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Twitterverse Erupts in Laughter as ANC Attack Max du Preez Over “Maaifoedie” Remark

Veteran journalist Max du Preez, editor of Opinion Pieces by South African Thought Leaders, has found himself the subject of a rather histrionic outburst on the part of the ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu, who was enraged by comments du Preez made about the ruling party on his Facebook page yesterday.

Opinion Pieces by South African Thought LeadersDu Preez’s comment on Facebook was an etymological explanation of the Afrikaans word, “maaifoedies”, which he pointed out is similar to the American word, “motherfucker”. Du Preez’s lengthy comment contained the phrase “So ek se ook aan die ANC-leierskap vanoggend: Julle maaifoedies!”, translated by Sapa as, “So I say also to the ANC leadership this morning: You maaifoedies!”

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu condemned Du Preez’s comments as “unacceptable”, saying that he owed the ANC and all South Africans an apology: “Du Preez…should know better than to publicly get entangled in using an expletive like that, stooping to gutter level and not just insulting, but also defaming all leaders of the ANC”:

“Using profanity published in a public space like this doesn’t add any feather to his cap, but casts a shadow over his reputation.”

In a response on Facebook, du Preez wondered if they ANC had gone “completely and utterly mad”. He said, “Maaifoedie is a perfectably acceptable word in good company, but I explained via an old book on Afrikaans etymology that originally it actually meant the same as the American swear word. I did NOT call the ANC ‘motherfuckers’”.

Max du Preez has, in a manner of speaking, shaken his head in disbelief over the ANC’s vehement reaction to him using the word “maaifoedies” with regard to its leadership.

Social network users on both Facebook and Twitter have entered the debate, with most expressing support for du Preez. One user commented that, thanks to the tiff between the ANC and du Preez, “Maaifoedie” will become part of SA’s colourful lexicon: “‘Maaifoedies’ now takes its colourful place in the contemporary SA lexicon alongside recent gems such as ‘bloody agent’ and ‘don’t touch me on my studio’. Jeez, I love living in South Africa! Thank you, Max. And thanks, too, to Mr Mthembu for adding so absurdly to this delightful imbroglio!”

Another Twitter user, @LouiseCam, asked: “Anc go mental over this but it’s ok for malema to sing kill the boer?”

Social networks were abuzz on Thursday after a row erupted between the ANC and Max du Preez over a Facebook post by the columnist which the party deemed to be insulting towards its leaders.

Du Preez also took issue with Sapa over their report on his Facebook message, saying, “Hey Sapa, go read the original FB stuff before you report on my ‘profanities’. I did no such thing. Bad journalism”.

Columnist Max Du Preez took issue with Sapa on social networking site Twitter on Thursday evening about a report that he had called the ANC “motherfuckers”.

Du Preez expressed his frustrations on Twitter:

For the record re ANC statement about me: I DID NOT say the ANC were motherfuckers on FB!Thu Oct 06 16:45:57 via web

News break: Jackson Mthembu doesn’t understand AfrikaansThu Oct 06 17:01:42 via web

@Porbosky_ZA It wasn’t even really about the ANC, I was explaining the origins of the old Afrikaans word ‘maaifoedie’ from Malay-PortugThu Oct 06 17:03:50 via web

@SapaNews Hey Sapa, go read the original FB stuff before you report on my “profanities’. I did no such thing. Bad journalism!Thu Oct 06 17:28:53 via web

Yo Jackson M, a few more insults to decipher: skarminkel, swernoot, stofpoeper, boef, flentergat, niksnuts. Get it right this time cdeFri Oct 07 08:19:08 via web

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