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A Igoni Barrett’s Forthcoming Love is Power, or Something Like That Recommended by Electric Literature

Love Is Power, or Something Like ThatA Igoni Barrett’s new collection of short stories, Love is Power or Something Like That, has been included in Electric Literature’s list of “What we’re reading in 2013″, which was curated by well-known writers, editors, literary agents and other literature people. Roxane Gay, a writer and blogger (most notably at The Rumpus), chose Barrett’s book saying it “crackles with the chaotic energy of modern Nigeria”. The book will be released in May this year.

Barrett won the 2005 BBC World Service short story competition for his story “The Phoenix”, which you can read in its entirety here.

He is also the author of the short story collection From Caves of Rotten Teeth of which award-winning fellow Nigerian author Chika Unigwe said, “the collection is a journey into a world that is sometimes humorous, but very often a reminder of all that is wrong in our world”.

Roxane Gay, writer/blogger/professor/editor:

Don’t Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter (Summer, FSG Orignals) is one of those books that truly stands apart, even in a thriving literary culture. She has a voice unlike any other. There’s ugliness in her stories. Most of the people Hunter writes aren’t terribly pleasant, but they are real. They are the people we know and love and hate. She also makes smart, unexpected choices with syntax and language and rhythm, controlling how her stories are read. Hunter gets in your face in the most seductively antagonistic way.

A. Igoni Barrett‘s Love is Power or Something Like That (May) crackles with the chaotic energy of modern Nigeria. A young boy responsible for his family while his mother flounders with addiction and bad decisions, a man who cannot open his mouth for fear of his overwhelming halitosis is on the outside looking in, a man who pretends to be a woman to lure unsuspecting men from around the world uses the human heart as a way to make money, a corrupt, abusive police officer who is also a family man tries to understand the darkness in him—the characters and circumstances they are found in reveal people’s deepest flaws, and the ways they try to overcome them.

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