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BroadcastPodcast: Book Events 13-19 March

From the Cape Town studio comes the weekly events line-up. We’re confident that you, our discerning listeners, will agree that the lads have got some pretty amazing sound quality going down in the events podcast for a change.

And so it should be, seeing that the Ben-and-JerryTymon show comes to you live from Durban where our men in the field are drinking up the literary culture to bring you robust and comprehensive up-to-the-minute arts news from the 12th Time of the Writer festival.

It can honestly be said that when Ben-Editor calls the office reporting that not a single operational wifi is to be found in Durban, we entertain dark suspicions of how such an incredible situation comes to pass. But asking no questions, we hear neither fable nor falsehood. Listen carefully, dear reader. Read carefully, dear listener:

Your Correspondent clearly says, “I hope this is picking up.” What, you may well ask, is he referring to? The party? The tone of the neighbourhood? The quality of the reportage? And could it be that The Sunday Times‘s Mr Smith’s diction is being overly enunciated? Did Ben-Editor say, “We are still in the thick of too many book festivals…” or shall we allow that he said, “We are in the thick of the two main festivals…”

Your guess is as good as mine. But before any ungenerous aspersions are cast, and, lest it be suggested that Your Correspondent’s 2IC is churlish on account of being left out of the merriment, we return our focus to the numerous book events happening at Woordfees and the Time of the Writer, and in other South African cities.

Podcast: Book events, 13-19 March with Tymon Smith and Ben Williams

[Management regrets to announce to faithful fans that no irresistible iPod visual will be provided this week for your graphic aesthetic delight, nor will a quote-of-the-week be forthcoming. Normal programming will be resumed next week.]


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