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Book Bites: 18 February

Published in the Sunday Times

What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky
Lesley Nneka Arimah, Headline, R305

Lesley Nneka Arimah’s debut is a vibrant collection of 12 compelling stories set in the US and Nigeria. From fantastical myths to a post-apocalyptic world, all the shorts are varied but cleverly connected by the theme of complexities in relationships, focusing on women in particular. “When Enebeli Okwara sent his girl out in the world, he did not know what the world did to daughters. He did not know how quickly it would wick the dew off her, how she would be returned to him hollowed out, relieved of her better parts.” Women find themselves in extraordinary situations: a daughter whose mother’s ghost appears to have stepped out of a family snapshot, another woman, who, haunted by childlessness, resorts to fashioning a charmed infant out of human hair. Arimah is a new literary talent to watch out for. – Nondumiso Tshabangu @MsNondumiso

Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?
Emily Clarkson, Simon & Schuster, R285

Emily Clarkson was tired of seeing clothes that only catered for size 12 women. She was surprised at the emergence of online trolls and, like many women, had tons of thinspiration. So, she started a blog, Pretty Normal Me, which led to this book. It is a series of letters to herself, Hollywood, trolls and, well, just about everything and everybody who is living and affected by various societal norms. It’s often funny, sometimes sad but always honest. – Jessica Levitt @jesslevitt

Keep You Safe
Melissa Hill, Harper Collins, R285

Hill jumps straight into modern-day controversy, pitting anti-vaccination parents against pro-vaccination. Two five-year-olds come down with the measles. The first is Clara, whose parents didn’t vaccinate their children due to personal choice. Three days later, Rosie, who is allergic to the vaccination, is ill. But unlike Clara, Rosie doesn’t get better and ends up in hospital fighting for her life. Tension fills the small Irish village while internet opinions explode: should Clara’s parents be held accountable for what happened to Rosie? A fast-paced drama with twists. – Tiah Beautement @ms_tiahmarie

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“This was a series of stories that needed to be told” – Jeremy Maggs on writing Win!

Published in the Sunday Times

In a 30-year broadcasting career I’ve had many tough moments.

I’ve interviewed people who didn’t want to talk. I’ve been threatened. I’ve experienced the naked terror of launching television shows.

And having makeup put on me every day is something I’ve never gotten used to. Even more so as you need shovelfuls the older you get.

But nothing was more difficult than sitting down night after night, watching a flashing cursor on a white screen with the ghostly voice of Nadia the publisher resonating in my ear using the word deadline over and over again. Don’t believe authors when they pontificate about books being a labour of love. They are a labour of extreme pain.

This was a series of stories that needed to be told. I encounter successful people all the time. People who are making a real difference. The older I get the more interested I’ve become in what makes a person a winner.

I had five rules driving the choice of 20 people I spoke to including Pravin Gordhan, Cheryl Carolus and Bryan Habana. They needed to be people I had encountered and looked up to. They had to have a real story to tell; had to have the power of inspiration; needed to have failed and overcome adversity and had to have real life lessons to impart.

My subjects all gave me 30 minutes. Pravin saw me just before a performance at a corporate conference. Cheryl was late but she had a good excuse, telling a group of ANC politicians to “grow a pair”. Bryan taught me it’s okay to live with regrets. He wishes he’d studied more as a youngster, something he’s now pursuing. Industrialist Mark Lamberti explained that the more successful one becomes, the more responsibility one has to shoulder. Ryan Bacher, of home gift delivery service Netflorist, taught me never to forget the importance of family. Wendy Lucas Bull was late for her interview because she said she couldn’t find parking in her own basement.

At the end of each chapter there are three takeouts from each interview. Cumulatively I hope they provide readers with a blueprint for what will be inevitably be another tough year in South Africa.

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‘I downloaded all my experiences onto paper’: Miles Kubheka talks about writing Vuyo’s: From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream

Published in the Sunday Times

Vuyo'sVuyo’s: From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream
•Miles Kubheka (Tracey McDonald Publishers)

Many people remember the Hansa rags-to-riches television advert of an entrepreneur named Vuyo who starts selling boerewors rolls and grows it into a billion-rand global business. When I realised that Vuyo was fictitious I promptly trademarked the name and I became Vuyo.

When I was starting my business I struggled to find books written by people at the beginning of their entrepreneurial career. I knew starting a business wasn’t going to be easy, but I was surprised at just how difficult it has been.

That’s why I wrote the book. I wanted to tell a would-be entrepreneur that there are going to be moments that are gut-wrenchingly hard and you need to prepare for them psychologically. Many first-time businesses fail because when it gets hard, people quit. They think they either must be doing something wrong, or perhaps they have a bad business.

Another reason entrepreneurs quit is because they go into starting a business for the wrong reason – money. If you start a business to make money, I can almost guarantee you certain failure. You are not going to see real money for at least three to five years.

You need to start a business to make a change in a product, service or a market that you think is under-served. If you start a business with a mission that is bigger than yourself, money will come. When times are tough you will not quit because you will be purpose driven. You do need the business to make money, because without revenue you have no business. Money is a driver of the business but it cannot be your mission.

What I found interesting in writing the book was that it was much like launching a business. The start was very hard. I procrastinated mostly due to the same fear of failure as in starting a business; this fear can engulf you in a state of paralysis. This was made even worse by not knowing how to actually write a book. So I just started writing – I didn’t pay attention to grammar or spelling, I just downloaded all my experiences onto paper.

I found finishing the book almost as hard as the beginning. The fear of failure loomed even larger because now I would have to submit my manuscript to a publisher to assess. It can become easier to say, “I am writing a book,” instead of, “I have written a book.”

My mother said I must stand for something and change the world for the better. I remember thinking, lay off, I am only three years old.

That sense of purpose has stayed with me. You spend most of your adult life working so make sure you are doing something you love and that you’re passionate about. And more importantly, let the world be better for it.

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Showcasing South African authors: The 2016 Homebru Selection from Exclusive Books

The 2016 Homebru Selection from Exclusive Books

For the month of June Exclusive Books is celebrating great South African authors and great South African books with its 15th annual Homebru campaign.

Their selection this year includes fiction, current affairs, history and politics, cookery, business, biography, travel writing, self-help and children’s books.

From Exclusive Books:

Homebru: A celebration of South African authors

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been an integral part of our continent’s people, from the stories told to us by our grandmothers; to the written word as we know it today. As South Africans, we have a rich heritage and are a diverse nation. Our stories are colorful and unique; they are a reflection of our country’s landscape.

This year, Exclusive Books celebrates 15 years of our Homebru campaign, a carefully curated list of the best in South African writing. This year’s campaign is a celebration of authors such as critically acclaimed photojournalist, Peter Magubane, with his iconic collection of photographs in his book June 16. 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Magubane’s photographic evidence that led to South Africa’s freedom.

For investigative journalism at its best, Alex Eliseev’s Cold Case Confession delves into the mysterious Betty Ketani case; the storyline would not be out of place as a Hollywood movie.

How does one get ahead in life while having to pay “black tax” and lobola? These are some of the questions black middleclass South Africans have to ask themselves today. Writing What We Like is an in-depth collection of opinion pieces, with contributions by the likes of comedians David Kau and Loyiso Gola, writer Shaka Sisulu and singer Simphiwe Dana.

At this year’s Franschhoek Literary Festival, our CEO made an address to call to service to all those in the book trade to address issues around accessibility and the promotion of South African authors:
“It is a discordant and uncomfortable truth that bookshops do not exist in areas where the majority of our countrymen still live. We need to address this and we see it as an immediate priority. In this context particularly we should welcome the voices of young people who have highlighted our neglect of a crucial market. There is work to do – for both us and the publishers” — Benjamin Trisk, CEO, Exclusive Books

With this year’s Homebru campaign, Exclusive Books is committed to seeing this change.

Here’s the complete 2016 Homebru selection:


Cold Case ConfessionCold Case Confession: Unravelling the Betty Ketani Murder by Alex Eliseev

Betty Ketani, a mother of three, came to Johannesburg in search of better prospects for her family. She found work cooking at one of the city’s most popular restaurants, and then one day she mysteriously disappeared.

The storyline would not be out of place as a Hollywood movie – and it’s all completely true. Written by the reporter who broke the story,
Cold Case Confession goes behind the headlines to share exclusive material gathered during four years of investigations, including the most elusive piece of the puzzle: who would want Betty Ketani dead, and why?

EAN: 9781770103108
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The Sword and the PenThe Sword and the Pen: Six Decades on the Political Frontier by Allister Sparks

The Sword and the Pen is the story of how as a journalist, he observed, chronicled and participated in his country’s unfolding drama for more than 66 years, covering events from the premiership of DF Malan to the presidency of Jacob Zuma, witnessing at close range the rise and fall of apartheid and the rise and crisis of the new South Africa

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EAN: 9781868425594
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The Fires BeneathThe Fires Beneath: The Life Of Monica Wilson, South African Anthropologist by Sean Morrow

The Fires Beneath is a powerful and affecting story of love and loss. Monica Wilson, née Hunter, was the most prominent social
anthropologist of her day in South Africa, whose groundbreaking research in African communities continues to influence anthropological and ethnographic studies. With sympathetic candour this book explores a life of achievement and integrity that was also marked by tragedy

EAN: 9781776090396
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Fighting for MandelaFighting for Mandela: The Explosive Autobiography of the Woman Who Helped to Destroy Apartheid by Priscilla Jana with Barbara Jones

Priscilla Jana is a legendary figure in South African revolutionary politics. As an Indian woman who experienced racial oppression first-hand, she decided to use her degree in law to fight for the rights of her fellow people and do all she could to bring down the apartheid state. At one time she represented every single political prisoner on Robben Island, including both Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Priscilla spent her days in court, fighting human rights case after human rights case, but it was at night when her real work was done. As part of an underground cell, she fought tirelessly to bring down the hated government. This activism, however, came at a price.

EAN: 9781784189792
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What a BoykieWhat a Boykie: The John Berks Story by Robin Binckes

Pioneering modern radio in South Africa, John Berks broke new ground in radio broadcasting through his hilarious parodies of situations, phone calls to unsuspecting victims, and his ‘characters’ such as ‘Jan Sweetpak’. He developed ‘Theatre of the Mind’ and took it to new heights, with a vision to push for talk radio at a time when others said it would fail, and in doing so, changed the face of broadcasting in South Africa. Berks was a man of great humility and integrity, and this book shows how much can be achieved when the odds are stacked against you and all you have is determination, passion and an unparalleled talent for communicating.

EAN: 9781928211846
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The DisruptorsThe Disruptors: Social Entrepreneurs Reinventing Business and Society by Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber

Impassioned by purpose, driven by dreams, emboldened by ideals, social entrepreneurs go out of their way to make a better world. They
shake the dust off old ways of thinking and disrupt the way business has always been done. Through tales of daring, struggle, triumph and
innovation, you’ll see the world through the eyes of a diverse range of social entrepreneurs, and learn their secrets for changing the world by changing business. From healthcare to mobile gaming, from education to recycling, from dancing to gardening, these are the game-
changers, the difference-makers, the doers of good. Here are their stories.

EAN: 9781928257172
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Black Economic EmpowermentBlack Economic Empowerment: 20 Years Later – The Baby and the Bathwater by Phinda Mzwakhe Madi

South Africa’s pioneer and foremost thinker and voice on black economic advancement, Phinda Mzwakhe Madi is back with a bang. His first book, Affirmative Action in Corporate South Africa, triggered the first wave of Affirmative Action programmes in the country. His follow-up book, Black Economic Empowerment in the New South Africa, led to the formation of the BEE Commission and eventually the creation of the country’s policy and codes of good practice. Now his third book in the trilogy, Black Economic Empowerment: 20 years later – The Baby and the Bathwater, evaluates progress so far and startles with its fresh perspective on the way forward.

EAN: 9781869225858
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Harry The Hungry HadedaHarry The Hungry Hadeda by Ed Jordan and Alan Glass

With his long beak and handsome feathers, he’s one of Africa’s best-known fellas! Meet Harry the Hungry Hadeda, a wonderful, rather noisy, prehistoric looking bird! Join in as he digs for worms, flies the skies and wakes everybody up with his morning song, Ha Ha
Ha, Hadeda!

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EAN: 9780620587631
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Powers of the KnifePowers of the Knife by Bontle Senne

What if you discovered that you come from an ancient family of Shadow Chasers, with a duty to protect others from an evil Army of Shadows? Nom and Zithembe’s lives are turned upside down when an Army of Shadows threatens everyone close to them. It’s the beginning of a quest that takes them into the dream world, and will change their lives forever. Powers of the Knife is the first book in the Shadow Chasers trilogy. It’s an African fantasy adventure – one part family saga, one part hero’s quest.

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EAN: 9780994674456
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SnitchSnitch by Edyth Bulbring

13-Year-old Ben Smith attends St David’s, where rugby is a compulsory sport. After the annual derby against Voortrekker in which a St David’s player is severely injured and rushed to hospital, Ben inadvertently catches a glimpse of a bottle labeled Methyltestosterone in the player’s tog bag. What follows turns Ben’s life upside down. Gripping and pacy, this first-person account tackles the serious topic of steroids used by schoolkids.

EAN: 9780624077114
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I am AlexI am Alex by Elena Agnello, illustrated by Adrie le Roux

I am Alex. Today is my birthday and I’m having a party. My friends are coming, but everyone is welcome! Please come, too!

Children don’t see race, religion or disability – and nor should they have to. This little book is a universal celebration of diversity and tolerance. Also available in Afrikaans.

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EAN: 9780994690708
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KweziKwezi by Loyiso Mkize

The comic follows a narcissistic teenage boy named Kwezi as he discovers his superhuman abilities amid the daily hustle of the fictional
Gold City – a bustling metropolis modeled after Johannesburg. Portrayed as a cocky anti-hero obsessed with selfies and Twitter, Kwezi is
initially fueled by the attention from his adoring online fans, but he soon finds out that his powers come with a cultural responsibility.

Mkize describes Kwezi as “a coming of age story about finding one’s heritage.”

EAN: 9781485622727
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There Should Have Been FiveThere Should Have Been Five by Marilyn Honikman

Two children visit the Museum of Military History in Johannesburg and are intrigued by a painting of a black serviceman at the top of the stairs … there were 354,000 South Africans of all races, including 25,000 women, who volunteered to serve in South Africa’s defence force and nursing services in the fight against Hitler, the Nazis and the Italian fascists in World War II. This book tells of one of these men, Job Maseko, whose heroic deed was almost forgotten for 50 years: he managed to destroy a German vessel with a homemade bomb while imprisoned in Tobruk. Why was he not awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery?

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EAN: 9780624076568
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Nombulelo and the MothNombulelo and the Moth by Susie Dinneen

Even though Nombulelo loves her Gogo’s stories about the animals that live in the forest, she’s too scared to go there. When Gogo dies, Nombulelo must summon her courage and take Gogo’s magical moth on a journey through the forest. This is a story of love, loss and the discovery of inner strength. Also available in Afrikaans.

EAN: 9781485900108
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AfkopAfkop by Fanie Viljoen

Trent bly hierdie naweek alleen by die huis. ‘n Aand se rowwe partytjie eindig tragies in ‘n karongeluk, en laat Trent met die moeilike keuse: wat moet hy doen met die geld wat hy by die ongelukstoneel opgetel het?

In hierdie aweregse, holdersterbolder riller vir tieners
loop dinge lelik skeefin ware Tarantino-styl. Die leser moet hare op die tande hê om kop te hou met die vinnige pas van die storie. Hierdie grinterige, vermaaklike storie is Fanie Viljoen op sy beste!

EAN: 9780799372885
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My Cape Malay KitchenMy Cape Malay Kitchen by Cariema Isaacs

My Cape Malay Kitchen is Cariema Isaacs’s heartfelt and poignant account of the extraordinary relationship between herself and her father and how that was reflected in their shared passion for food and cooking. She recollects all of the dishes they cooked and ate together, and shares her childhood memories of growing up in Bo-Kaap (the Cape Malay Quarter in Cape Town), lending insight into the culture, religious ceremonies and family events that have shaped the Cape Malay community into what it is today.

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EAN: 9781432305659
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JAN - A Breath of French AirJAN – A Breath of French Air by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

JAN – A Breath of French Air is a memoir and celebration of the renowned eatery JAN, a South African restaurant in the south of France. The restaurant is a showcase of South Africa’s tradition of hospitality, transported from a farm in rural South Africa to the glamorous French Riviera. Jan, now a one-star Michelin restaurant, is proof that dreams can be lived and how a love for what you do can transform humble ingredients into a masterpiece. The collection of over 90 recipes covers everything from locally-baked breads to amuse bouches and mouthwatering main course meat and fish dishes

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EAN: 9781432306083
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Eat TingEat Ting: Lose Weight, Gain Health, Find Yourself by Mpho Tshukudu and Anna Trapido

Tshukudu and Trapido offer healthy eating solutions based on traditional Southern African food, and modern versions of time-honoured
favourites. From gluten-free sorghum flapjacks to salads featuring low-GI ancient grains, this book is all about great-tasting South
African superfoods. How about a modernised tshidzimba with oven-roasted tomatoes? Or an updated inhloko with spiced pumpkin salad? Perhaps a comforting bowl of classic mofokotso? It’s all here, plus many more innovative, delicious dishes that are very good for you too.

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EAN: 9781928209553
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My Little Black Recipe BookMy Little Black Recipe Book by Siphokazi Mdlankomo

In My Little Black Recipe Book, Siphokazi Mdlankomo shares her favourite recipes, from the simple scones and ginger beer her mom taught her to make many years ago, to mouth-watering braised oxtail, cinnamon cream pears and the rest of the sumptuous fare she developed on her way to the MasterChef finale.

From delicious dips and sauces, decadent desserts and easy one-dish meals to traditional favourites and sophisticated fusion food, every recipe is characterised by Siphokazi’s delightful combination of flavours and ingredients. Beautiful photographs of completed dishes will whet your appetite and have you trying out the dishes in no time.

EAN: 9781928201632
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Simply DeliciousSimply Delicious by Zola Nene

Simply Delicious is all about Zola’s culinary career told through her recipes, interspersed with snippets and perspectives of her life journey, including tributes to the people who have inspired and influenced her cooking style. Her food philosophy is very simple – cooking is for everyone. With easy-to-follow instructions, the recipes will ensure that anyone can produce mouthwatering results.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781432304874
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Kook Saam KaapsKook Saam Kaaps by Koelsoem Kamalie and Flori Schrikker

Groenboontjiebredie, koolfrikkadelle, tamatiebredie, sagopoeding en broodpoeding – eerlik gemaak, sonder fieterjasies en moderne byvoegings – is die onopgesmukte huiskos waarna ons elkeen verlang. Die hartskos wat met ’n stewige dosis van ma en ouma se liefde berei is en ons instinktief laat weet dat ons tuis is.

Kook saam Kaaps, in samewerking met RSG, stel beheud die kos van Koelsoem Kamalie en Flori Schrikker, twee voorslag-kosmakers van Bonteheuwel in die Kaap. Met onfeilbare resepte, perfek beproef na jare se ondervinding, kan elkeen weer huiskos in hul eie kombuise

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EAN: 9780799375039
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Sigh The Beloved CountrySigh The Beloved Country: Braai Talk, Rock ‘n Roll and Other Stories by Bongani Madondo

Foreword by Rian Malan: With his customary flair and eye for detail, Bongani Madondo delights his readers in this essay collection with his unique take on all things South African, covering topics ranging from “Kissing and Lynching the Black Body” to “New Money Culture” and “Student Politics”, and including uniquely critical and insightful homages to our beloved country and those who call it home.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781770104952
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Gang TownGang Town by Don Pinnock

Why is Cape Town one of the most violent cities on earth? What is it that makes gangs so attractive to young people? Why are drugs so easy to find and so widespread? Why are the police seemingly losing control of the crime situation? Why is it getting worse? Top-selling author Don Pinnock answers these questions in Gang Town, and looks at solutions to the problem.

Meticulously researched, Gang Town, winner of City Press/Tafelberg Nonfiction Award, offers practical remedies to the scourge of gangsterism on the Cape Flats and elsewhere.

Book homepage
EAN: 9780624067894
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Continental ShiftContinental Shift: A Journey Into Africa’s Changing Fortunes by Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak

Africa is failing. Africa is succeeding. Africa is betraying its citizens. Africa is a place of starvation, corruption, disease. African economies are soaring faster than any on Earth. Africa is turbulent. Africa is stabilising. Africa is doomed. Africa is the future.

All of these pronouncements prove equally true and false, as South African journalists Richard Poplak and Kevin Bloom discover on their 9-year road trip through the paradoxical continent they call home.

Part detective story, part report from this economic frontier, Continental Shift follows the money as it flows through Chinese coffers to international conglomerates, to heads of state, to ordinary African citizens, all of whom are intent on defining a metamorphosing continent.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781868424283
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A Manifesto For Social ChangeA Manifesto For Social Change: How To Save South Africa by Moeletsi Mbeki

A Manifesto for Social Change is the third of a three-volume series that started seven years ago investigating the causes of our country’s – and the continent’s – development obstacles. Architects of Poverty: Why African Capitalism Needs Changing (2009) set out to explain what role African elites played in creating and promoting their fellow Africans’ misery.

Advocates for Change: How to Overcome Africa’s Challenges (2011) set out to show that there were short- to medium-term solutions to many of Africa’s and South Africa’s problems, from agriculture to healthcare, if only the powers that be would take note.

EAN: 9781770104976
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Writing What We LikeWriting What We Like: A New Generation Speaks edited by Yolisa Qunta

How does one get ahead in life while having to pay “black tax” and lobola? Can urban life be reconciled with traditional culture? What does it mean to be privileged and black? These are some of the questions middle-class black South Africans have to ask themselves today. This book looks at topics as wide-ranging as the Rhodes Must Fall movement, blackface in popular culture and, sexual identity and life lessons learned when taking a minibus taxi. With contributions by the likes of comedians David Kau and Loyiso Gola, writer Shaka Sisulu
and singer Simphiwe Dana.

Book homepage
EAN: 9780624071808
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The YearningThe Yearning by Mohale Mashigo

Marubini is a young woman who has an enviable life in Cape Town, working at a wine farm and spending idyllic days with her friends … until her past starts spilling into her present. Something dark has been lurking in the shadows of Marubini’s life from as far back as she can remember. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches out and grabs at her. The Yearning is a memorable exploration of the ripple effects of the past, of personal strength and courage, and of the shadowy intersections of traditional and modern worlds.

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EAN: 9781770104839
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Tjieng Tjang Tjerries and other storiesTjieng Tjang Tjerries and other stories by Jolyn Phillips

A strikingly written debut collection of vivid short stories set in and around Gansbaai, on the Western Cape coast of South Africa.

“An impressive debut that brings across voices never heard before in South African English – not only in rhythm and timbre, but plumbing
the unspoken. With such a remarkable ear, Jolyn Phillips is a young writer to watch.” – Antjie Krog

Book homepage
EAN: 9781928215172
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Dutch CourageDutch Courage by Paige Nick

Grace Hendriks has led a pretty sheltered life. So when her sister Natalie begs her to take her place as a Rihanna impersonator at a club in Amsterdam, no alarm bells go off … until she finds herself onstage with only a pole for support and her knickers in a knot. Thrown into strip-club life, and forced to share an apartment with an exotic troupe of impersonating divas with Lady Gaga-sized egos, Grace has to learn some hard lessons fast, such as transformations don’t happen overnight – especially when your bra is determined to sabotage your dance routine.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781415207703
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AffluenzaAffluenza by Niq Mhlongo

Affluenza is a new collection of short stories. In his characteristically humorous and piercing style, Mhlongo writes about the span of our democracy and the madness of the last twenty years after apartheid: his short stories address issues such as crime, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, the new black elite, and land redistribution. The stories have been published to critical acclaim in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and in the USA but remain largely unknown in South Africa.

Book homepage
EAN: 9780795706967
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Gold Never RustsGold Never Rusts by Paul-Constant Smit

It is 998 BC. The Queen of Sheba sends an expedition down the east coast of Africa, but it comes to grief. Many years later, while roaming the vast subcontinent, a castaway from one of Vasco Da Gama’s ships finds the ancient records of the expedition, but dies before he can use them. During the 1880s gold rush in the Transvaal, American mining engineer Con Slaughter stumbles across the records while fleeing a gang of robbers. He strikes it rich on the Barberton gold fields, but soon assassins are after him. Also available in Afrikaans.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781485903222
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Chasing The Tails of My Father’s CattleChasing The Tails of My Father’s Cattle by Sindiwe Magona

This is the story of Shumikazi, the only surviving child of Jojo and Miseka. She grows up in a small village in the remote Eastern Cape during the days of white rule – from the outside, an apparently unremarkable life. And yet Shumi is marked for extraordinary things from the moment of her birth. Wry, tragic, funny, scathing, this rich new novel from one of South Africa’s most beloved storytellers is not only a powerful meditation on the vulnerability of rural women, it is also a series of overlapping love stories – above all, the love a father has for his daughter.

EAN: 9780994677006
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NwelezelangaNwelezelanga: The Star Child by Unathi Magubeni

Nwelezelanga, The Star Child travels a magical and spiritual journey that merges the ancestral realms with contemporary realities. It is a story of an ancestral spirit that is born through Nwelezelanga, who is tasked with the purpose to pass on messages from the beyond; a divine responsibility given to children of the star.

With an assured voice and eloquent prose, Magubeni invites us into the life of this extraordinary being, Nwelezelanga, the child who should not have been, contrasting the themes of darkness and light, embracing the unknown and unseen in a way no one else has – or can.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781928337249
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SlaafsSlaafs by Bettina Wyngaard

‘n Dag in die lewe van drie speurders van die Khayelitsha-polisiestasie is nie paintball speel nie. Vra maar vir kaptein Nicci de Wee,
“Ounooi” soos haar kollega Blackie haar noem. Haar priestervriendin Sally sal dit beaam en so ook Peters, wat skaars sy oë van Nicci kan afhou.

Want in Khayelitsha is die Jane Does volop: daardie vroueslagoffers wat so sonder naam op die staatspatoloog se outopsietafel beland. Maar waarom was daar vreemde vesels in die keel van ’n meisie wat aan ’n oordosis sterf, en hoekom het sy en ’n tweede slagoffer dieselfde tatoeëermerk?

Weldra daal Nicci en haar kollegas af in die donker onderwêreld van mensehandel, begelei deur die enigmatiese (en verleidelike) doktor Gigi Gerber, kenner op die gebied van slawesindikate. En heeltyd, in die agtergrond, staan al die kwesbare, ontwortelde mense van die wêreld.

Die speurspan in Bettina Wyngaard se nuwe riller is mense van vlees en bloed wat diep voel, in intense verhoudinge tot mekaar staan, liefhet, verliese ly en die hart aangryp.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781415207536
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Die Formidabele Ling HoDie Formidabele Ling Ho by Johan Kruger

Kansvatter Willem Landman doen hom voor as Ling Ho: opperste towenaar en showman. Van skoolsaal na kerksaal na landbousaal reis Willem, sy assistent en sy kat in hul bakkie, gevolg deur ’n karavaan, gevolg deur ’n Ventertjie, oor die grasvelde van Mpumalanga, waar Willem-hulle ’n biblioteekwa raakloop. Tussen Willem en die bibliotekaresse is daar ’n vonkie, maar daar is ook ’n storm in aankoms … Die Formidabele Ling Ho steek die draak met allerlei swaarwigtige Suid-Afrikaase werklikhede, met skreeusnaakse gevolge!

Book homepage
EAN: 9781415201756
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Fordsburg FighterFordsburg Fighter: The journey of an MK volunteer by Amin Cajee and Terry Bell

When Amin Cajee left South Africa to join the liberation struggle, he believed he had volunteered to serve “a democratic movement dedicated to bringing down an oppressive and racist regime”. Instead, he writes, in this powerful and courageous memoir, “I found myself serving a movement that was relentless in exercising power and riddled with corruption”.

Fordsburg Fighter traces an extraordinary physical journey – from home in South Africa, to training in Czechoslovakia and the ANC’s Kongwa camp in Tanzania, to England. The book is both a significant contribution to opening up the hidden history of exile, and a documentation of Cajee’s emotional odyssey from idealism to disillusionment.

Book homepage
EAN: 9780994674425
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June 16June 16 by Peter Magubane

2016 Marks the 40th anniversary of Peter Magubane’s historic photographic evidence that led to South Africa’s freedom. With over 130 iconic photographs, this is one of the most important works of contemporary Africana to appear in the last two decades.

Foreword by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

EAN: 9780994677082
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Umkhonto we SizweUmkhonto we Sizwe: The ANC’s Armed Struggle by Thula Simpson

The armed struggle waged by the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), was the longest sustained insurgency in South African history. This book offers the first full account of the rebellion in its entirety, from its early days in the 1950s to the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South African president in 1994.

Written in a fresh, immediate style, Umkhonto we Sizwe is an honest account of the armed struggle and a fascinating chronicle of events that changed South African history.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781770228412
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Dr Philip's EmpireDr Philip’s Empire: One Man’s Struggle for Justice in Nineteenth-Century South Africa by Tim Keegan

From the time he arrived in South Africa as superintendent of the London Missionary Society in 1819, Dr John Philip played a major role in the idealist and humanitarian campaigns of the day, working with English philanthropists such as William Wilberforce and Thomas Fowell Buxton and African leaders such as Waterboer, Moshoeshoe and Maqoma. He was a creature of an age of extraordinary optimism, who held out a vision of non-racialism and progress that needs to be rediscovered and remembered.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781770227101
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Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak?Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak?: The Zuma Years by Tim Richman

It’s time once again to cry the beloved country, because ever since Alan Paton wrote his upbeat little book, South Africans have been taking his advice to heart: whinging and moaning about the state of the nation at regular intervals. And though we thought we’d got it all off our chests in the late 2000s with the original Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak? series, well, it’s back on our chests, isn’t it?

This is a book that unites South Africans in their misery and allows us to laugh it off. Just in time for the national elections, of course!

EAN: 9781928230335
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The Goddess Mojo BootcampThe Goddess Mojo Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimango

This book is for women who want authentic relationships, not those who are interested in learning how to manipulate men in order to get a ring on their finger. It’s for women who desire happy, healthy relationships in their lives. Central to this empowering book is loving yourself and feeling good about yourself. It teaches you how to attract a healthy relationship, through falling in love with yourself and your life.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781920601683
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Blacks Do CaravanBlacks Do Caravan by Fikile Hlatshwayo

When her husband and children broke the news that they were planning a countrywide caravanning adventure, Fikile was adamant that “Blacks don’t caravan!” But faced with the prospect of being abandoned at home she put aside her preconceptions, put on her sunhat and started reading up on the way of the wild. What followed was an eye-opening, mind-changing trip of a lifetime. Fikile and her family visited over
25 caravan parks, covered over 10,000 kilometres, and traversed all nine provinces on their adventure.

Book homepage
EAN: 9781431423774
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Cyber-crime: South Africa the most targeted country in Africa

South Africa has the highest rate of cybercrime on the continent‚ a report by United States-based technological giant Cisco revealed on Monday.

Cisco’s Annual Security Report says that “today’s attackers launch more sophisticated‚ bold and resilient campaigns”.

Greg Griessel‚ consulting systems engineer security solutions at Cisco South Africa‚ said: “Cyber criminals are getting smarter and employing a number of personalised tactics‚ which places businesses at greater risk. 92 percent of business leaders agree that regulators and investors will expect companies to manage cyber-security risk exposure. These leaders need to essentially increase measures to secure their organisations’ future‚ particularly as they digitise their operations.”

Griessel believes that an understanding of the tactics employed by cyber criminals is an absolute necessity.

“Businesses are up against security challenges that inhibit their ability to detect‚ mitigate and recover from common and professional cyber-attacks‚” he says.

“Aging infrastructure and outdated organisational structure and practices are putting them at risk. The South African public and private sector need to understand what they are up against and arm themselves before the worst case scenario becomes a reality.”

The report says that only “45 percent of organisations worldwide are confident in their security posture” as today’s attackers launch bold and sophisticated campaigns.

“Hackers increasingly tap into legitimate resources to launch effective campaigns for profit-gain,” Griessel says.

“The study sounds a global call-to-arms for greater collaboration and investment in the processes‚ technologies and people to protect against industrialized adversaries.”

Source: TMG Digital

The following books are indispensable guides to the digital world in a South African context:

Tech-Savvy ParentingDon't Film Yourself Having Sex

Book details

  • Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World by Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck
    EAN: 9781920434908
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The 10 Biggest Non-Fiction Book Launches of 2015


As we wind down to the end of 2015 we look back at the bookish events that got people talking this year.

Here are the non-fiction launches that Books LIVE readers were most excited about in 2015, according to our web analytics (in no particular order):

* * * * * * * *


Ferial Haffajee and Xolela MangcuWhat If There Were No Whites In South Africa?Ferial Haffajee and Xolela Mangcu Engage in a Fiery Debate at the Launch of What If There Were No Whites In South Africa?

With a provocative title like this, and an interviewer as fiery as Mangcu, this discussion hosted by The Book Lounge in Cape Town was never going to be boring. Haffajee asked poignant questions, offered insightful answers and stressed: “I don’t think the whiteness debate, or the white supremacy debate, is going to give us answers to push forward into better development.”

ZapiroRhodes RageZapiro Discusses His Favourite Cartoons (And One He Regrets) at the Launch of Rhodes Rage

The launch of Zapiro’s latest annual at St Mary’s School in Waverley, Johannesburg took readers on a visual tour of his 2015 cartoons, highlighting the newsmakers of the past year. And boy, were there many!

From loadshedding to Zuma’s State of the Nation Address, the country once again succeeded in providing the political cartoonist with rich, almost unbelievable inspiration for his world-renowned work.

Khaya DlangaTo Quote MyselfKhaya Dlanga Tells Emma Sadleir About “The Woman Who Didn’t Know Her Place” at the Launch of To Quote Myself

Two of the country’s biggest voices in social media teamed up to launch Dlanga’s memoir at Glenshiel, a grand historical house in Johannesburg.

Dlanga shared his life story as a way of introducing readers to what would become one of the most shoplifted books of the year.

Phillippa Cheifitz, Kath Megaw and Daisy JonesReal Food - Healthy, Happy ChildrenA Low-Carb Solution for the Whole Family: Kath Megaw’s Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children

South Africa’s leading paediatrician wrote this cookbook with the entire family in mind, offering basic principles and delicious recipes to see to it that you are able to raise healthy, happy children.

The main ingredient in her diet? Love. Co-authors Daisy Jones and Phillippa Cheifitz joined her at Tjing Tjing Torii in Cape Town for the launch of this book.

SuzelleDIYSuzelleDIYHigh Buns and Suzelfies – A Warm Welcome for Suzelle at the Joburg Signing of SuzelleDIY: The Book

YouTube sensation and DIY guru Suzelle’s first book launch was anything but ordinary, with little girls dressed in her likeness and a long queue of avid fans cheering from the moment she stepped into Exclusive Books Rosebank.

Stevel Mark and Kojo BaffoeThe Refined PlayerA Sophisticated Celebration for the Launch of BlackBird Books and its First Title, The Refined Player by Stevel Marc

2015 saw the launch of a new Jacana imprint, BlackBird Books, with Jamaican-born entrepreneur, international model and actor Marc’s memoir as it’s first title. A jam-packed Exclusive Books Rosebank celebrated his story, and the beginning of this hotly-anticipated imprint’s story, in style.

Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor and Moeletsi Mbeki of KMMRHow to Marry a Politician and SurviveMichelle Obama’s Arms, Khanyi Mbau’s Power and Jacob Zuma’s Wives: How to Marry a Politician and Survive Launched at Love Books

Pamela Nomvete joined Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor in conversation at Love Books in Johannesburg to launch this hillarious, tongue-in-cheek “self-help” book from KKMR.

“It’s a bit of a celebration of South African politicians, and us who complain about them and yet enjoy the quirkiness around them. So it’s more than just a how-to guide,” the author explained.

Marianne Thamme, Craig Bartholomew Strydom and Stephen SegermanSugar ManUnearthing the Mystery of Rodriguez – Craig Bartholomew Strydom and Stephen Segerman Launch Sugar Man

The story behind the Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man was launched with Marianne Thamm at La Parada in Cape Town’s trendiest street. The authors shared their remarkable story and explained why a book was called for: the movie covered two years of their lives, but the book covers 72 years, the age Rodriguez is now. “The movie takes 83 minutes. The book takes as long as it does for you to read it.”

Nechama BrodieThe Cape Town BookHistory from a Different Angle: Nechama Brodie Commandeers a Red Bus to Launch The Cape Town Book

The streets of Cape Town were the only suitable setting for the launch of a book about the story behind these streets. Brodie took over as the Red City Sightseeing Bus tour guide to show readers the various spaces she wrote about in her latest book – a biography of the Mother City.
Eusebius McKaiserRun Racist Run“Racism is a Big Challenge; It’s Even Bigger than We Think” – Eusebius McKaiser Launches Run Racist Run

Another provocative title made for another fiery book launch. McKaiser is fast becoming on of the most vocal South African writers on topics like race relations and current events. Exclusive Books Rosebank was packed to the rafters for his conversation with fellow political trendsetter Redi Tlhabi, and all copies of the book were sold out.

Book details

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17 of the Best South African Book Covers from 2015

17 of the Best South African Book Covers from 2015

South African readers were spoilt with a fantastic variety of book covers this year. We’ve collected together our favourites of the English publications (Afrikaans list to come soon). Feast your eyes!

Which is your favourite cover from 2015? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below!

101 Detectives

101 Detectives by Ivan Vladislavic
Cover design: Gretchen van der Byl
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Green Lion

Green Lion by Henrietta Rose-Innes
Cover design: publicide
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Anna Peters' Year of Cooking Dangerously

Anna Peters’ Year of Cooking Dangerously by Kathryn White
Cover design: Kate Butcher
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


The Paper House

The Paper House by Dalena Theron
Cover design: publicide
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Sibanda and the Death’s Head Moth

Sibanda and the Death’s Head Moth by CM Elliott
Cover design: publicide
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Dagga: A Short History

Dagga: A Short History by Hazel Crampton
Cover design: publicide
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


A Slim, Green Silence

A Slim, Green Silence by Beverly Rycroft
Cover design: Gretchen van der Byl
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Little Suns

Little Suns by Zakes Mda
Cover design: Gretchen van der Byl
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!



Stray: An Anthology of Animal Stories and Poems edited by Diane Awerbuck and Helen Moffett
Cover design: Joey Hi-Fi
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Sweet Medicine

Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi
Cover design: Simphiwe Twala
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery

Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew
Cover design: Allison Saltzman
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Be A Hero

Be A Hero: Lessons For Living A Heroic Life by Alan Knott-Craig and Craig Rivett
Cover illustration: Mia du Plessis
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


What About Meera

What About Meera by ZP Dala
Cover design: publicide
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita edited by Nerine Dorman
Cover design: Nick Mulgrew
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


To Quote Myself

To Quote Myself by Khaya Dlanga
Cover design: K4
Book homepage
More about the book
Find this book with BOOK Finder!


Showdown at the Red Lion

Showdown at the Red Lion: The Life and Times of Jack McLoughlin, 1859–1910 by Charles van Onselen
Cover design: Michiel Botha
More about the book
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Riding the Samoosa Express

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The Best Books of 2015: Sunday Times Book Reviewers Choose Their Top Reads of the Year

The Best Books of 2015: Sunday Times Book Reviewers Choose Their Top Reads of the Year

Published in the Sunday Times

Sunday Times book reviewers look back at 2015 and name their books of the year.

The Burning GatesGreen LionWhat Will People SayBen Williams, Sunday Times books editor
My find of the year is Parker Bilal, which is the name the Anglo-Sudanese author Jamal Majoub uses when he writes crime fiction. His detective hero, Makana – an expat Sudanese living in Cairo who lacks a first name – shines light in dark Cairene places in The Burning Gates (Bloomsbury). And if readers missed Henrietta Rose-Innes’s Green Lion (Umuzi) or Rehana Rossouw’s What Will People Say? (Jacana), they’d best not let 2015 expire without acquainting themselves with these two fine books.

PleasantvilleModern RomanceJennifer Platt

Pleasantville, Attica Locke (Profile Books). A political thriller set in the late ’90s in an affluent African-American town in Texas. Locke makes one nostalgic about the past and hopeless about the future. Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari (Penguin Random House). Funny and filled with info to impress friends over drinks, like the fact that two billion swipes happen on Tinder every day.
The Magistrate of Gower101 DetectivesRick SteinMichele Magwood

The Magistrate of Gower, Claire Robertson, (Umuzi). Subtle, absorbing, affecting. Robertson is in a league of her own. 101 Detectives, Ivan Vladislavic, (Umuzi). Mordantly funny, acutely perceptive and exquisitely styled, this collection of short stories is a definitive showcase of Vladislavic’s talents. From Venice to Istanbul, Rick Stein (Penguin Random House). A glorious mix of recipes, images and anecdotes from the Eastern Mediterranean.
Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria MysterySamantha Gibb

Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery, Sally Andrew (Umuzi). The quintessential feel-good SA whodunit, complete with recipes and advice. A must read.
AdelineAubrey Paton

Adeline, Norah Vincent (Little, Brown). You don’t have to like Virginia Woolf or the Bloomsbury Group to be enthralled by this fictional biography delivered in an elegant pastiche of Woolf’s own style.
Incredible JourneyLet Me be Frank with YounullDiane Awerbuck

Jumani Clark’s short story, “Lift Club”, in the Incredible Journey anthology (Mercury) is fantastic: full of detail that starts off in a familiar place and ends up in the underworld. Let Me Be Frank with You, Richard Ford (Bloomsbury). Ford is vital; self-aware but not self-conscious. Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse, Dani Bischoff, Rob van Vuuren, illustrated by Lauren Fowler-Kierman. Local, beautiful and meaningful.
QuicksandAll InvolvedOne Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoSteven Sidley

Quicksand by Steven Totlz (Hodder & Stoughton). A look at the unbroken catastrophe of a life of one hapless loser; funny, poignant and sizzling with originality. All Involved by Ryan Gattis (Picador,). An LA-set story about an event among Latino gangs during the Rodney King riots. One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo, Darryl Bristow-Bovey (Zebra Press). Moving, funny and clever.
BeastkeeperFuriously HappyShe Will Build Him a CityTiah Beautement

Cat Hellisen turns an old fairytale on its head with Beastkeeper (Henry Holt & Company Inc) and it’s been a hit with my young writers club. Jenny Lawson’s memoir Furiously Happy (Pan Macmillan) is hilarious and contains the best description of mental illness I’ve read. Raj Kamal Jha’s surreal novel She Will Build Him a City (Bloomsbury) is unforgettable in its complexity, ingenuity and beauty.
The FishermenH is for HawkEkow Duker

Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen (Faber Factory Plus, R275). This haunting tale is deserving of its Man Booker 2015 nomination. H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald (Penguin Random House). I listened to the audio book during my commute by train into Joburg. Macdonald’s speaking voice (she narrates the story) is as beautiful as her literary one.
We Are All Completely Beside OurselvesSweet CaressThe Narrow Road to the Deep NorthYvonne Fontyn

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler (Serpent’s Tale). The story leads you to a great philosophical dilemma. Sweet Caress, William Boyd (Bloomsbury). Fiction and nonfiction are intertwined to tell the story of photographer Amory Clay, who covered World War II and the Vietnam War. An inspiring chronicle of a woman in an eventful era. The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Richard Flanagan (Random House). A riveting account of Australian prisoners of war in Burma.
What Will People SayThe FetchH is for HawkMargaret von Klemperer

What Will People Say?, Rehana Rossouw. Rossouw delivers humour, happiness and tragedy in her story of a family’s struggle to survive on the Cape Flats. The Fetch, Finuala Dowling (Kwela). A sparkling comedy of manners, but under the froth there are serious issues, and it is Dowling’s sensitive handling of them that makes this such a lovely book. H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald. A non-fiction triumph.
Guantanamo DiaryThe Magistrate of GowerRussell Clarke

Guantánamo Diary, Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Canongate). America’s shameful incarceration of terrorism suspects brought to life. The Magistrate of Gower, Claire Robertson. The Anglo-Boer war and the rise of Afrikaner nationalism appear at the centre of this elegant, finely-filigreed novel.
TightropeThis Thing of DarknessThe Root of All EvilWilliam Saunderson-Meyer
Tightrope, Simon Mawer (Little, Brown). A spy thriller that delves beyond the easy conventions of the genre. The Thing of Darkness, Harry Bingham (Orion). The disturbed, devious and brilliant Fiona Griffiths is the most fascinating police detective since Lisbeth Salander. The Root of All Evil, Roberto Constantini (Quercus). Set in Italian-controlled Libya on the eve of independence, Constantini’s second novel in the Evil trilogy is a masterful portrayal of guilt and atonement.
The RaftWastedOne of UsAnnetjie van Wynegaard

The Raft, Fred Strydom (Umuzi). Strydom blurs genre lines and leaves you with a story that lingers in the back of your mind. Wasted, Mark Winkler (Kwela). There’s a moment in the book that punches you in the gut and makes you realise, wow, this guy can write. One of Us, Åsne Seierstad (Little, Brown). A raw, in-depth account of the massacre that took place in Norway in 2011, when Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, 69 of them children.
A History of LonelinessThe Girl Who Fell from the SkyTightropeDavid Pike

John Boyne’s agonising novel confronting child abuse in the Irish Catholic Church, A History of Loneliness (Black Swan), was mesmerising. Simon Mawer’s The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (Little, Brown) and its sequel Tightrope would challenge even le Carré.
The Unlikely Hero of Room 13 BThe FetchGreen LionFiona Snyckers

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, Teresa Toten (Walker Books). My young adult read of the year. It is written with a warmth, compassion and sincerity that are rare in any genre. The Fetch, Finuala Dowling. Comparisons with Jane Austen are not misplaced. Green Lion, Henrietta Rose-Innes. Rose-Innes goes from strength to strength, refining her craft with each new book.
Ted HughesJohn Le CarreReunionCraig Higginson

Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life, Jonathan Bate (William Collins Publishing). A rigorous examination of a poet whose life attracted more scandal than any other English poet since Lord Byron. John le Carré: The Biography, Adam Sisman (Bloomsbury). David Cornwell, aka le Carré, emerges as elliptical, brilliant and fundamentally humane. Reunion, Fred Uhlman (The Harvill Press). I haven’t been so moved by a piece of fiction in ages.
Eugene de KockAnother Man's WarJan SmutsHamilton Wende

Eugene de Kock, Anemari Jansen (Tafelberg). A gripping reminder of how twisted apartheid was and how deeply it affected our society. Another Man’s War, Barnaby Phillips (Oneworld). A fascinating look at the West Africans who fought for Britain against the Japanese in Burma during World War II. An account of an almost forgotten campaign. Jan Smuts: Unafraid of Greatness, Richard Steyn (Jonathan Ball). This is the book to read on Jan Smuts.
The Seed ThiefReliquariaNick Mulgrew

The Seed Thief, Jacqui L’Ange (Umuzi). A poetry-infused whirlwind of Southern Hemisphere mysticism and botanical espionage. An understated triumph. Reliquaria, RA Villanueva (University of Nebraska Press). The Filipino-American’s debut collection is the best book of poems I’ve read for a couple years.
Away from the DeadKholofelo Maenetsha

Away from the Dead, Karen Jennings (Holland Park Press). This collection of short stories stands out not only because of Jennings’s rich and poignant writing, but also for how she portrayed the chilling realities of those left behind as death lingers and finds its place within us.
What Will People SayOn the MoveDept. of SpeculationKate Sidley

What Will People Say?, Rehana Rossouw. I loved this book for its gritty, descriptive language and poignant evocation of life on the Cape Flats. On the Move by Dr Oliver Sacks (Macmillan). A brilliant polymath with consuming enthusiasms and odd eccentricities. Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill (Granta Books). The narrator is frazzled by motherhood, the dissolution of her marriage, and her struggles to be a writer.
Trigger WarningThree Moments of an Explosion: StoriesVanessa and Her SisterSally Partridge

Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman (Headline). A strange assortment of stories by one of the world’s greatest fantasists. Three Moments of an Explosion, China Mieville (Del Rey Books). Exquisitely crafted, reflecting the skill of a master of the written word. Vanessa and Her Sister, Priya Parmar (Bloomsbury). A sumptuous read that depicts the tempestuous relationship between sisters Virginia (Woolf) and Vanessa Stephen, who were at the centre of the Bloomsbury Group.
My Fight Your FightThe Art of AskingMrs. HemingwayZoe Hinis

My Fight Your Fight, Ronda Rousey (Century). Rousey, the martial artist cage fighter, shares hard-won lessons in an honest and unapologetic voice. The Art of Asking or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help, Amanda Palmer (Little, Brown). The kind of book I wish I’d read as a teen. Just take the doughnuts! Mrs. Hemingway, Naomi Wood (Picador). The story of the four women who wanted to be Mrs H.
The FetchPiggy Boy's BluesHelené Prinsloo

The characters from The Fetch by Finuala Dowling haunted my dreams. The story led me to a garden cottage in the deep south where I kept waiting to happen upon someone like William. Piggy Boy’s Blues, Nakhane Touré (Blackbird). Touré made me feel like I was reading both a familiar and utterly foreign story at the same time.
The Strange LibraryPearl Boshomane

The Strange Library, Haruki Murakami (Harvill Secker). Any book lover adores that new book smell, but this book will please more than your olfactory senses: it’s a feast for the eyes, too. Illustrated by Suzanne Dean, it is a beauty from cover to cover. The story is just as beautiful, turning an old library into a place of adventure and danger.
The Mistborn TrilogyNoluthando Ncube

Mistborn Trilogy: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson (Gollanz box set). Sanderson delivers something new — if you like fantasy with minimum violence, excellent world-building and superb character development.
Memoirs of a Born FreeThe Book of ForgivingGirl at WarTinyiko Maluleke

Memoirs of a Born Free: Reflections on the Rainbow Nation, Malaika wa Azania (Jacana). Anyone who read this heartfelt book, whose author was 22 at the time of writing, would not have been surprised by the #RhodesMustFall, #OpenStellenbosch and #FeesMustFall movements. The Book of Forgiving: The fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and our World, Desmond and Mpho Tutu (HarperCollins). Father and daughter use personal stories to fashion a philosophy of forgiveness. Girl at War, Sara Novic (Little, Brown). What is the most authentic perspective from which to look at war? Through the eyes and experiences of a 10-year-old girl caught up in it.
FeralWe Are All Completely Beside OurselvesChasing The Tails of My Father’s CattleJacqui L’Ange

George Monbiot’s treatise on rewilding ourselves and our landscapes, Feral (Penguin), is timeous and evocative. I couldn’t read another book for a month after Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. Trust me: just dive in. Sindiwe Magona makes the political intensely personal in Chasing the Tails of My Father’s Cattle (Seriti sa Sechaba), a magical story of how one family defies both tradition and modernity to take care of their own.
Green Lion101 DetectivesThe FishermenJennifer Malec

Green Lion, Henrietta Rose-Innes’s fourth book, is masterful. Ivan Vladislavic’s 101 Detectives is witty, enthralling and pleasurably disorientating. But my book of the year is The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. It’s deceptively simple — although political undertones are there for you if you need them — and wholly engrossing.
H is for HawkA God in RuinsVanessa and Her SisterNikki Temkin

H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald. A captivating meditation on grief. A God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson (Doubleday). The prequel to the wonderful Life After Life, with Atkinson’s unique turn of phrase and unforgettable characters. Vanessa and Her Sister, Priya Parmar. Jealousy, intrigue, madness and sexual awakening characterise this fascinating story of Virginia and Vanessa.
Why You Were TakenMy Grandmother Sends Her Regards and ApologisesBruce Dennill

Why You Were Taken, JT Lawrence (PULP Books). Thrilling sci-fi. My Grandmother Sends Her Regards And Apologises, Fredrik Backman (Hodder & Stoughton). The narrative is clever and creative, but its real power is in the way it highlights the importance of story-telling in helping people process grief, dreams, ambition and relationships.
101 DetectivesHomeless WanderersThe Good StorySophy Kohler

101 Detectives, Ivan Vladislavic. The stories are bewildering in their refusal to provide a clear resolution, but this is to their credit, in that each leaves a mystery to be solved. Homeless Wanderers: Movement and mental illness in the Cape Colony in the Nineteenth Century by Sally Swartz (UCT Press). Swartz’s portrait of lunatic asylums is an interdisciplinary feat. The Good Story: Exchanges on truth, fiction and psychotherapy by JM Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz (Penguin Random House). There is a tension between Coetzee and psychoanalyst Kurtz, which hinges on their differing conceptions of truth.
Ripley BogleArctic SummerRustum Kozain

Robert McLiam Wilson’s Ripley Bogle (Minerva). Ripleyends up wandering the streets of London. It’s Ulysses updated for Thatcher’s UK. Damon Galgut’s Arctic Summer (Umuzi) is a remarkable novel. Galgut has a fine hand when it comes to turning words we see every day into sentences that shimmer.
A Brief History of Seven KillingsTymon Smith

A Brief History of Seven Killings, Marlon James (Oneworld). Loosely focused around the assassination attempt on Bob Marley in 1976. Earning its author comparisons with everyone from Faulkner to Tarantino, this year’s Man Booker winner gives you faith in the power of literature.
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Books on the Edge of the Karoo: Programme for the 2015 Prince Albert Leesfees

Prince Albert Leesfees 2015

The 2015 Prince Albert Leesfees is set to rock the southern edge of the Great Karoo from 4 – 8 November.

The bilingual programme offers a delectable variety of book discussions, writing workshops, films and performances by an exciting array of authors and bookish folk. Authors you can expect to hear from during the weekend’s festivities include Carol Campbell, Leon van Nierop, Rehana Rossouw, Rimestein, Dana Snyman, Paige Nick and Martin Steyn.

Tickets can be bought online by visiting the Prince Albert website.

Don’t miss this!

Esther's HouseOros vir die sielWhere’s Zuma?TakelwerkThis Must be the PlaceSorrie maak nie gesond nieBeste Suid-Afrikaanse spookstoriesKleur – My lewe, my liedPens Behaving BadlyAdrenalienColour Brings HopeWhat Will People SayIn die blou kampSkuldig

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 4 November to Sunday 8 November 2015
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Venues: Jans Rautenbach Schouwburg, The Showroom Theatre, Depth Leadership Centre, St Johns Hall and Lah-di-dah – all located in and around Prince Albert
  • Speakers: Louis Botha, Colin Bower, Carol Campbell, Susan Coetzer, Samuel Delport, Christel Foord, Kobus Galloway, Daniel Hugo, Pieter Hugo, Anzil Kulsen, Ridwaan Lockhart, Wendy Maartens, Judy Maguire, Paige Nick, Amos van der Merwe, Paige Nick, Leon van Nierop, Tanya O’Connor, Mia Oosthuizen, Louisa Punt-Fouché, Rehana Rossow, Rimestein, Dana Snyman, Martin Steyn, Ilse Volschenk, Randall Wicomb, Jille Wolvaardt and Dine van Zyl
  • Cost: Ranging from R40 to R100, R1 800 for the writing workshop
  • Buy tickets: PA Online
  • More info: Prince Albert Leesfees on Facebook


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Authors in the Great Karoo: Programme for the 2015 Richmond Boekbedonnerd Festival (22 – 24 October)

The 9th Richmond Boekbedonnerd Festival is set to take place from 22 – 24 October and promises a refreshing weekend in the area known as “the land of thirst” – the Great Karoo.

The programme is made up of literary greats, controversial journalists, debut authors, columnists, historians and travel writers. There will be no parallel sessions at the festival so don’t worry, you can see them all! Booktown even caters for rugby enthusiasts as the organisers have ensured that nothing clashes with the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup by adding it to the schedule of events. Another bonus: all talks are free!

Have a look at the programme to see what you can look forward to:

Oros vir die sielDF Malan and the Rise of Afrikaner NationalismBoas Mei is verwardThe Beautiful Bowls Of Carolyn MetcalfeLong Road to LiberationAntjie Krog and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere
WonderboomThe Search for the Rarest Bird in the WorldThe Swan WhispererBinnekring van spookasemsPasses and Poorts South Africa
Listening to Distant ThunderParool/ParoleFalse RiverThe Lion Sleeps TonightKamphoerThe South African Gandhi



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