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Fiction Friday: “Waking” by Cat Hellisen

House of Sand and SecretsWhen the Sea is Rising RedCat Hellisen, author of When the Sea is Rising Red and the recently published House of Sand and Secrets, contributed a short story to the latest issue of Apex Magazine, which publishes works of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Read this week’s Fiction Friday, “Waking” by Hellisen, in which the protagonist describes the Museum of Angelic Artefacts where some of the remains of the angels, who stopped arriving before her parents were born, are kept. The museum houses metal skeletons and and even a few bio-parts of the angels, who did not do much once they had arrived: “They just stood there, blinking. No celestial messages of deliverance, no words from distant stars. After a while, they died. Fell apart.”

The Museum of Angelic Artefacts was a road–side attraction; a blip on the map where families stopped to stretch their legs and maybe take in an old film of the visitations. They would round out their break with a trip to the shops to buy coffee and ice cream, a postcard to put in a drawer and forget.

It wasn’t a big museum, as these things go. Most of the display was of small mechanical pieces; cogs and electrodes and bits of broken chips. A few whole metal skeletons were in the main display at the back of the house, and they were the pieces that drew the biggest crowds. The bio–parts of the angels were harder to find, although we did possess a small glass–topped trunk with an embalmed hand that was supposed to have come from one of the first angel visitations. Of course, there are fingers of Gabriel in several museums.

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