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Ryland Fisher Wants Book Launch Audiences to be More Diverse

RaceZuma ExposedWhen Ryland Fisher, author of Race, recently attended the launch of Adriaan Basson’s book Zuma Exposed in Cape Town, he noted that most of the audience members were white and elderly.

In an opinion piece for the Daily Maverick, Fisher laments the fact that “a large part of our population do not attend discussions and book launches”. He says that these discussions only happen between people who have access to resources, for example those who can afford to buy Basson’s book.

Musing on what would happen if Basson launched Zuma Exposed “where working class people gather” in townships, he says: “Would he maybe have found positive things to say about the President and not just fed into what the ANC calls the negative discourse that has become part of the middle class South African narrative?”

Ryland believes that we need to create spaces where the issues facing South Africa can be discussed by people from diverse backgrounds with differing opinions:

Recently, since I became a retired or former editor, I have attended quite a few events. They were mainly in the Cape Town CBD and mainly to do with political issues, and they are, mainly, attended by elderly whites.

In my book, Race, I confessed to being a racist and I suppose I must confess to being an ageist too. But I can’t help but notice these things. At many of the events that I attend, my subconscious starts adding up the number of whites, Africans, coloureds and Indians. Then I start looking at the number of young people as opposed to old and middle-aged people; the number of men as opposed to women. Sometimes I even go so far as looking at how many disabled people there are at the event.

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