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Lauren Beukes’ Reddit AMA is happening now!

Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes’ Reddit AMA, or Ask Me Anything, is happening as we type on the Reddit Books subreddit!

MoxylandZoo City (SA edition)The Shining GirlsBroken Monsters

Reddit is an entertainment, social networking service and news website, made of a number of subreddits for specific topics and interests. Arguably its main feature is that users “upvote” and “downvote” content, the intention being that the best content makes it way to the top of the site, the “front page”.

A Reddit AMA – Ask Me Anything – is a question and answer session between a celebrity and the Reddit community. It’s a pretty big deal; Barrack Obama, Madonna, Bill Gates, Snoop Dogg, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Murray, Jeff Bridges, Julian Assange, Stephen King, Deepak Chopra, Morgan Freeman have all taken part, with some turning out disastrously.

Beukes’ latest novel, Broken Monsters, is also currently the Reddit Books Moderator Recommendation, which considering the site’s enormous traffic is a pretty big deal too.

Beukes has just introduced herself, and the questions have already started flowing in:

Hi r/books, I’m stoked to be here. Thanks for having me. I‘ve written award-winning books, a New York Times-bestselling comic, screenplays, and I’ve worked in kids’ animation and journalism.
I write twisty novels that don’t like to be boxed up with tidy category labels. Critics have described my work as “crossover” or “supernatural thrillers” or, my personal favourite (considering the first body in Broken Monsters) “hybrid”. But also “horror” and “SF” and “weird” and “speculative”. It’s not my fault; the books just come out that way.
If I wasn’t a writer, I’d want to be a detective or a journalist again or a Godzilla Girl YouTube star stomping miniature cities for ad hits.
Ask me anything (within sanity, unless you’re entertainingly insane, but not obnoxious) about my books, writing, journalism and how that feeds into my research on my books, the lengths I go to with my research, interrogating ruin porn in Broken Monsters, social media and Reddit in Broken Monsters, working on comics and that hilarious incident where I thought Inaki Miranda had drawn Rapunzel doing something obscene and we had a huge fight about it, making a documentary, writing for the Disney channel, how awesome it is to have Joey Hi-Fi as a cover designer, awesome kids books recommends, or hey, the details of the rainbow cake recipe I stole from my sister-in-law, as featured in Good Housekeeping. I’m happy to discuss plot stuff, but please mark Spoilers!

Here’s how it looks:


Book details


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