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International Film Adaptations Announced for Two South African Books: Apocalypse Now Now and Third World Child

Third World ChildApocalypse Now NowFilm adaptations were announced for two South African books over the weekend.

At the Durban International Film Festival, British producer Andrew Bendel announced that Blue Horizon Productions has acquired the rights to GG Alcock’s memoir Third World Child: Born white, Zulu bred.

Meanwhile, Variety reported on Friday that Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human is to be adapted into a feature film by District 9 and Chappie screenwriter Terri Tatchell.

In 2013, Human was hilariously mistaken for English actor Charlie Hunnam, and received a barrage of tweets from fans when the Sons of Anarchy star pulled out of the 50 Shades of Grey film.

With the news of the Apocalypse Now Now film, Human has again been on the receiving end of some amusing ribbing, in the form of snarky – although good-natured – comments on the AV Club‘s news report:

Velocirapstar commented: “Charlie Human sounds like a robot who’s pretending to be a person and failing really, really badly. Like it’s the beta version of Mitt Romney.”

Milkproof Robot: “Wasn’t Charlie Human one of the giant robots in Pacific Rim?”

Dr. J: “Other aliases considered by Charlie Human: Richard Meatsack”

PrivateIronTFU: “Hugh Mann.”

SludgeVohaul: “Moe Sapien”

And, in full circle, My Own Private Connery comments: “Charlie Hunnam”.


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