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Selected Poems of Antjie Krog, Translated by Denis Hirson, Karen Press and Others

Country of My SkullVerisindaba, the website promoting Afrikaans poetry, has published a selection of English translations of the poetry of Antjie Krog.

The poems come from various sources and were translated by the author, along with Denis Hirson, author of The Dancer and the Death on Lemon Street and I Remember King Kong (The Boxer), Karen Press, author of Home and The Little Museum of Working Life, Richard Jürgens and Tony Ullyatt.

Christmas before the first democratic election

after the rains

the veld gives herself like a slut to the green

of bleak barren plains suddenly nothing

to be seen everything feasts everything

carouses green among thorn trees and braggart tussles

is the vapour of jitters and glue-lick

the hump of karee the foxtrot of wild olive

and for Christmas the cat-bush tiptoes red stipples

wait, see there: the ginger-green pools swell every afternoon

ample with boons of clouds reflecting lightning white

the excess is so unimpaired

so sudden

so cicada-singing

so well-disposedly generous

that it attests to a bloody insensitivity about us

us to whom these velds belong

lied and belied we feel we to whom these velds belong

eroded bewildered assaulted we feel we to whom these velds belong

we fold out hands around our share of chicken and trifle

perhaps the last Christmas together like this

this, on this farm

(From: Gedigte 1989 – 1995, Hond, (1995))

(Tr. by the author)

Mankepank en ander verse Die sterre sê tsau Met Woorde Soos Met Kerse Body Bereft A Change of Tongue

The Dancing and the Death on Lemon Street I Remember King Kong (The Boxer) Home The Little Museum of Working Life

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  • Die sterre sê tsau: /Xam-gedigte van Diä!kwain, Kweiten-ta-//ken, /A!kúnta, /Han#kass’o en //Kabbo edited by Antjie Krog
    EAN: 9780795701740
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