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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Izak de Vries resenseer Real Meal Revolution deur Tim Noakes en span

Real Meal RevolutionUitspraak: wortel

Ná ses maande waartydens ek die leefstyl van The real meal revolution gevolg het, vermoed ek dat ek dit vir die res van my lewe gaan probeer doen.

Ek is ook nou een van daardie irriterende mense wat in Noakes se leefstyl glo.


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The Sunday Times Bestseller List for July 2014

The Sunday Times has started a monthly bestseller list, identifying the most popular books in South Africa.

There are a gratifying number of South African books on the non-fiction list, which is topped by Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange, followed, some would say inevitably, by The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg head up the fiction list, with the only local link being the lead character in The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, Nombeko, who was born in Soweto.

The information for the list comes from SAPnet/Nielsen, bookseller data and publisher data.

View the list:

Book details

The Fault in Our Stars

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden


I am Pilgrim

Good Morning, Mr Mandela

Real Meal Revolution

Call It Like It Is


Behind Palace Walls

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Mariana Malan resenseer One Shot deur Amanda Coetzee

One ShotUitspraak: wortel met kritiek

One Shot is die vierde spanningsverhaal uit Amanda Coetzee se pen. Hierdie keer is die enigmatiese speurder Badger in Suid-Afrika. Eintlik moet hy maar liewer in Engeland bly.

’n Mens het Badger in Coetzee se eerste speurverhaal, Bad Blood, leer ken. In die tweede, Redemption Song, was jy verslaaf aan hom.

Sy agtergrond is net so interessant soos sy persoonlikheid.


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Amanda Lourens resenseer In ligte laaie deur Jannie Malan

In ligte laaieUitspraak: Wortel met klein bietjie kritiek

Malan se mees geslaagde gedigte is dan dié wat – ten minste op die oppervlak – deur ’n ligte aanslag gekenmerk word, oftewel, dié gedigte waarin die sprekende subjek homself nooit te ernstig opneem nie, ten spyte van dikwels gewigtige boustof. Terselfdertyd openbaar Malan in ’n hele paar gedigte die vermoë om ’n ophelderende lig oor ’n sekere gegewe te laat skyn en die afgesaagde of voorspelbare op hierdie manier heeltemal te fnuik.


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Heinz Modler resenseer Ek is my brein: Van baarmoeder tot Alzheimer deur Dick Swaab

Ek is my brein: Van baarmoeder tot AlzheimerUitspraak: wortel met so bietjie kritiek

Dié van ons wat so af en toe ons brein gebruik vir iets meer as om Huisgenoot te lees of 7e Laan te kyk, sal nie kan help om stomgeslaan te wees deur die ongelooflikheid van hierdie orgaan nie: ’n struktuur wat feitlik alles wat aan ons bekend is óf ontwerp óf uitgepluis het hoe dit werk.


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Daniel Matthews Reviews Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes and Others

Real Meal RevolutionVerdict: carrot

You’d be really hard pressed to find someone who didn’t have some sort of health or weight loss related resolution on the first of January. Most of us wish we were a little trimmer, stronger, or fitter. There’s a billion dollar industry that revolves around selling people food, supplements and equipment that will get us those abs we’re so desperate for. Tim Noakes thinks he’s found the magic recipe to get all of us to nail those resolutions. His massively popular, if controversial, high-fat, low-carb diet has been on the lips of many weekend warriors — from mountain bikers to CrossFitters — and even led to him publicly ripping out the section on carbo-loading from his classic book, The Lore of Running, which has been a bible for runners for several decades.

Book Details

  • Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot and Tudor Caradoc-Davies
    EAN: 9780992206277
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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#STBooks: Take One Ugly Future and Heat Till Saucy, by Ben Williams

By Ben Williams for The Sunday Times

Apocalypse Now NowThe Shining GirlsThe ThreeDark WindowsA Girl Walks Into a WeddingSwitchReal Meal Revolution

The catchiest book title to bolt from South Africa’s fiction stable last year was Charlie Human’s, who named his speculative, supernatural take on Cape Town’s underworld Apocalypse Now-Now.

South African fiction is a glorious, Augean mess. Among its principal stablekeeps are Human’s publisher, Umuzi – an imprint of that fearful new griffon, Penguin Random House; Kwela, which has a long history of setting SA Lit’s Pan-piper tune; and Jacana, which stalks the indie publishing scene like a sphinx, pouncing on fresh writing.

As a friend of mine who works in books mentioned recently, these and other imprints find themselves scattered across the battlefield of a turf war that’s been raging for years. It’s a war between two sub-genres that have increasingly come to command our reading lives, Human’s book being just one amongst their legion.

It’s the war of Sex versus the Apocalypse.

Sex used to be on top, if you’ll pardon the indecency. But as my friend pointed out, erotica – once kept deep within the shadows of the Romance category, now brazenly leading the charge of the purple satin standards – is suffering casualties. The ranged forces of EL James, Sylvia Day et al are caught in a pincer movement, between doom on one side and dysfunction on the other.

It’s Dystopia, of course, that’s applying the squeeze. Formerly a little-visited corner in the wider realm of Science Fiction, it has grown to dominate the genre, the final destination of all manner of spec-fic fantasies.

Locally, this pits the likes of Human, Lauren Beukes, Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg – to name but a few of Dystopia’s denizens – against the likes of Helena S Paige and Jassy Mackenzie, those dungeon-masters of desire.

But what none of them seem to realise is that a new threat has hoved into view, which could see their – and indeed all other – genres of fiction shipped off to the equivalent of SA publishing’s salt mines, never to be heard from again. It’s thus imperative that they join arms and face the peril together.

This Hercules, come to clean up, takes the form of a mild-mannered scientist, previously best known for his thick tome on running. His name is Tim Noakes. He has published a diet book, called The Real Meal Revolution, that has those who take a teaspoon of sugar with their tea finding solidarity with another lot of outcasts, the smokers.

The Real Meal Revolution has burst with coruscating brilliance into South Africans’ consciousness. People are posting pictures of their newly punched belt holes as book reviews. It’s been top of our bestseller list for weeks, outselling other contenders the way KFC outsells the local deli. I daresay Noakes has recalibrated how local publishers view their jobs: to publish instruction manuals about what to eat, principally. Prepare, ye novelists, for the onslaught of the Diet genre.

Of course, diet books, with their dystopian inferences, are about the apocalypse that’s happening, now-now, in your kitchen – meaning there’s an angle for Human and his lot to latch on to. On the other hand, the links between sex and food go back go back as far as love itself, so there’s also hope for the Eros crowd. As the first step in the fightback to recapture fiction’s marketshare, then, the strategy is clear: novelists, start putting recipes in your books.


Book details

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Antoinette Pienaar resenseer Real Meal Revolution

Real Meal RevolutionUitspraak: diepgebraaide wortel

Ek moes twee glase rooiwyn drink terwyl ek The Real Meal Revolution se bieflasagneresep gemaak het.

Dit kon nie anders nie.

Hoe roer ’n mens vier koppies gerasperde cheddarkaas met twee koppies room en gooi dit bo-oor vetterige maalvleis wat in spek gebraai is, en dit ná ’n leeftyd se kondisionering dat sulke kos jou vroegtydig aan hartkwale die ewigheid gaan instuur?


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Read Izak de Vries’ Shortest-ever Book Review of Real Meal Revolution

Real Meal RevolutionVerdict: carrot

Izak de Vries has given Real Meal Revolution possibly the shortest – and definitely one of the wittiest – reviews ever. From his Facebook page, and subsequently tweeted by Leonie Joubert:

Book Details

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Johan Louw resenseer Dokter in die huis deur Jan van Elfen en Don du Toit

Dokter in die huisUitspraak: wortel

Ons lewe in ’n era waar rekenaars en die internet die norm geword het. Jy kan feitlik enigiets op die internet naslaan.

Daar is baie goeie webtuistes met goeie mediese inligting (mits jy weet waarna om te kyk).

Die probleem is egter enigiemand kan enigiets skryf of kwytraak. Hierdie inligting is nie altyd akkuraat nie en word nie noodwendig onderwerp aan die nodige gehaltebeheer nie.

Om hierdie rede is Dokter in die huis so ’n wonderlike boek om in jou huis te hê.

Dit bevat akkurate, omvattende inligting oor mediese siektes en toestande.


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