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5 Thrilling Sunday Reads, Including Women and Horror Literature and the Birth of the Vampire

Frankenstein1. Taking the Portraits out of the Attic: Women and Horror Literature

From 4th Estate: If there were a Horror Literature Hall of Fame (or should that be Haunted Mansion of Fame?), the faces on the gilded portraits bearing down from its walls would doubtless look awfully similar. The sallow, sunken features of Edgar Allen Poe, the monumental, Moai-esque head of HP Lovecraft, the thin-lipped visage of Stephen King – the public faces of the genre have been overbearingly male since the teenage Mary Shelley had her name omitted from the first publication of Frankenstein.


Dracula2. The Poet, the Physician and the Birth of the Modern Vampire

From The Public Domain Review: A vampire is a thirsty thing, spreading metaphors like antigens through its victim’s blood. It is a rare situation that is not revealingly defamiliarised by the introduction of a vampiric motif, whether it be migration and industrial change in Dracula, adolescent sexuality in Twilight, or racism in True Blood.


3. Adriana E Ramírez: Santa Rita de los Imposibles

From Guernica: Violence isn’t always evil. What’s evil is the infatuation with violence. —Jim Morrison

JULY 1, 2007 — He chose to die in American pants. “No, no no. What he thought were American pants,” my mother corrected me. The Italian brand had a factory in Medellín, but common folk swore they were American.


4. “Horror Story” by Carmen Maria Machado

From Granta: It started so small: a mysteriously clogged drain; a crack in the bedroom window. We’d just moved into the place, but the drain had been working and the glass had been intact, and then one morning they weren’t. My wife tapped her fingernail lightly on the crack in the pane and it sounded like something was knocking, asking to be let in.


Finders Keepers5. Care for a Scare? Read Four Exclusive Excerpts from Upcoming Horror Books!

From Goodreads: As part of Horror Week, we’ve collected four exclusive excerpts from upcoming horror books. They will leave you hanging in the most deliciously creepy of ways. Remember: Things aren’t always what they seem.


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