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Alert! The SAfm Website is Hopeless

The Crap SAfm WebsiteHas anyone been listening to the serialization of Chris van Wyk’s Shirley, Goodness and Mercy on SAfm? It’s marvellously, but marvellously done. It airs at quarter to eight in the evening Mondays to Fridays.

The point of this post was to have been to (a) encourage readers to tune in because there are only XX days of the show left (somewhat oddly, the same serial aired from 29 Aug to 14 Sep; it seems to have received a second life); (b) extol the virtues of the narrator, who reads the book better than van Wyk himself, no mean feat; and (c) provide a link to the podcast of the serial, which is mentioned at the end of each episode.

Alas, the SAfm website intervened. It is – how does one say? – crap. The people who redesigned it took a pleasant-looking and – stress this – fully functional information portal and turned it into a sargasso sea of junk widgets, hyper-useless links and vast, poisoned eddies of vacant space.

This, people at SAfm IT, is what your website looks like in Firefox. Has nobody noticed? It’s been that way for months now. Do you see, for instance, a search function? No – because it’s hidden behind Xolani Gwala’s turgid widget, which hasn’t budged since it was first Presticked into place, no doubt at the behest of some higher-up management hack, who thought it would look cool.

So this post is no longer about Chirs van Wyk’s book, it’s about shaming SAfm into action on its website, which is hopelessly, but hopelessly done. Reintroduce the old one! Someone should start a petition.