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Open Book Festival 2013 Liveblog: Saturday 07 September, 12pm – 1pm

It’s Open Book Cape Town time: follow all the action on our liveblog! (Refresh/F5 for latest updates.) (Read from the bottom up!)

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And that’s a wrap of the second session of Open Book 2013!

Carolyn Meads covered Fifty Shades of Feminism with Rachel Holmes, Gillian Slovo, NoViolet Bulawayo, Kamila Shamsie and Margie Orford:

Lindsay Callaghan covered Travel Writing Today with Justin Fox, Sihle Khumalo, Martinique Stilwell and Don Pinnock:

Maggie Marx covered Patrick DeWitt’s session with Werner Pretorius:


We’re slightly off-topic in the travel writing session – talking about tabloids now – but it’s fascinating stuff:


In the main Fugard Theatre, Gillian Slovo, socialist feminist, looks somewhat askance at UK feminism:


It seems to be the moment for talking about one’s next book; here’s Patrick DeWitt in the Fugard Annexe I:


And more great news – about Justin Fox’s next book!


Great news about Sihle Khumalo’s next book!


Make that three random horse quotes from Patrick de Witt; here’s the third:


Two random horse quotes from Patrick de Witt in the Fugard Annexe I:


On the other hand, Sihle Khumalo has a dissenting view:


Where’s travel writing going? ask the writers in the Fugard Studio. Online, they chorus:


The different shades of feminism are indeed starting to show in the main Fugard Theatre:


How to get started as an author, by Martinique Stilwell in the travel writing session, Fugard Studio:


Terrific exchange between Kamila Shamsie and Margie Orford in the main Fugard Theatre:


Terrific one-liner from Don Pinnock in the travel writing session, Fugard Studio:


A word from Khamila Shamsie in the Fifty Shades of Feminism discussion in the main Fugard Theatre:


We presume the answer was “no” – ? Patrick de Witt in the Fugard Annexe I:


Justin Fox is keeping things interesting in the travel writing session in the main Fugard Theatre:


Whoa! Good on her!


Over in Fifty Shades of Feminism, NoViolet Bulawayo has the floor:


Using humour to deal with challenges! A good strategy from Patrick de Witt:


Sticking with dialogue, in another room (the Fugard Studio), Martinique Stilwell shares her thoughts:


More on dialogue from Patrick de Witt in the Fugard Annexe I:


Who was it who said that good dialogue is as difficult to write as good poetry?


Hmm, I wonder who Don Pinnock could be referring to in the Fugard Studio?


Gillian Slovo expounds on her introduction to feminism in the main Fugard Theatre:


In the Fugard studio, Justin Fox is still seeking his identity as a travel writer:


In the Fugard Annexe I, Patrick de Witt is waxing apologetic:


Our reporter at the Fifty Shades of Feminism is back online! A few gems from her TL:


A case of mistaken identity over in the main Fugard Theatre:


A few gems from the travel writing panel in the Fugard Studio:


Our regular reporter seems to be having technical difficulties in the main Fugard Theatre, so let’s switch to an audience member for Fifty Shades of Feminism I coverage:


In the Fugard Annexe 1, we learn that Patrick de Witt writes from life:

Here’s the blurb for Ablutions:

In a famous but declining Hollywood bar works A Barman. Morbidly amused by the decadent decay of his surroundings, he watches the patrons fall into their nightly oblivion, making notes for his novel. In the hope of uncovering their secrets and motives, he establishes tentative friendships with the cast of variously pathological regulars.

But as his tenure at the bar continues, he begins to serve himself more often than his customers, and the moments he lives outside the bar become more and more painful: he loses his wife, his way, himself. Trapped by his habits and his loneliness, he realizes he will not survive if he doesn’t break free. And so he hatches a terrible, necessary plan of escape and his only chance for redemption.


Here, by the way, is a view of the Fugard Theatre’s foyer, complete with pop-up Book Lounge bookshop:


I wonder if Martinique Stilwell’s family ever sailed to, you know, Martinique?


And here’s the first “50 Shades of Feminism” panel in the main Fugard Theatre:


…and this is the view in the Fugard Annexe I, where Patrick de Witt is chatting to Werner Pretorius:


Two snaps of the main Fugard Theatre and its travel writing panel:


Here’s who’s tweeting what this hour:


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