’t have a PhD.”

In an interview with The New York Times, however, Duchovny says his writing style was not influenced by the Irish playwright: “I still like language a little too much to call myself Beckettian. He is very austere, and I like fooling around with words. I guess I’m more Joycean, although that’ll sound really pretentious.”

If the excerpt below isn’t enough Duchov for you, you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to the confirmed return of Twin Peaks and the rumoured return of The X-Files, Duchovny is also releasing an album this year.

Read the excerpt from Chapter 1 of Holy Cow:


Most people think cows can’t think. Hello. Let me rephrase that, most people think cows can’t think, and have no feelings. Hello, again. I’m a cow, my name is Elsie, yes, I know. And that’s no bull. See? We can think, feel, and joke, most of us anyway. My great-aunt Elsie, whom I’m named after, has no sense of humor. At all. I mean zero. She doesn’t even like jokes with humans in them doing stupid things. Like that one that goes—two humans walk into a barn . . . Wait, I may not have much time here, I can’t mess around.

Just trying to get certain things out of the way. Let’s see, oh yeah, how am I writing this, you may wonder, when I have no fingers? Can’t hold a pen. Believe me, I’ve tried. Not pretty. Not that there are many pens around anymore, what with all the computers. And even though we can think and feel and be funny, we cannot speak. At least to humans. We have what you people used to call an “oral tradition.” Stories and wisdom are handed down from mother cow to daughter calf, from generation to generation. Much the way you receive your Odysseys or your Iliads. Singing, even. Sorry for the name-dropping. Homer. Boom. I’ll wait while you pick it up.

Listen to Mulder … er, I mean Duchovny reading the first chapter:

And watch a video of him explaining himself:

YouTube Preview Image

Book details

Image courtesy of Duchovny Central

Fiction Friday: Read a New Short Story from Cameroon’s Million-Dollar Author, Imbolo Mbue

33-year-old Cameroon-born newcomer Imbolo Mbue made headlines when she sold the rights to her debut novel, The Longings of Jende Jonga, for a cool $1 million (R11,5 million) at the Frankfurt Book Fair last year. Now the public finally has the chance to read her writing, as she has had her first short story published.

As Publishers Weekly reported back in October, David Ebershoff of Random House purchased the North American rights to The Longings of Jende Jonga from agent Susan Golomb.

The novel opens in New York City in 2007 and focuses on the West African immigrant of its title, who lands a job as a chauffeur for a high level executive at Lehman Brothers. Jende’s family becomes close to his employer’s—Jende’s wife is quickly hired by the exec’s wife—only to have both families thrown into disarray when the 2008 financial collapse hits.

Ebershoff said the novel is written with “equal amounts of intelligence, empathy, and talent,” and compared the author to writers ranging from Chimamanda Adichie to Jhumpa Lahiri.

Mbue, who has degrees from Rutgers and Columbia universities, has lived in the US since 1998, currently living in Manhattan with her husband and son.

Read her first published story, from the Threeprenny Review:

By Imbolo Mbue

It is a disease of the blood, the doctors told him.

He didn’t ask many questions—he knew about the disease more than some who came in to treat him. He knew that blood is the river of the body and with his being contaminated, his body might soon shrivel up and die like plants on a dried river bank. He knew this truth and yet he showed no great sorrow at the news, only a frail optimism. Bolow and I stayed by his side in those first days, watching as esteemed experts came in pairs and threes and sometimes enough to form a half moon around him. They asked him questions about his appetite, his sleep, his excrements. They read notes in his chart, listened to the beatings of his body, whispered to each other, and left the room with their heads down. The medicine, which the nurses put in through veins in his arm and back, made him drowsy but his sleep was light, ending when he awakened hot and sweaty from nightmares fueled by too many chemicals pumped into his body. After he had toweled off, he would tell us about the nightmares. In one, he was given a glass of blood by a hand without a body, and asked by a baby’s voice to drink it all in one sip. In another, he saw his head on a tray, laughing at him. Over the course of a few weeks, he became lean, then skeletal. His friends filed in and kept his spirits high and he kept theirs high too. When we left his presence we cried, for we saw on that bed a man whose mind and soul were well but whose body appeared to have lost half its contents.

He made a rule for all who came to visit him: no crying. What are you crying for, he would ask us with a short laugh. Yes, what are we crying for, we would ask ourselves. This, after all, was Emke. He was going to be a healer of others. Why would he not heal himself? He wanted to become a doctor because he was certain that to give a man good health was to give him a life worth continuing. Good health for all, he always said, is what Africa most needs.

Heerlike kos vir boekwurms by vanjaar se KKNK vanaf 3 tot 11 April (Plus: Potgooi)

Die ABSA Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) het op Sondag, 25 Januarie, vanjaar se feesprogram bekendgestel tydens ’n spoggeleentheid by die Katedraal Kelder in die Paarl.

Die fees vind vanjaar vanaf 3 to 11 April op Oudtshoorn plaas en die program sluit ’n groot aantal opwindende boekgeleenthede in: van gesprekke met skrywers en huldeblyke aan legendes tot toneelstukke gebaseer op grootse boeke in die Afrikaanse kanon.

Liefde in die kwepertydOkkasiesLiewe Heksie OmnibusDie pad bysterKop op \'n blokWolf, WolfVeelvuldige gebruike vir huishoudelike toestelle
I-Tjieng150 StoriesValreep / Stirrup-CupBidsprinkaanMede-wete
OorseeSiener in die suburbsKobraBallade vir ’n enkelingSenior verseboek
MakietieJoostOnder die radarVoorskootRakaEugene Marais: Versamelde Werke
Danda op OudeurIngrid JonkerGemaklik in jou eie lyfMan of the People21 Icons

Die 2015 KKNK bied iets vir almal. PG du Plessis se Siener in die suburbs en André P Brink se Bidsprinkaan is ou gunstelinge op die verhoog, terwyl jong skrywers Nicola Hanekom (Die pad byster) en Leandie du Randt (Gemaklik in jou eie lyf: Wees die beste jy) in verskeie flieks en verhoogproduksies te sien gaan wees.

Netwerk24 het ’n paar hoogtepunte van die KKNK uitgesonder, onder andere Andries Bezuidenhout en Koos Kombuis se musikale gesprek en Peter Magubane se uitstalling genaamd “Die Afrikaners: ’n Werk in wording”.

Lees die artikel:

Die feesprogram van die Absa Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees, wat van 3 tot 11 April op Oudtshoorn plaasvind, is Sondag bekendgestel. Die program is stampvol prikkelende inligting oor vertonings in die verskeie kategorieë. Sommiges staan egter uit…

Bidsprinkaan (’n Suidoosterfees-produksie)
Met: Elton Landrew, Waldemar Schultz, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Gideon Lombard en Crystal-Donna Roberts
Teks: André P. Brink
Regie: Janice Honeyman
Vervaardiger en verwerking: Saartjie Botha
“Kupido Kakkerlak is nie op die gewone manier uit sy ma se liggaam gebore nie, hy het uitgebroei uit die stories wat sy vertel het.” Só begin Bidsprinkaan, wat alom as Brink se beste roman gereken word.

Christelle Webb-Joubert het met uitvoerende hoof van die KKNK, Rhodé Snyman, en programbestuurder, Theo Kemp, gesels oor vanjaar se program.

Snyman sê: “Dit is baie lekker om aan die stuur van hierdie skip te staan.” Die KKNK is tans 21 jaar oud en sy sê dat hulle dié jaar dinge bietjie anders gaan doen.

Snyman en Kemp gesels oor die produksies en uitstallings wat nie misgeloop mag word nie. Luister na die potgooi:


* * * * * * * *

Vele bekende gesigte het die programbekendstelling in die Paarl bygewoon en LitNet het foto’s van die geleentheid op hul webtuiste geplaas. Magubane en Hanekom is twee van die vriendelike gesigte op die kiekies.

Loer na die foto’s:


* * * * * * * *

Loer na die boekerige items op die program:

Herontdek Dot Serfontein se kosbare beskrywings van haar lewe in dié dramatisering deur Antoinette Kellerman.
3 April | 15:00 – 18:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met: Wicus van der Merwe, Radio Kalahari Orkes, DJ Ossewa, Francois Ferreira, Toks van der Linde en ander.
Vervaardiger: Johan Brooks

Skop vanjaar se Absa KKNK af met ’n lekker braai, musiek en kuier sowel as braaistories en -wenke deur sjef Francois Ferreira en Toks van der Linde. ’n Paar ander bekendes gaan ’n draai maak, maar julle sal moet wag en sien! As jy een is vir jol, moet jy sorg dat jy nie dié pret mis nie. Ingesluit by Rivierbuurt-toegang
3 April | 18:00 | kykNET Musiekverhoog | 140 min

Met: Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, Chris van Niekerk, Loukmaan Adams, Hannes van Wyk, Zanne Stapelberg, De Klerk Oelofse, Crystal-Donna Roberts, Emile Minnie en Luca Human Musiek: Emile Minnie Teks: Francois Toerien en Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, gegrond op Verna Vels se verhale Regie: Lizz Meiring Choreografie: Loukmaan Adams Verhoogbestuurder: Jeanne Steenkamp Kostuums: Rouve Hattingh en Susanne Strydom Stel: Gerrit Snyman Beligtingsontwerp: Pieter-Jan Kapp

Levinia is ’n dollatjie wat al vir meer as 50 jaar bekoor. Hannes van Wyk se koning Rosebravo (’skuus… krans) sal jou hartkloppings gee en Zanne Stapelberg, à la Koninginby, se hoë C sal die stalaktiete in die Kangogrotte laat spat. Daar is min teaterstyle wat kinders én volwassenes spontaan vermaak soos ’n pantomime. Blommeland se manewales gaan jou nog laat runnik… o, Griet! Ek bedoel grinnik.

Dié produksie is ter verering van Verna Vels, die wenner van die Afrikaans Onbeperk-prys vir Lewensbydrae.
4 – 11 April | 9:30 | Absa Burgersentrum | R100 (volwassenes); R75 (kinders) | 80 min.

Ondersteun deur Die LW Hiemstra Trust

Met: Tinarie van Wyk Loots, Paul du Toit, Stian Bam, Bronwyn van Graan en Sive Gubangxa Teks en regie: Nicola Hanekom Vervaardiger: Haas en Kaas Klankontwerp: James Webb

In suburbia, waar mammas met hul babas in stootwaentjies gaan draf en mens op ’n Saterdag grassnyers en die geblêr van rugby op TV hoor, verloop dinge nie altyd volgens plan nie. Party babas word nie deur die ooievaar afgelewer nie. Party word in glas gemaak.
4 April: 10:00; 5 April: 14:00; 6 April: 20:00; 7 April: 20:00; 8 April: 10:30 en 14:00; 9 April: 20:00; 10 April: 10:00; 11 April: 16:00 | Gimsaal | R110 | 70 min. | LW: Geen o/18

Met: Philip de Vos, Sulayman Human, Brandon Phillips (dirigent), Roelof Temmingh en Die Kaapstadse Filharmoniese Jeugorkes Musiek: Camille Saint-Saëns Vervaardiger: Die Kaapstadse Filharmoniese Orkes

De Vos trek sy rympie- en kinderboekskrywer-baadjie uit en tree op as die verteller in hierdie uitvoering van Camille Saint-Saëns se gewilde klassieke werk in ’n besonderse konsert wat hom toelaat om sy liefde vir musiek en die woord te kombineer.
Temmingh en Human, twee begaafde jong pianiste, en die Kaapstadse Filharmoniese Jeugorkes gee lewe aan hierdie musikale avontuur, wat alom in dieselfde asem as Pieter en die wolf genoem word. Dit is beslis ’n moet vir kinders.
4 April | 14:00 | Absa Burgersentrum | R100 (volwassenes); R75 (kinders) | 60 min.

’n Ko-produksie deur die Absa KKNK en Suidoosterfees

Met: Marlo Minnaar Teks: Eben Venter Vervaardiging en verwerking: Marlo Minnaar Regie: Jaco Bouwer Musiek: NamaSun en Dean Balie

Lucky Marais is ’n rentboy  van Santa Gamka in die Groot Karoo. Die kanse wat hy kry, is kanse wat hy self gemaak het en sy lewe is soos sy naam – gelukkig – totdat hy in ’n pottebakkersoond gestop word. Vanuit dié helleput neem hy sy lewe in oënskou.
4 April: 13:00; 5 April: 18:30; 6 April: 16:00; 7 April: 13:00; 8 April: 10:00; 9 April: 13:00 | ATKV-Neelsie Teater | R90 | 80 min. | LW: Geen o/16

Met: Andries Bezuidenhout en Koos Kombuis Musiek, regie en vervaardiging: Andries Bezuidenhout en Koos Kombuis

Nee, dit is nie ’n kookprogram nie, maar wel ’n musikale reis met die gryser en wyser Koos Kombuis en Andries Bezuidenhout, die sanger, digter en vakbondkenner met die suave haarstyl, kitaar en breë kennis van huishoudelike toestelle, oor Afrikaans, ons land, mikrogolfoonde en politiek. Ons voorspel baie kwinkslae.
4 April: 18:30; 5 April 13:00; 6 April 10:00; 7 April 18:30; 8 April 16:00 | ATKV-Neelsie Teater | R100 | 90 min. | LW: Geen o/12

Nataniël stof agt van sy heel beste stories van die afgelope 27 jaar af en laat luisteraars lag met ’n traan soos net hy kan.
4 April | 15:00 – 18:00 | CP Nel Museum

Ondersteun deur die ATKV

Met: Olga Leonard, Trudie Prinsloo en Babette Viljoen
Teks en regie: Lize Beekman Musiek: Olga Leonard, Babette Viljoen en Trudie Prinsloo Vervaardiger: BO Produksies

Eeu van Eybers is ’n viering van Elisabeth Eybers se 100ste verjaardag en ’n huldeblyk aan dié formidable vrou en digter. Jy sal haar opnuut leer ken in dié uur lange produksie deur dieselfde span wat T.T. Cloete gehuldig het met God die digter.
4 April: 16:00; 5 April: 10:00; 6 April: 13:00; 7 April: 10:00 | ATKV-Neelsie Teater | R120 | 60 min.

’n Suidoosterfees-produksie

Met: Elton Landrew, Waldemar Schultz, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Gideon Lombard en Crystal-Donna Roberts Teks: André P. Brink Regie: Janice Honeyman Vervaardiger en verwerking: Saartjie Botha

“Kupido Kakkerlak is nie op die gewone manier uit sy ma se liggaam gebore nie, hy het uitgebroei uit die stories wat sy vertel het.” Só begin Bidsprinkaan, wat alom as Brink se beste roman gereken word. Kupido Kakkerlak (Landrew) is ’n leuenaar, drinker, minnaar en bakleier; ’n legendariese jagter getem deur ’n vrou. Dan ontmoet hy ’n sendeling en word deur die Woord betower. Só word hy ’n prediker en dan die eerste Khoi-sendeling.

Bidsprinkaan is op ’n ware verhaal gebaseer en is, volgens Landrew, “’n Suid-Afrikaanse storie wat nie almal ken nie, maar ’n storie vir alle
4 April: 15:00; 5 April: 15:00; 6 April: 15:00 en 20:00 | Johnny Bisschoff-saal | R110 | 90 min. | LW: Geen o/10

Krog lees verse uit Mede-wete, haar eerste bundel in agt jaar, en gesels oor ma- en ouma-wees, kreatiwiteit, medemenslikheid en hoe om woede te verskans.
4 April | 12:00 – 15:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met: Dawid Minnaar, Albert Pretorius, Tinarie van Wyk Loots en Bongile Mantsai Teks: Bernard-Marie Koltès Vertaling: Tertius Kapp Vervaardiger en regie: Jaco Bouwer Musiek: James Webb

Drie Europeërs bevind hulle op ’n afgesonderde konstruksieterrein iewers in Afrika. Hans (Minnaar) is die lewensmoeë baas wat die tyd verwyl deur te drink en kaart te speel. Hy weet dat Kallie (Pretorius), wat tweede in bevel is, die lyk van ’n swart werker weggesteek het na hy onder verdagte omstandighede dood is. Boonop het Liliana (Van Wyk Loots), Hans se Europese verloofde, pas gearriveer.

Wanneer die oorledene se broer opdaag en sy liggaam opeis, bou die spanning vinnig op soos almal, die gehoor inkluis, wag op die onafwendbare tragedie.
4 April: 20:00; 5 April: 09:00 en 20:00; 6 April: 09:00; 7 April: 09:00; 8 April: 20:00; 9 April: 10:00 | Johnny Bisschoff-saal | R110 | 100 min. | LW: Afrikaans en Engels; Geen o/16

Met George Ballot, André Rossouw, Trix Pienaar en ander

Hierdie bekroonde drama speel af in ’n arm voorstad van Johannesburg met karakters wat jou altyd sal bybly.
5 April | 12:00 – 15:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met Hannes van Wyk as aanbieder

Kom luister hoe die bedrewe aanbieder van Bravo! met van ons interessantste feesmakers gesels. Hannes kry dit altyd reg om stories uit mense te kry wat jy nie sommer sal hoor nie – alles op sy spontane en lekker manier. Sy verskeidenheid van gaste gaan sorg vir ’n glans-gesels-affêre reg in die hartjie van die Klein Karoo. Moet dit nie misloop nie.

Met onder andere aktrise en regisseur Sandra Prinsloo en ander
5 April: Met musikant Loukmaan Adams, teatermaker Frans Swart en aktrise Marga van Rooy
6 April: Met skrywer Deon Meyer; aktrise Tinarie van Wyk Loots; vervaardiger, komediant en aktrise Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck; operasangeres en aktrise Zanne Stapelberg; en Janine Neethling, musikant, musiekmaker en die wenner van vanjaar se Kunste Onbeperk: Kruispunt-prys
7 April: Met onder ander
aktrise en regisseur Sandra Prinsloo en sanger Jak de Priester
8 April: Met onder andere aktrise en regisseur Sandra Prinsloo en ander
9 April: Met onder andere skrywer en resensent Leon van Nierop en aktrise Shaleen Surtie-Richards
15:00 | ATKV-Karoo Kafee | 60 min.

Met Nic de Jager en Sue Pyler
Dié huldeblyk is in 2014 saamgestel met Opperman se 100ste verjaardag en bevat argiefopnames van Opperman.
5 April | 15:00 – 18:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met: Paul Eilers, Steffie le Roux en Werner Ferreira Teks: Chris Barnard Verwerking, regie en vervaardiging: Steffie le Roux Musiek: Werner Ferreira en Steffie le Roux

Nadat Chris Barnard in 1967 as joernalis by Die Huisgenoot begin werk het, het hy bekendheid verwerf met sy rubriek Chriskras. Nou word van die vertellings uit die drie bundels wat daaruit gespruit het, deur Eilers vertolk terwyl Le Roux die woorde sing. Kom luister gerus saam en verlustig jou opnuut in die kuns van storievertel. Le Roux en Eilers het vantevore saam opgetree in Verraaiers en Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux.
5 April: 16:00; 6 April: 18:30; 9 April: 10:00; 10 April: 13:00 | ATKV-Neelsie Teater | R100 | 70 min.

Kom vier Die Burger se 100ste bestaansjaar saam met die manne van Makietie en redaksielede van Die Burger in ’n unieke opwip-restaurant wat spesiaal vir dié besondere geleentheid geskep word. Hier sal jy kan smul aan egte Karoo-geregte wat deur 2013 se Kokkedoor-wenners, Mynhardt Joubert en Tiaan Langenegger, voorberei word. Dis nie net die kos wat jou aand gaan maak nie, kom gesels ook met redaksielede oor die nuus, die lewe en wat ’n koerant laat tiek. Jy sal nie sommer ’n flou aand hê as daar ’n koerantjoernalis aan jou tafel sit nie. Boonop gaan die spesiale venue omtower word in ’n plek waar jy graag sal wil eet. Die prys sluit ’n driegangete en unieke geskenk van Die Burger in.

Die restaurant is net vir vier aande in aksie en boonop is daar net plek vir 100 gaste op elk van die aande. So bespreek nou jou tafel: Hierdie okkasie gaan die een wees waaroor almal gaan praat.
5, 6, 8 en 9 April | 19:00 | CJV-saal, NG Moederkerk, Kerkstraat | R250 | 180 min.

Regisseur: Odette Schwegler
Duur: 90 min.

Dié dokumentêre film bied ’n besonderse kyk na Joost van der Westhuizen se lewe met motorneuronsiekte (MNS). Die noodlot ontsien niemand nie: Dit het hy, een van Suid-Afrika se grootste en gewildste rugbyhelde ooit geleer toe hy met MNS gediagnoseer is. Dit is ’n siekte wat die sentrale senustelsel aanval en tot verlamming en die dood lei. In stede van opstandig raak, benader Joost dit met waardigheid en humor.
7 April | 21:00 – 24:00 | Langenhoven Gimnasium Klubhuis

Met: Frank Opperman Teks: Dana Snyman Regie: Gerrit Schoonhoven Vervaardiger: Frank Opperman Produksies Verhoogbestuur: Nelius Ferreira

Ds. Tienie Benade is ’n middeljarige predikant van ’n sukkelende gemeente. Die kerk se skuld word al meer, die gemeentelede al minder, ds. Benade wonder of mense enigsins nog na preke wil luister en die orrelpype is boonop gesteel. Nogtans is Klaagliedere allermins ’n geweeklaag en hoop wat nie beskaam nie loop soos ’n draad deur die storie wat Opperman met deernis en humor vertel.
7 April: 17:00; 8 April: 17:00; 9 April: 17:00; 10 April: 19:00; 11 April: 13:00 | kykNET Hoërskoolsaal | R110 | 60 min.

Shirley Ellis lees Deon Meyer se kortverhaal voor.
7 April | 15:00 – 18:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met Herman Lensing en Marinda Engelbrecht

Die flambojante en opwindende kosredakteur van Sarie gesels met ander kosgeesdriftiges oor alles wat enigiemand wat lief is vir eet, moet en wil hoor, van die nuutste kos-trends tot hoe om gesonder en (wanneer nodig) selfs lekkerder te eet.
7 – 11 April | 13:00 | ATKV-Karoo Kafee | 60 min.

Chris van Niekerk lees uittreksels uit N.P. van Wyk Louw se epiese gedig.
7 April | 12:00 – 15:00 | CP Nel Museum

Marcel van Heerden lees Eugène Marais se kortverhaal voor.
8 April | 9:00 – 12:00 | CP Nel Museum

Joanie Combrink lees verse voor van Ingrid Jonker wat vanjaar 82 jaar oud sou wees en 50 jaar gelede oorlede is.
8 April | 12:00 – 15:00 | CP Nel Museum

Met: Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Christo Davids, Brendon Daniels, Ivan Abrahams, Crystal-Donna Roberts, Dann-Jaques Mouton en Andrea Frankson Teks: P.G. du Plessis Verwerking: Oscar Petersen Regie: Heinrich Reisenhofer Ontwerp: Jaco (Kosie) Smit Vervaardiger: Alexa Strachan

“Ek wil van geweet wees, Ma, ek wil nie vrek soos ’n hond nie, ek wil van geweet wees.” Dit is die wanhopige begeerte van Tiemie, die mooi, slim dogter in P.G. du Plessis se immergroen bekroonde drama. Die karakters is steeds herkenbaar, vlees-en-bloed mense, elk met ’n eie lewe en hartseer, wat net sowel saam met jou kon werk of jou bure kon wees. Heinrich Reisenhofer, wat die regie van dié nuwe vertolking behartig, het in 2007 die Kanna vir Beste Regie ontvang vir Festen.
8 April: 15:00; 9 April: 20:00; 10 April: 15:00 en 20:00; 11 April: 15:00 | Johnny Bisschoff-saal | R110 | 120 min. | LW: Geen o/13

Met: Christia Visser, Edwin van der Walt, Nicola Hanekom, Louw Venter, Leandie du Randt, Vilje Maritz en Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp Regisseur en skrywer: Corne van Rooyen Duur: 90 min.
LW: o/9’s net met ouerbegeleiding

Díe tienerkomedie speel in 2004 af. Jana van Tonder is ’n gewone tiener wat saam met haar disfunksionele ouers aan die verkeerde kant van die treinspoor woon. Charlize Theron wen díe jaar die Oscar en Jana besluit om die matriekafskeid in haar eie Hollywood-glansgeleentheid te omskep. Wanneer Jana se geheime crush Brandon, die skool se hartebreker en tenniskampioen, sy verhouding met die gewildste meisie in die skool verbreek, moet Jana die moed bymekaarskraap om hom na die dans te nooi. Sy moet hom net vra en ’n rok kry.
8 April | 21:00 – 24:00 | Langenhoven Gimnasium Klubhuis

Met: Willie Esterhuizen, Deon Lotz, Anel Alexander, Marius Weyers, Nicola Hanekom, AJ van der Merwe, Cobus Rossouw en Sandra Kotze Regisseur: Koos Roets

Dié film van Pieter Fourie se toneelstuk wat Suid-Afrikaners 30 jaar gelede oorrompel het, vermaak en ontroer steeds. Faan se trein speel af in 1959 en vertel van ’n middeljarige man met die verstand van ’n sewejarige wat op ’n klein Karoo-dorpie saam met sy pa woon. Wanneer sy pa al sy besittings nalaat om tussen hom en die kerk verdeel te word, verskeur gierigheid die gemeenskap.
9 April | 18:00 – 21:00 | Langenhoven Gimnasium Klubhuis | 120 min. | LW: o/12’s net met ouerbegeleiding

Elanza Swart lees drie Jonker-kortverhale voor: ’n Daad van geloof, Eerste liefde en Die pop.
9 April | 12:00 – 15:00 | CP Nel Museum


Peter Magubane se jongste fotografie-projek is ’n eerbetoon aan die kultuur en tradisies van die Afrikaner waarin hy die volle spektrum, “van volstruisboere in die Karoo tot Sandra Prinsloo” dokumenteer. Die foto’s op die uitstalling en in die gepaardgaande boek dateer vanaf 1956 tot vandag.
Magubane, wat vanjaar ’n Kunste Onbeperk-toekenning vir lewensbydrae ontvang het, gaan sy werk aan dié projek tydens die fees voortsit.
Daagliks | 9:00 – 17:00 | Prince Vincent-gebou

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Richard Dowden Reviews A Man of Good Hope by Jonny Steinberg

A Man of Good HopeVerdict: critical carrot

If this tale were a novel it would be unconvincing. Fate seems to conspire against Abdullahi Asad at every turn. He is a good man, intelligent and industrious. His lodestar dream is to get to America but half way through you wonder what else can possibly go wrong for him. The statistics show there are millions of Asads in Africa struggling to get out and make a life elsewhere.

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Herman Lategan resenseer Sonde van Lusinda deur Anton Schoombee

Sonde van LusindaUitspraak: wortel

Schoombee vat ’n onderwerp wat al holrug gery is (no pun intended) en maak dit ’n aangename, opwindende, vars leeservaring. Hy kry dit goed reg om jou ’n goeie kyk te gee in die brose binnewêreld van Stéfan.

Ook maak hy nie van Lusinda ’n goedkoop prostituut of die enigste sondebok nie; daarvoor skryf hy met te veel patos oor haar. Miskien is dit ook die sterk punt van die boek – geen vingers word gewys nie, maar die Here weet, hier is iemand deur iemand anders gróót skade berokken. En dit, liewe leser, is waar jy jou eie oordeel sal moet gebruik.

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Joan Hambidge resenseer Nomade deur Johann Lodewyk Marais

NomadeUitspraak: wortel

Johann Lodewyk Marais verken in sy negende bundel, Nomade, die landskap van Afrika.

Dit lees soos ’n reisverslag of aantekeningboek van ’n digter wat deur Afrika reis en plekke aandoen soos Nairobi, Lamu, Kaïro, Timboektoe en so meer.

Die reisende digter het ’n dubbelblik: Elke ervaring word afgespeel of teruggekaats teen die bekende land van herkoms. Maar sonder hierdie bekende leefwêreld kan die nuwe nie ervaar of deurgrond word nie.


Mastermind Behind Chris Hani’s Assassination Clive Derby-Lewis Denied Medical Parole

Voices of Liberation: Chris HaniA Jacana Pocket Biography: Chris HaniThey Fought for Freedom: Chris HaniSouth Africa's Brave New WorldHani

Justice Minister Michael Masutha has announced that Clive Derby-Lewis, who orchestrated the assassination of Chris Hani, has been denied parole.

Former apartheid Vlakplaas hit squad commander Eugene de Kock, however, will be released on parole. Masutha said he granted De Kock’s parole “in the interest of … nation building”

Derby-Lewis, who has lung cancer, has served 22 years for his role in the assassination of the former South African Communist Party leader in 1993, after his initial death sentence was communed to life imprisonment. The medical parole board recommended he be released from custody recently, however, Masutha today said his condition is not serious enough to warrant parole, and voiced grave reservations about his conduct.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha said he suffered from Stage 3 lung cancer; and inmates only qualified for medical parole if they suffered from Stage 4 cancer.

The minister also bemoaned Derby-Lewis’s conduct in hospital, where he used another person’s name instead of his own.

Masutha said he was not convinced that Derby-Lewis had shown real remorse for his actions.

The South African Communist Party yesterday reacted strongly to the medical parole board’s recommendation, saying he does not show “any signs of remorse”:

We would remind everyone that to Clive Derby-Lewis was denied amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) because he did not fulfil the requirements and criteria to be given amnesty. Unrepentant, Derby-Lewis actually claimed that his Christian faith within the Afrikaans Protestant Church was central to his decision to participate in Hani’s assassination, while stating that this was sanctioned by senior leaders of the Conservative Party, whose names, by the way, were never, up to this day, disclosed.

To us as the SACP the matter on the assassination of Comrade Chris Hani is not closed, and that will remain the case until justice is realised, no matter how an individual or a grouping feels emotionally at a particular point in time. The SACP, standing firm on this ground, has made it clear that its unchanged stance on this principle is located within the confines of the law, associated regulations and processes. And as such we are consulting our legal team to guide us on what other steps are available to continue with this fight of getting to the bottom of the killing of our former General Secretary.

SACP second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila said the party agreed with Masutha’s decision:

Meanwhile, the South African Communist Party’s (SACP) second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila says Derby-Lewis doesn’t deserve to be freed on medical grounds.

“He killed a father, a husband, a revolutionary and he refused to disclose.”

In December Limpho Hani, the widow of Chris Hani, was named as a respondent in an urgent application on Derby-Lewis’ release to the High Court in Pretoria. Masutha said he considered her recommendations in his decision.

The Minister has asked the media to respect his decision.

Masutha said that “there is nothing to indicate that Derby-Lewis is in such a condition that he is physically unable to continue to serve parole.”

Masutha said he had considered the medical parole board’s decision as well as Chris Hani’s widow’s recommendations in making his decision. He said it was confusing and unlawful for Derby-Lewis to have used pseudonyms which the killer claimed was done for security reasons.

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Don’t Miss IBBY South Africa’s Summer BookBash, Featuring a Panel Discussion on Teen Literature, in Cape Town

IBBY SA Summer Bookbash Invite

In Search of HappinessThe International Board on Books for Young People South Africa is holding their Summer BookBash on Thursday, 5 February at SASNEV in Pinelands between 5:30 and 7:30 PM. You are invited!

The event will take the form of a panel discussion with the topic “Writing for South African Teens. What’s Going On?”

The discussion will be chaired by Righardt le Roux of PRAESA. The panel is comprised of a diverse crowd of book people: Sonja Kruze, FunDza ambassador; Zonke Silwanyana, EDULIS selector; Charles Siboto of NB Publishers; Sonwabiso Ngcowa, author of In Search of Happiness; Lindokuhle Mlhanga of ReaderWorld.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday, 5 February 2015
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Venue: SASNEV
    4 Central Square
    Pinelands | Map
  • Panelists: Righardt le Roux (chair), Sonja Kruze, Zonke Silwanyana, Charles Siboto, Sonwabiso Ngcowa and Lindokuhle Mlhanga
  • RSVP: Kathy Madlener, or Genevieve Hart,

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Rob Hofmeyr Reviews The Side of the Sun at Noon by Hazel Crampton

The Side of the Sun at NoonVerdict: carrot

Hazel Crampton is known for her outstanding The Sunburnt Queen, an account of a little English girl shipwrecked on the Wild Coast. This new work has a greater scope both historically and geographically, but is tautly structured and makes excellent reading.

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The First Times Talks Event of 2015: Jodi Picoult Chats to Michele Magwood About Her New Book at Kingsmead College

Launch: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

“I’m going to make you fall in love with elephants.”

These were the opening words of best-selling American author Jodi Picoult at Kingsmead College in Johannesburg on Thursday, 22 January. She was in South Africa to chat about her latest novel, Leaving Time.

Picoult kicked off the first Times Talks event of 2015 with a riveting conversation with Michele Magwood about elephants, ghosts and psychics.

Leaving TimeSing You HomeHouse RulesMy Sister's Keeper

Picoult told the audience that Leaving Time was inspired by her own children leaving the nest. She decided to write a book about parenting, love and loss and used the fact that elephant mothers and daughters never leave one another as the starting point for the narrative. She started the event by reading an excerpt from the book.

Launch: Leaving Time by Jodi PicoultPicoult spent some time in Botswana doing research about elephants and found out that the adage “an elephant never forgets” is really true. “Elephants won’t leave sick or injured herd members behind,” she said. “They do something only humans do, which is called cross-species empathy.” In her research Picoult came across instances where elephants would break into research facilities and reclaim the bones of their dead relatives to bury them.

The conversation also turned to nature conservation and elephant poaching. “38 000 elephants a year are being killed right now across Africa and at this rate research has said that in 10 years you will have no wild elephants in this country,” Picoult said. “Poaching needs to be seen as an international concern, not just in South Africa but across borders too.” She explained that gender disparity tips researchers off that large-scale poaching is taking place, as males are captured first, because of their larger tusks. When they are all gone the matriarch, who is the main custodian of the herd’s knowledge, falls prey to poachers. This spells the end of the entire social structure of the herd.”

Launch: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult“It’s a Jodi Picoult novel,” Magwood said. “It will have you tearing and cheering at the same time.” She also probed the visiting author about the other main strand in the book, which relates to the psychic world and the paranormal.

Leaving Time is told from three perspectives: Alice the elephant researcher, her daughter Jenna and Serenity the disgraced psychic. Serenity was one of Picoult’s all time favourite characters to write. Jenna employs her to find her mother, who has been missing for some time. Serenity believes that she used to have “the gift”, but now she is what she calls a “swamp witch”, someone who does cold readings and makes judgements based on appearance. “She’s actually not telling you anything, she’s waiting for you to fill in all the blanks.”

“Your books are so moving, do you make yourself cry?” Magwood asked. “All the time,” Picoult replied. “You spend a week with my characters, I spend nine months with them. That’s how long it takes me to write a book.”

Jodi Picoult SelfieMagwood asked if Picoult has ever considered writing something entirely different, like erotica, upon which the packed Kingsmead auditorium erupted in laughter. “I’ve been writing for 25 years and no one’s ever asked me that question!” Picoult said.

During the question and answer session one audience member asked about the creative rights authors have when their books are made into films and how she felt when Hollywood completely changed the ending of My Sister’s Keeper. The crowd murmured in agreement and Picoult explained that writers have no say in Hollywood. When she found out the director changed the ending she warned him that her fans wouldn’t be happy and that the movie would lose money. She was proved right and consequently has more creative control over her projects.

Another member of the audience shared her personal experience of raising an autistic child and said that she always keeps a copy of House Rules close to her.

The end of the evening brought on a long queue of eager Picoult fans with copies of her book at hand, ready to take selfies with their favourite author.

* * * * * * * *

Books LIVE (@BooksLIVESA), Ben Williams (@benrwms), Jennifer Malec (@projectjennifer), Jennifer Platt (@Jenniferdplatt), Annetjie van Wynegaard (@Annetjievw) and audience members live tweeted from the event using the hashtag #TimesTalks:


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