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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Tim Noakes’ Real Meal Revolution Takes the 2014 Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award

Tim Noakes

Real Meal RevolutionAlert! Real Meal Revolution has been announced as the winner of the 2014 Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award at the annual Sefika Awards dinner in Durban tonight.

The Sefika Awards are the annual gathering of the South African Booksellers Association (SABA) and the Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA).

The R20 000 prize is awarded to the title that SABA members select as the one they most enjoyed reading, promoting and selling in 2013. Last year’s award went to Frank Chikane for Eight Days in September.

Real Meal Revolution, by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot, has taken the country by storm and, as the press release suggests, has “helped many a bookseller’s bottom line”. It beat off competition from a strong shortlist, including Deon Meyer, for Kobra, Lauren BeukesThe Shining Girls, Kokkedoor by Errieda du Toit, Nicki von der Heyde’s popular Field Guide to the Battlefields of South Africa and Vusi Pikoli and Mandy Wiener’s My Second Initiation.

Books LIVE member Penguin Books (SA) won Trade Publisher of the Year 2014, while The Book Lounge was awarded Trade Booksellers of the Year 2014 (Independent Stores).

Press release


At the annual Sefika Awards dinner held on Tuesday 26th of August, outstanding service to the publishing and bookselling industry was celebrated in style, with this year’s theme: “Black and white”.

Publishers, booksellers and authors congregated at the Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel and Convention Centre in KwaZulu-Natal to applaud and be applauded for the roles they play in promoting literacy and a culture of reading by writing, producing and selling quality books in South Africa.

The Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award, now in its 14th year, is a very special award, bestowed upon an author for a book he or she has written that booksellers most enjoyed selling throughout the year. This year’s award went to Tim Noakes for Real Meal Revolution, a book that has changed the fortunes of Quivertree Publications and helped many a bookseller’s bottom line as it flew off the shelves this year.

Professor Noakes won over authors Nicki von der Heyde, Deon Meyer, Errieda Du Toit, Vusi Pikoli and Mandy Wiener, and Lauren Beukes.

Publishers Awarded:

Trade Publisher of the Year 2014: Penguin Books (SA)
Academic Publisher of the Year 2014: Oxford University Press Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
Education Publisher of the Year 2014 (Large): Pearson Education SA
Education Publisher of the Year 2014 (Small): Berlut Books cc

Booksellers Awarded:

Academic Bookseller of the Year 2014: Van Schaik Bookstore (Pty) Ltd
Education Bookseller of the Year 2014: Boeke 24/7
Trade Bookseller of the Year 2014 (Chain Stores): Bargain Books
Trade Booksellers of the Year 2014 (Independent Stores): Book Lounge
Library Supplier of the Year 2014: Hargraves Library Services

The teams that won these awards are the leaders in literacy development in South Africa and it is important that the publishers are recognised for their dedication to producing works of perfection and that the booksellers are thanked for taking these works and getting them into the hands of readers country wide.

Sponsored by Paarl Media, Nielsen, SAPnet, Creda Communications, Premier Freight, Geodis Wilson and On the Dot, the entire evening and all of the honour it bestows upon the recipients of the awards, is an annual highlight, celebrating South Africans that are advocates of literacy.


Book details

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Announcing the First Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Awards

Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Awards 2014

The first-ever Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook awards have been announced, with prize money of R20 000 and Pick n Pay vouchers up for grabs.

To be eligible cookbooks must have been published – in print – in South Africa between 1 September, 2013, and 31 December, 2014.

South Africa has a strong cookbook publishing industry, and a number of recipe books have been published in the eligible time period, including:

RetreatWinter Food in ProvenceBo-Kaap KitchenFireworks

For Good TimesReal Meal RevolutionTraditional South African CookingSmittenCakes to Celebrate Love and Life

Bake with JoshTaste the World with Jenny MorrisCook from the HeartLazy Days

The award categories are: Best Cookbook of the Year, with two Runners-Up and two Highly Commended, as well as Best Newcomer, awarded for a first-time cookbook author.

Entries close on Monday, 8 September, 2014.

Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook awards entry form:

Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Awards 2014 by Books LIVE

Book details

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Link Love: The Deadly Seducer, Cindy Pivacic’s Devastating Story of How She Was Infected with HIV

Cindy Pivacic’s book The Deadly Seducer, describes her journey of being infected with HIV, contracting it from her live-in boyfriend, and living with HIV/Aids.

Charlotte Kemp says of the book:

A bold and honest account, Cindy Pivacic shares her story about how she came to contract HIV & Aids and how she responded to it. Not only is she living healthy years later, but her vibrant and energetic character has been poured into helping others who are experiencing the same situation.

Cindy presents talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & Aids and those, with this book and her online presence, gives her the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & Aids issue, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer.

Times LIVE recently shared three short excerpts from Pivacic’s book. Read about the encounter that changed it all – when a condom broke – and her diagnosis. She writes, “Many people do not show any symptoms of HIV infection for years, but will more than likely have the initial rash that indicates the body has been infected with the virus. In my case the onset of the acquired diseases was practically immediate.”

Excerpt: Life’s a beach

Brad (not his real name) and I were in a relationship for a total of three years and I had insisted on using protection during intercourse. During an evening of (how can I put this delicately without offending the faint-hearted?) exuberant sex – the condom broke!

Had I known better, I would have continued using a condom further into the relationship, but I thought, “Oh well the damage is done”, not realising that there was a chance that that one encounter may not have infected me. During the initial part of our relationship, I used protection thinking I would be safe. But when the unfortunate incident occurred, lack of knowledge prevailed and I discontinued using protection.

To order The Deadly Seducer contact the author by sending her an email at

About the book

It is all about you if you can live with yourself, stuff everyone else! I understand fully that it is a serious, terminal disease but it is manageable, so try to keep your sense of humour and “Deal With It”, sounds simple, but for some it will not be, that is why I would like to share the more positive side of my experience. It is not some, feel-sorry-for-me memoir or a sad biography – I usually pick up a biography, read the back, say “oh hell no” and put it right back on the shelf.

This is just telling it how it is and how I had to deal with “IT”. I have had the most excitinglife possible, no regrets. No one is untouchable, although some people I have met have the strangest ideas about “IT”. This can affect anyone, directly or indirectly, and eventually someone else’s situation will affect you.

Forty six year old, Caucasian woman, so much for Gay and Black stereotype, HIV and Aids is my disease!

A brief look at a ‘normal’ youth spent in Namibia then going to a boarding school as there were no high schools in Oranjemund to my fathers transfer to Kimberley and the teen years of growing up and testing the waters of what teenagers get up to along with their peers. I come from a very healthy well balanced background which goes to show everyone is vulnerable no matter your standard of living.

My first and second marriages were disasters for very different reasons; the first fortunately brought me two wonderful hard earned children but due to the lack of affection from my husband they had to be meticulously planned. The second husband was a violent individual and totally opposite of my first husband the physical side was passionate entwined with both violent abuse and sexual ardour.

Deciding to move from the Free State to KwaZulu Natal seemed like the best thing at the time in order to remove myself from my second husbands family and then in time from him, unknowingly setting myself up for an even worse situation. Being the trusting person I am totally misled into a relationship with someone fourteen years my junior resulting in a lifelong deadly disease.

Living with the HI virus and acquired diseases related to HIV & Aids since 2004, the lengthy detailed treatments are shared in the hope that it will create awareness to the public at large and show that acquiring the virus does not have to mean a death sentence. We are all going to die, eventually; it is just up to each one of us how you are going to live in-between, disease or no disease!

With support, yes, from family and friends believe it or not it has helped somewhat in removing the stigma and discrimination attached to the disease and with proper assistance and support the stigma can be overcome. By pointing people in the right direction and advising what to do, where to go, when and how to do it will hopefully prolong their life by managing their disease.

The treatment takes the reader through the various stages of acquired diseases that affected me and by doing this give people hope that acquiring diseases such as Strokes, Pneumonia, Shingles, TB Meningitis and Cancer (Angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy) will show them that living a healthy lifestyle can and does work. Going onto ARVs need not be a nightmare if taken correctly; they will enhance your life.

The lack of support within the suburbs is frightening and is addressed with contact details to counselling, testing and support group facilities. Add to this some tried and tested, easy, healthy recipes, the first thing that always gets asked is ‘So, what do you eat?’ necessitated this inclusion.

The thirty-six FAQ are easy to understand and an integral part of creating awareness and giving information to the still unacquainted people of South Africa in a manner that encourages them to want to read and find out more about this disease.

It boils down to ADAPT or DIE, I chose to adapt!

About the author

Cindy Pivacic is a speaker, living positively with HIV and Aids since November 2004, having lived through numerous challenges, would like to share her journey. She is living proof that a healthy lifestyle can prolong your life.

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Vaar uit na die boekwinkels en vier Koop-’n-Afrikaanse-boek-dag

Die Vriende van Afrikaans (VVA) is ‘n groep mense wat werk vir Afrikaans. Hulle is nie polities, seksisties, rassisties of godsdiensvoorskriftelik nie en verwelkom almal wat wil saamwerk. Sedert 2005 reël dié organisasie ‘n Koop-’n-Afrikaanse-boekdag waar hulle Afrikaanssprekendes aanmoedig om skrywers, boekwinkels en uitgewers te ondersteun deur ‘n boek in Afrikaans aan te skaf.

Hierdie dag val vanjaar weer oudergewoonte op 14 Augustus, vandag, en daarom word boekliefhebbers en woordmense genooi om in die kar te spring en na hul naaste boekwinkel te haas.


In ‘n onderhoud met Maroela Media verduidelik Amanda de Stadler, uitvoerende beampte, dat hierdie idee ontstaan het omdat een van hul spitsraadlede moeg geraak het om te luister na mense wat sê hulle wil graag Afrikaans lees, maar daar is nie Afrikaanse boeke beskikbaar nie. “Dit is gewoon nie waar nie,” sê De Stadler en verduidelik hoe die projek geloods is, wat hul daarmee wil bereik en waarom dit ‘n inklusiewe inisiatief is.

“Verlede jaar het ons begin agterkom dit word eintlik nasionale besit, dis nie meer net die dag wat óns reël nie, mense doen dit sommer vanself ook,” sê De Stadler en moedig Afrikaanssprekendes aan om Afrikaanse boeke te gaan koop “vir jou eie beswil”.

Luister na die potgooi:

Die Vriende van Afrikaans het ‘n lys van boekhandelaars wat deelneem aan hierdie dag op hul Facebook-bladsy gedeel en moedig mense aan om ‘n foto van hul kopie met die VVA te deel:

Watter boekwinkels neem deel aan die Koop-’n-Afrikaanse-boekdag op 14 Augustus 2014?

Goeie nuus aan alle boekliefhebbers en woordmense! Die volgende boekwinkels het tot dusver laat weet dat hulle aan die jaarlikse Koop-’n-Afrikaanse-boekdag gaan deelneem:

• Chantall Sayers van Kalahari laat weet dat hulle 30% afslag gee op 14 Augustus op ‘n seleksie van hulle Afrikaanse boeke, fisiese of digitale formaat.

• Lourens Potgieter van CNA sê hulle promosie duur van 14 tot 28 Augustus en hulle het heelwat hase in hulle hoed! “Ons gaan ‘n hengse klomp ekstra Thank U punte toestaan aan almal wat Afrikaanse boeke koop, en aan die ATKV-lede stuur ons ‘n e-pos met ‘n kortingkoepon vir 15% af op alle Afrikaanse boeke-aankope van R200 en meer. Daar gaan plakkate in ons winkels wees, en ons gaan adverteer. Buiten die Thank U punte en ATKV-korting is daar groot besparings op ‘n hele paar vooraanstaande titels, soos Leon van Nierop se Ballade vir ‘n enkeling, Kokkedoor 2 en Ladybird- en Phambili-kinderboekies.”

• CUM-boeke se bemarkingspan laat weet dat hulle 15% afslag aanbied op Afrikaanse boeke op 14 Augustus en sê: “Boeke kan jou inpireer, bemagtig en aanmoedig. Jy kan deur die wêreld reis sonder om ‘n tree te stap. Koop ‘n boek vir jouself of bederf iemand wat nog nooit ‘n boek van hulle eie besit het nie.”

• Riëtte van der Merwe van PNA in die Strand/PNA Colours/PNA Somerset-Wes/PNA Eikestad Mall gee op 14 Augustus 25% afslag op Afrikaanse boeke.

• Exclusive Books: Alma Struwig laat weet Mimosa Mall in Bloemfontein neem deel; Tertia Koegelenberg sê hulle tak in Centurion en die Kolonnade gee ook afslag. Karin Shaul se tak, Woodlands Boulevard gee 10% afslag. Anzel van die Loch Logan-tak in Bloemfontein laat weet hulle gee ook 10% af., ‘n eBoekwinkel gebaseer in Rotterdam gaan 20% afslag gee op 14 Augustus, laat weet André Beukes.

• Protea Boekwinkel landwyd bied 10% afslag op Afrikaanse boeke op 14 Augustus.

Baie dankie aan al hierdie vrygewige boekmense. Ons hoop hulle verkope styg flink op 14 Augustus!

Weet jy nie wat om te koop nie? Hier is ‘n paar voorstelle uit die Books LIVE-kamp:

Vyf-en-veertig skemeraandsange uit die eenbeendanser se werkruimteIn ligte laaieSolank verlange die sweep swaaiDonker spoorKobraDubbelspelKamphoerValsrivierBallade vir ’n enkelingDraalnoot vir ’n janfiskaal Die BaanbrekersDie kosrevolusieWinterkos in ProvenceI-Tjieng


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Izak de Vries resenseer Real Meal Revolution deur Tim Noakes en span

Real Meal RevolutionUitspraak: wortel

Ná ses maande waartydens ek die leefstyl van The real meal revolution gevolg het, vermoed ek dat ek dit vir die res van my lewe gaan probeer doen.

Ek is ook nou een van daardie irriterende mense wat in Noakes se leefstyl glo.


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The Sunday Times Bestseller List for July 2014

The Sunday Times has started a monthly bestseller list, identifying the most popular books in South Africa.

There are a gratifying number of South African books on the non-fiction list, which is topped by Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange, followed, some would say inevitably, by The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg head up the fiction list, with the only local link being the lead character in The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, Nombeko, who was born in Soweto.

The information for the list comes from SAPnet/Nielsen, bookseller data and publisher data.

View the list:

Book details

The Fault in Our Stars

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden


I am Pilgrim

Good Morning, Mr Mandela

Real Meal Revolution

Call It Like It Is


Behind Palace Walls

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Mariana Malan resenseer One Shot deur Amanda Coetzee

One ShotUitspraak: wortel met kritiek

One Shot is die vierde spanningsverhaal uit Amanda Coetzee se pen. Hierdie keer is die enigmatiese speurder Badger in Suid-Afrika. Eintlik moet hy maar liewer in Engeland bly.

’n Mens het Badger in Coetzee se eerste speurverhaal, Bad Blood, leer ken. In die tweede, Redemption Song, was jy verslaaf aan hom.

Sy agtergrond is net so interessant soos sy persoonlikheid.


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Amanda Lourens resenseer In ligte laaie deur Jannie Malan

In ligte laaieUitspraak: Wortel met klein bietjie kritiek

Malan se mees geslaagde gedigte is dan dié wat – ten minste op die oppervlak – deur ’n ligte aanslag gekenmerk word, oftewel, dié gedigte waarin die sprekende subjek homself nooit te ernstig opneem nie, ten spyte van dikwels gewigtige boustof. Terselfdertyd openbaar Malan in ’n hele paar gedigte die vermoë om ’n ophelderende lig oor ’n sekere gegewe te laat skyn en die afgesaagde of voorspelbare op hierdie manier heeltemal te fnuik.


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Heinz Modler resenseer Ek is my brein: Van baarmoeder tot Alzheimer deur Dick Swaab

Ek is my brein: Van baarmoeder tot AlzheimerUitspraak: wortel met so bietjie kritiek

Dié van ons wat so af en toe ons brein gebruik vir iets meer as om Huisgenoot te lees of 7e Laan te kyk, sal nie kan help om stomgeslaan te wees deur die ongelooflikheid van hierdie orgaan nie: ’n struktuur wat feitlik alles wat aan ons bekend is óf ontwerp óf uitgepluis het hoe dit werk.


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Daniel Matthews Reviews Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes and Others

Real Meal RevolutionVerdict: carrot

You’d be really hard pressed to find someone who didn’t have some sort of health or weight loss related resolution on the first of January. Most of us wish we were a little trimmer, stronger, or fitter. There’s a billion dollar industry that revolves around selling people food, supplements and equipment that will get us those abs we’re so desperate for. Tim Noakes thinks he’s found the magic recipe to get all of us to nail those resolutions. His massively popular, if controversial, high-fat, low-carb diet has been on the lips of many weekend warriors — from mountain bikers to CrossFitters — and even led to him publicly ripping out the section on carbo-loading from his classic book, The Lore of Running, which has been a bible for runners for several decades.

Book Details

  • Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot and Tudor Caradoc-Davies
    EAN: 9780992206277
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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