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“Now Our Leaders are Looking with Nostalgia at Apartheid Laws” – Zakes Mda Criticises Zuma’s Marikana Comments

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Referring to the controversial comments made about the Marikana massacre by President Jacob Zuma at Tshwane University of Technology on Tuesday, Zakes Mda made some cutting remarks on Twitter.

Zuma shocked TUT students during his address at the campus, when he said: “Even the Marikana miners were shot after killing people.”

Later, in criticism of student protests, he continued: “Do not use violence to express yourselves, or I might be forced to relook at the apartheid laws that used violence to suppress people.

“They [the striking Marikana miners] had killed people, if you do not know.”

Mda commented:

The Presidency has since released a statement, insisting that Zuma condemns the Marikana massacre as much as the government does:

Government reiterates its view, also conveyed by President Jacob Zuma yesterday, that all the deaths that occurred in Marikana in August 2012 should be equally condemned as all are equally unacceptable.

The President has said it before that the deaths of the 10 persons who were killed before the tragic killing of 34 people in Marikana should also be condemned, including the killings that took place even after the deaths of the 34.

“All the deaths should be equally condemned by all without being selective as all lives are important and all families equally lost their loved ones in the tragic and painful incidents that occurred at Marikana,” said the President.

The media has reported the remarks of the President at Tshwane University of Technology yesterday to have meant that he condones the death of the 34. President Zuma and government condemn all the deaths equally.

The Marikana massacre took place in August 2012, and was investigated by the Farlam commission of enquiry. The resulting report was handed to Zuma earlier this year, and there have been repeated calls for him to release the findings.

In late May the President finally announced that he would release the report in late June, with Gia Nicolaides, author of Reporting from the Frontline: Untold Stories from Marikana, commenting: “Let’s hope it’s an unedited version.”

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