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Dries Brunt Reviews Operation Dingo: Rhodesian Raid on Chimoio and Tembue, 1977 by J. R. T. Wood

Operation Dingo: Rhodesian Raid on Chimoio and Tembue, 1977Verdict: carrot

This book is one of the Africa@War series relating to pre- and post-colonial conflict in Africa. Dingo is a minute-by-minute account of two Rhodesian incursions into Mozambique territory in 1977 to counter Zanla insurgence operations.

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Recent comments:

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Kelwyn Sole</a>
    Kelwyn Sole
    January 30th, 2013 @16:20 #

    "Whichever way one looks at it, 'Dingo' was a classic in tactical warfare terms." Huh? Welcome to the world of apolitical consciousness, where all histories are equally valid, and the only thing that matters is a carrot.....
    on the other hand, for instance, Fay Chung, in her book 'Reliving the Second Chimurenga', says that e.g. in Chimoio, 55 of the inmates killed were children, and many of the rest women. Ok, she's a ZANU member. So let's go to the Mtisi, Nyakudya and Barnes chapter in Raftopolous and Mlambo's 'Becoming Zimbabwe', where Chimoio is given as an example of one of the "bloody atrocities" perpetrated' at the end of the 2nd Chimurenga. Or let's go to Lyons' account in 'Guns and Guerrilla Girls: Women in the Zimbabwean Liberation Struggle', which talks inter alia of the propaganda war that exploded around the massacres at places like Chimoio and Nyadzonia, and gives a nuanced account, which certainly never talks about tactical success. Just dead bodies, and yes, many women and children. I could go on citing here.
    In the face of penny horrible reviewing such as this, I think I'll just stay high-falutin'....


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