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Fiction Friday: “Dance Dance Revolution” by Charlie Human

Charlie HumanFor today’s instalment of Fiction Friday, we bring you Charlie Human’s innovative short story “Dance Dance Revolution”, courtesy The World SF Blog. Books LIVE has had its eye on Human ever since his story, “Land of the Blind”, was a finalist in Lauren BeukesMoxyland-inspired short story competition two years ago.

The fairly enigmatic writer has recently resurfaced on the site following a guest post on Beukes’ blog which alerted us to some fantastic news – “Land of the Blind” is currently being transformed into a short film by AFDA students, Donald Leitch and Kyle Stevenson. While you await “Land of the Blind”‘s cinematic reemergence under the title No More Heroes, read Human’s “Dance Dance Revolution”, previously published in Chew Magazine.

Special Forces secure the perimeter of the town and give us the green light to parachute in. Clearing hornet nests is something of a specialty of ours. Special Forces don’t like us, but they’re wise enough to keep their mouths shut.

We advance, Alpha Team in Swan Lake formation. The phosphorescent flares Special Forces have sent up make everything glitter with radiance. The town’s populous wail and cry when they see us. A woman, gnashing her teeth and pulling her hair, throws herself at my feet. Navy Seals they spit at. Dancers they beg for mercy.

Our Killbots trundle next to us awaiting orders. I watch mine, Nureyev, drive over a fruitseller’s stand with his heavy, spiked tracks. I smile. I have a suspicion that his programming has a few sadistic lines of code.


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