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Cyber-crime: South Africa the most targeted country in Africa

South Africa has the highest rate of cybercrime on the continent‚ a report by United States-based technological giant Cisco revealed on Monday.

Cisco’s Annual Security Report says that “today’s attackers launch more sophisticated‚ bold and resilient campaigns”.

Greg Griessel‚ consulting systems engineer security solutions at Cisco South Africa‚ said: “Cyber criminals are getting smarter and employing a number of personalised tactics‚ which places businesses at greater risk. 92 percent of business leaders agree that regulators and investors will expect companies to manage cyber-security risk exposure. These leaders need to essentially increase measures to secure their organisations’ future‚ particularly as they digitise their operations.”

Griessel believes that an understanding of the tactics employed by cyber criminals is an absolute necessity.

“Businesses are up against security challenges that inhibit their ability to detect‚ mitigate and recover from common and professional cyber-attacks‚” he says.

“Aging infrastructure and outdated organisational structure and practices are putting them at risk. The South African public and private sector need to understand what they are up against and arm themselves before the worst case scenario becomes a reality.”

The report says that only “45 percent of organisations worldwide are confident in their security posture” as today’s attackers launch bold and sophisticated campaigns.

“Hackers increasingly tap into legitimate resources to launch effective campaigns for profit-gain,” Griessel says.

“The study sounds a global call-to-arms for greater collaboration and investment in the processes‚ technologies and people to protect against industrialized adversaries.”

Source: TMG Digital

The following books are indispensable guides to the digital world in a South African context:

Tech-Savvy ParentingDon't Film Yourself Having Sex

Book details

  • Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World by Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck
    EAN: 9781920434908
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Don’t Miss My World of Tomorrow, with Arthur Goldstuck, Emma Sadleir, Dion Chang and Many More in Sandton


Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital WorldDon't Film Yourself Having SexThe State We're In

You are invited to join My World of Tomorrow, a three-day technology and lifestyle event that will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from Thursday, 22 October, to Saturday, 23 October.

My World of Tomorrow incorporates a three-day expo as well as a conference that runs for the first two days of the expo. Tickets to the expo cost between R50 and R100 per person per day, and conference tickets, which include access to the expo, cost R3 500.

At the conference Arthur Goldstuck, head of World Wide Worx and co-author of Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World (Bookstorm), will be giving a talk entitled “The Mobile and Data Revolution has only begun”.

Emma Sadleir, co-author of Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex: and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media (Penguin), will be discussing the legal, disciplinary and reputational risks of social media.

Dion Chang, Flux Trends guru and author of The State We’re In (Pan Macmillan), will present “From Preaching in Tweets to Digital Intimacy: The Impact of Technology on Humanity”.

The conference includes many other interesting and enlightening speakers, and there is much to explore at the expo.

Don’t miss out!

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday, 22 October, to Saturday, 24 October 2015
  • Time: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Thursday and Friday, and 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday
  • Venue: Sandton Convention Centre
    161 Maude Street
    Sandown | Map
  • Keynote Speakers: Paul Maritz and Stephen van Coller


Book Details

  • Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World by Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck
    EAN: 9781920434908
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Programme for the 2015 ParkWords Parkview Literary Festival Announced

Alert! The programme for the ParkWords 2015, Parkview Literary Festival, has been released.

The festival, which is hosted by the Parkview Residents’ Association, is a celebration of the literary talent in the area. It features informal talks and debates, events for children and teenagers, food and entertainment, and the opportunity to buy many wonderful books!

This is is the second year of the festival, and the line-up of authors is even more exciting than last year’s programme. The authors and literati who will be taking part are: Mondli Makhanya, David Smith, William Gumede, Justice Malala, Greg Mills, Peter Bruce, Tim Cohen, Rob Rose, Chris Yelland, James Styan, Ray Hartley, Carlos Amato, Kevin McCallum, Harriet Gavshon, Sarah Emily Duff, Andrea Burgener, Richard Steyn, Tim Couzens, Jenny Crwys-Williams, Craig Higgingson, Mandla Langa, Pamela Power, Judith Ancer, Arthur Goldstuck, Maureen Isaacson, Karen Lazar, Lisa Seftel, Wayne Duvenage, Ben Williams, Achmat Dangor, Dov Fedler, David Williams, David Lewis, Didi Moyle, Bridget Hilton-Barber, Denise Slabbert, Jabulile Ngwenya and Michele Magwood.

South Africa in BRICSLet Them Eat CakeHow South Africa WorksReconciliation\'s Vengeful EchoThe Grand ScamRagged Glory
Lampedusa PieTramp RoyalThe Dream HouseThe Texture of ShadowsMs Conception
Tech-Savvy ParentingHemispheresThe E-Tolls SagaStrange PilgrimagesOut of Line
Jacques Kallis and 12 Other Great South African All-roundersThieves at the Dinner TableSpeaking Truth to PowerTravel Guide to Maputo and Southern MozambiqueOffbeat South Africa


Take a look at the main programme:



Here is the programme for the young and young at heart:



More information about ParkWords:


Event Details

Book details

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How to Get Published – Mark Winkler and Louise Grantham Share Tricks of the Trade at SABF 2015

Louise Grantham and Mark Winkler

The 2015 South African Book Fair kicked off with a discussion that’s often on the lips of aspiring writers, not to mention the social media pages of publishers: how to get your book published.

Mark Winkler, author of Wasted and An Exceptionally Simple Theory (of Absolutely Everything) (Kwela), and Louise Grantham, owner and publisher at Bookstorm, shared their expertise with the audience in the Brink room on Friday morning.

WastedAn Exceptionally Simple Theory (of Absolutely Everything)
The Democratic Republic of BraaiMarket FoodSecrets of a French Cooking Class
How to Fix South Africa's SchoolsSeason's Bounty: Cooking with nature's abundanceImtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the GiversTech-Savvy ParentingBlack Like You

While Winkler shared war-stories from his early attempts to break into the industry, and the lessons he learned in the process, Grantham shared tips from a publisher’s perspective.

Think of your book as a product that needs to sell

So you’ve written a book and you’re sure it’s the greatest work of art in the world. What do you do now? “Publishing is about conceptualising your work as a product,” Grantham said. As a writer you must ask yourself a few questions: Do you want to self-publish or go through the commercial channels? Do you want to publish locally or internationally? Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you are ready to start the publishing process.

The next step is to identify who your readers are – where does your target market lie? Grantham explained that in order to choose the right publisher you will need to do some research about the difference between trade publishers, academic presses and the like. She said that this can be a difficult process for writers, who do not necessarily know which publishers to approach with their work. “As a publisher I get an enormous amount of work, most of them fiction, and I don’t publish fiction.”

Writers need to do the ground work and figure out which spheres publishers work in. A good way to do this is to visit the bookstores, find books that are similar to yours, and read up on those publishers. “And don’t take rejection personally,” she added.

Hook them with the first three chapters

Winkler shared an anecdote of when he received his first manuscript back from the publishers, and the text was riddled with red tracked changes. He said that only two percent of manuscripts received by publishers are turned into books and that fiction is one of the more difficult genres to get published in.

One of the reasons why so few manuscripts are accepted, is when you don’t pay attention to the submission guidelines. Winkler said that a typical manuscript should be presented on single-sided pages, in a 12 point, easy to read, font like Times New Roman. Grantham agreed, saying that you need to make it as easy as possible for the publisher to read your manuscript.

“Everyone with a keyboard and a back space button is trying to channel their inner Hemingway,” Winkler said, but turning the Hemingway into a product that sells is another story entirely. His first book was rejected 23 times, he said to illustrate his point.

Winkler also warned that when you send a synopsis of the book to the publisher to be as thorough as possible. “Don’t leave them with cliffhangers, they’re not reading for leisure,” he said. His pro-tip to writers is to send the first three chapters from the book to the publisher: “From a sales perspective, the first three chapters hook the reader.”

The “Who are you?” factor
Bookstorm publishes non-fiction-titles, among others Imtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers: A Mercy to All by Shafiq Morton, Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World by Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck and How to Fix South Africa’s Schools: Lessons from Schools that Work by Jonathan Jansen and Molly Blank.

Grantham said that the “who are you?” factor is important in non-fiction books. Before you decide to publish a self-help book, for example, you already need to be an expert in your field. People need to know who you are and that you are a credible source of information. “Whether it’s a cookbook, self-help book or a book on labour law, you already need to be an expert in that field.”

On the issue of self-publishing, both Grantham and Winkler emphasised the importance of hiring a good editor. Grantham said that a good way to get hold of editors is to find them on the title pages of books, and Winkler suggested that you take out a second bond on your house to do so.

The economics of publishing

Lastly Grantham said that if you don’t think your book will sell 3 000 copies, it’s not viable from a publisher’s perspective. In response to a question from the audience on how much money the writer can earn, Grantham said royalties depend on your negotiation power, which isn’t very high when you’re a first-time author.

Winkler’s advice to writers is to pay attention to the editing process. “The writing is the easy bit, it’s the rewriting and editing, being critical, that is difficult.”


* * * * * * * *

Annetjie van Wynegaard (@Annetjievw) live tweeted the event using #SABF2015:

Posted by Books LIVE on Friday, 31 July 2015


Also read:


Book details

  • Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World by Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck
    EAN: 9781920434908
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Sarie-lesers resenseer inkleurboeke vir grootmense, onder meer Colour Brings Hope deur Tanya O’Connor

Colour Brings HopeColouring for Adults: Mandala Art by Lize BeekmanSkeppende InkleurboekKreatiewe inkleurboek vir grootmense

Uitspraak: wortels

Die boek is saamgestel spesifiek as ’n terapeutiese inkleurboek vir almal wat deur kanker geraak word en die uitgewers het dit saam met KANSA gedoen. Gevra oor waar haar inspirasie vir die prente vandaan kom, sê Tanya O’Connor dat dit haar herinner aan haar kinderdae. Toe was die teken van prentjies haar terapie, omdat haar ma nie meer in haar lewe was weens depressie nie.


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Sarie-lesers resenseer lewensverhale, onder meer Die helder dae en Ek het gemartel

Die helder daePostmortemLove, Sex, Fleas, GodLessons from the Boot of a CarEk het gemartel

Uitspraak: wortels

Ek is seker julle was al by ’n geleentheid waar almal eers so effe ongemaklik rondstaan, al soekende na hoe om ’n gesprek aan die gang te kry. Totdat iemand sê: “Het jy gehoor van so-en-so wat dit-en-dat gedoen het?” Dis dalk ’n sakeleier wat op die koudste nag van die jaar R100 000 betaal het om saam met ander sakelui in ’n kartondoos op straat te slaap sodat die geld vir ’n goeie doel gebruik kan word om haweloses se lewens te verbeter. Of dis daardie akteur wat per fiets regoor Afrika gery het om blikkieskos in te samel, ook vir liefdadigheid. Net daar begin die gesprek vlam vat en gou praat almal lekker saam, want daar is ongelooflik baie interessante mense om ’n ietsie oor te vertel! Hierdie week het ek boeke gekies oor mense wat interessante dinge in hul lewens vermag.


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Lona Gericke resenseer vier kinderboeke, insluitend Pensie spoeg vuur en ander draakstories en Die groot baba-boek

Pensie spoeg vuur en ander draakstoriesNoko en die Koel KatteWikkels Vark het 10 ballonneDie groot baba-boek

Uitspraak: wortels

Watter kind hou nie van draakstories nie? Veral wanneer ’n meester-illustreerder die leser bekend stel aan die oulikste drakies nóg! Dié pragtige voorleesboekie bevat 12 stories ideaal vir voorlees saans met slaaptyd.

Linda Rode se fyn vertaling en raak teksinterpretasies getuig van ’n ryke verbeelding.


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Open Book 2014: Top Tweets from “Tech-Savvy Parenting” with Arthur Goldstuck

Open Book 2014: Tech-Savvy Parenting

Tech-Savvy ParentingOn the first day of the 2014 Open Book Festival, Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck discussed lessons from their book Tech-Savvy Parenting with St Cyprian’s Prep School head, Justin Skea.

Books LIVE’s Lindsay Callaghan tweeted from the event:

  • Start at the bottom and scroll up


Book details

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Fiction Friday: Extract From David Platt’s Nova Short Story Competition-winning Entry “Doppleganger”

Tech-Savvy ParentingConquestRead an excerpt from David Platt’s short story “Doppleganger”, which took first place at last year’s Nova Short Story competition in the South African section. His winning story appeared in Probe 159, cover art courtesy of Jürgen Zimmerman.

The competition is organised by Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa (SFFSA) and this year’s closing date is 30 September 2014, at midnight. Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World author Arthur Goldstuck will judge the South African section, and Jenny Ridyard, co-author of Conquest, will judge the General section.

Read an extract from “Doppleganger”:

Chased him for months; promotion material.
One of two known Struggle leaders. The young one, charisma machine, apparently.
Not too charismatic with his face leaking. Mouth so swollen by now he couldn’t talk if he wanted to – China went one step too far hitting him with debilitator-shot early, cut off muscle reception, sealed his fate. Rookie error – literally. Now we don’t get intel – just the impact of a clandestine death.
Got him through infiltration, in a fucking hole in Mozambique. – untested biotech to lift classified MK intel. Traced a death threat on Security Minister Burger.
Me + van Staden: “Cheese”; top photo op for higher-ups.
Hero cop. Apartheid dog. I like both names equally.
Over now though, save the Wurm.
Rookie clips the crystal biosphere to Mphila’s neck, miniature claws cutting miniature holds into flesh. Press down. Hiss. Wurm burrows his way from synthetic plasma sludge to bloodstream. Convulsions.
Involuntary vomit, shits his pants, not pretty, Rookie leaps away. Botha laughs – one of the meanest motherfuckers I’ve ever met. Good cop; better assassin.
Wurmpie writhes under the skin.

Book details

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Final Author List for 2014 Open Book Festival

The final list for the 2014 Open Book Festival has been released, with international authors Billy Kahora, Geoff Dyer, Mike Carey, Philip Hensher, Raymond E Feist, Sefi Atta, Tony Park, Satoshi Kitamura, Kader Abdolah and Keyi Sheng, as well as Johnny Steinberg and Wilbur Smith, all confirmed to be in Cape Town.

Update: Taiye Selasi will unfortunately no longer be appearing at the Festival.

This year’s Open Book Festival takes place from 17-21 September at the Fugard Theatre, The Book Lounge, the Homecoming Centre, the District 6 Museum and the Central Library.

The final confirmed complete list is:
Adam Stower, Alison Lowry, Amy Kaye, André P Brink, Andrew Brown, Andrew Salomon, Antony Loewenstein, Ari Sitas, Arthur Goldstuck, Athol Williams, Barbara Boswell, Ben Williams, Bibi Slippers, Billy Kahora, Blaq Pearl, Bronwyn Law-Viljoen, Carol-Ann Davids, Damon Galgut, Dave de Burgh, David Klatzow, David wa Maahlamela, Deon Meyer, Derrick Higginbotham, Diane Awerbuck, Ekow Duker, Eusebius McKaiser, Felicitas Hoppe, Fiona Leonard, Francesca Beard, Futhi Ntshingila, Genna Gardini, Geoff Dyer, Greg Fried, Hakkiesdraad Hartman, Hedley Twidle, Helen Moffett, Henrietta Rose-Innes, Imraan Coovadia, Ivan Vladislavic, Jaco Van Schalkwyk, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Jacqui L’Ange, James Woodhouse, Jesse Breytenbach, Joan Metelerkamp, Joey Hi-Fi, Jolyn Phillips, Jonathan Jansen, Jonny Steinberg, Justin Fox, Kader Abdolah, Karen Jennings, Karina Szczurek, Kelwyn Sole, Keorapetse Willie Kgositsile, Keyi Sheng, Khanyisile Mbongwa, Koleka Putuma, Liesl Jobson, Linda Kaoma, Lwanda Sindaphi, Malaika wa Azania, Mandla Langa, Margie Orford, Marguerite Poland, Marianne Thamm, Marius du Plessis, Mark Gevisser, Mbongeni Nomkonwana, Melissa Siebert, Michele Magwood, Michiel Heyns, Mike Carey, Molly Blank, Nikki Bush, Niq Mhlongo, Oliver Rohe, Olivier Tallec, Philip Hensher, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Pieter Odendaal, Rabih Alameddine, Rachel Zadok, Raymond E Feist, Rebecca Davis, Richard Calland, Richard Peirce, Sally Partridge, Sampie Terreblanche, Sarah Lotz, Satoshi Kitamura, Sefi Atta, Shabbir Banoobhai, Simone Hough, Sindiwe Magona, Sixolile Mbalo, Songezo Zibi, Susan Hawthorne , Taiye Selasi, Thando Mgqolozana, Tiah Beautement, Tim Noakes, Toast Coetzer, Toni Stuart, Tony Park, Weaam Williams, Wilbur Smith, Zakes Mda, Zelda la Grange, Zethu Matebeni, Zoliswa Flekisi, Zukiswa Wanner.

Naughty KittyThe Other Side of SilenceDevil's HarvestTokoloshe SongProfits of DoomRough MusicTech-Savvy ParentingKwani? 05, Part 2Light on a HillThe Blacks of Cape TownArctic SummerJustice DeniedBetrayal's ShadowSejamolediCobraThe Ghost-Eater and Other StoriesWhite WahalaCould I Vote DA?HoppeThe Chicken ThiefDo Not Go GentleJeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi
ParadiseA Girl Walks into a Blind DateNinevehTransformationsThe FollyThe Alibi ClubHow to Fix South Africa's SchoolsA Man of Good HopeWhoever Fears the SeaShort Story Day Africa: Feast, Famine Invisible OthersAbsent TonguesIf I Could SingRide the TortoiseMemoirs of a Born FreeThe Texture of ShadowsWater MusicHere I AmThe KeeperLost and Found in JohannesburgMbongeni Buthelezi
Garden of DreamsA Sportful MaliceThe Girl with All the GiftsDog Eat DogTaller than BuildingsSister-SisterMagician's EndThe Zuma YearsSharp EdgesWestern EmpiresThe ThreePot-San's Tabletop TalesA Bit of DifferenceInward Moon, Outward SunThe Ugly Duckling
Dear BulletRaising the BarGhana Must GoUnimportanceThis DayReal Meal RevolutionSouth AfricaIn the Heat of ShadowsDark HeartDesert GodRachel’s BlueGood Morning, Mr MandelaLondon – Cape Town – Joburg

Book details

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