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Rural schools and communities working together for literacy

Working to strengthen the natural partnerships between schools and communities, close to 3 000 parents, caregivers, and representatives from community organisations such as churches and libraries attended special community trainings at the rural schools that form part of Nal’ibali’s Story Powered Schools network in Ugu and Uthukela in KwaZulu-Natal and Maluti and Mbizana in the Eastern Cape.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” says Story Powered Schools programme manager, Michael Cekiso, explaining the valuable role that parents and other adults can play in the upbringing and literacy learning of all our children.

Gathered at Umsikazi Primary School to receive training on reading for enjoyment practices with children, community members are invited to revisit the songs and stories of their childhood.

Children are learning all the time: in the home and in the community. Learning doesn’t only happen at school. Children are learning whether they are playing, listening to a story or simply observing the adults around them going about their daily lives. This type of informal learning is powerful because it means that all adults, no matter their experience or education level, can act as role models and teachers for their children, simply by telling or sharing a story with them in their mother tongue.

Story Powered Schools Story Sparker, Nqobile Cele, emphasises the importance of reading and sharing stories in mother tongue languages.

The ability to read is the foundation of all learning and when adults read or share stories with children in relaxed and engaging ways – and in languages they understand, they are inspired to learn to read and write themselves. Using the Nal’ibali reading-for-enjoyment campaign’s proven approach to literacy development, the Story Powered Schools project has been helping school staff and volunteers in select schools make use of reading-for-enjoyment practices before, during and after school since the start of the year. Now, it is encouraging the support of the wider community to ensure that these children are given every possible chance to fulfil their potential.

Rural communities in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal face some of the biggest challenges when it comes to education; battling a significant lack of resources and materials but community members were urged to act, rather than despair.

Access to books and literacy materials are some of the biggest challenge faced by schools in rural areas. Adults are encouraged to get to know the books and stories now available in their schools.

Emphasising what can be achieved when schools and communities work together, the trainings covered the importance of early-childhood development – or what parents and caregivers can do at home before their children start school to jump-start their learning; the benefits of using home languages or more than one language; and how libraries, churches and other organisations as well as individuals can support the work of schools by setting up and running reading clubs their own reading clubs or supporting those of the schools.

Exploring a story. Good quality stories are intergenerational and have the power to captivate a wide audience.

In addition to the training provided, community members were directed towards the Story Powered Schools web- and mobisites ( and where they can find free stories in home languages as well as tips, ideas and guides on how to share these with children or set up their own reading clubs. Members of the public interested in making use of these approaches and free resources are encouraged to do so.

Story Powered Schools is a Nal’ibali initiative endorsed by the Department of Basic Education and made possible by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Story Powered Schools aims to spark learners’ potential and unlock their school success through reading and storytelling by placing stories at the heart of classrooms and schools. For more information about the project or the power of reading and storytelling, visit: or You can also find them on Facebook: @StoryPoweredSchools.

Exclusive Books Homebru 2017 selection announced

Exclusive Books has announced their selection of fiction, non-fiction, cookery and children’s books for their annual Homebru campaign.

This year’s slogan was ‘books by us, written for you’. According to Ben Williams, general manager of Exclusive Books, the nearly fifty titles on the list “represent a highly engaging slice of current South African writing and life.”

With titles as diverse as Fred Strydom’s work of speculative fiction, The Inside-Out Man, Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s political analysis, The Republic of Gupta, and the colourful array of cookery and children’s books, including Khanyisa Malabi’s Legacy of Living and Sparkles of Taste and Carol-Ann Davids’ The Hair Fair, this year’s list certainly is representative of contemporary South African writing.

The titles which appear on the list are:



Confluence: Beyond the River with Siseko Ntondini

by Piers Cruickshanks
Bending the RulesBending the Rules: Memoir of a Pioneering Diplomat
by Rafique Gangat
Making Africa WorkMaking Africa Work: A handbook for economic success
by Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo & Dickie Davis
The Republic of GuptaThe Republic of Gupta: A Story of State Capture
by Pieter-Louis Myburgh
Dreams, Betrayal and Hope Dreams, Betrayal and Hope
by Mamphela Ramphele
Apartheid Guns and MoneyApartheid, Guns and Money: A tale of profit
by Hennie Van Vuuren
Traces and Tracks: A Thirty-Year Journey with the SanTraces and Tracks: A thirty year journey with the San
by Paul Weinberg

Selling Lip ServiceSelling Lip Service
by Tammy Baikie
Hlomu The Wife
Zandile The Resolute
Naledi His Love

by Dudu Busani-Dube
Dancing the Death DrillDancing the Death Drill
by Fred Khumalo
Emperor Shaka the GreatEmperor Shaka The Great (English Edition)
Unodumehlezi Kamenzi (isiZulu Edition)
by Masizi Kunene
Being KariBeing Kari
by Qarnita Loxton
Recognition: An Anthology of South African Short Stories

edited by David Medalie

by Naomi Meyer
The Last StopThe Last Stop
by Thabiso Mofokeng
The Third Reel
The Third Reel

Die Derde Spoel
by S J Naudé
If I Stay Right Here
If I Stay Right Here
by Chwayita Ngamlana
Ayixoxeki NakuxoxekaAyixoxeki Nakuxoxeka
by Mbongeni Cyprian Nzimande
Akulahlwa Mbeleko NgakufelwaAkulahlwa Mbeleko Ngakufelwa
by Zukiswa Pakama
Delilah Now TrendingDelilah Now Trending
by Pamela Power
Die BergengelDie Bergengel
by Carina Stander
As in die Mond
As in die mond

by Nicole Jaekel Strauss
The Inside-Out Man
The Inside-Out Man

by Fred Strydom
Alles het niet kom wod

Alles het niet kom wôd

by Nathan Trantraal

Last Night at the BasslineLast Night at the Bassline
by David Coplan and Oscar Gutierrez
Equal, but Different
Equal But Different
by Judy Dlamini
No Longer Whispering to Power
No Longer Whispering to Power: The Story of Thuli Madonsela
by Thandeka Gqubule
Being Chris Hani's Daughter Being Chris Hani’s Daughter
by Lindiwe Hani
God praat Afrikaans
God praat Afrikaans

by HemelBesem
Lied vir SarahSong for Sarah: Lessons from my Mother
Lied vir Sarah: Lesse van My Moeder

by Jonathan Jansen
Fatima MeerFatima Meer: Memories of Love & Struggle
by Fatima Meer
The Man Who Founded the ANCThe Man Who Founded The ANC: A Biography of Pixley ka Isaka Seme
by Bongani Ngqulunga
Billionaires Under Construction

Billionaires Under Construction

by DJ Sbu

The Elders at the DoorThe Elders at the Door (Afrikaans, English, isiZhosa, isiZulu)
by Maryanne Bester, illustrated by Shayla Bester
The Hair FairThe Hair Fair
by Carol-Ann Davids
#LoveReading: short stories, poems, blogs and more
compiled by Rosamund Haden & Dorothy Dyer
Beyond the River
Beyond the River

by Mohale Mashigo
How Many Ways Can You Say Hello? How Many Ways Can You Say Hello
by Refiloe Moahloli, illustrated by Anja Stoeckigt

by Fanie Viljoen



by Bertus Basson
Legacy of Living and Sparkles of TasteLegacy of Living & Sparkles of Taste
by Khanyisa Malabi
Johanne 14
Johanne 14: Real South African Food

by Hope Malau

Book details

  • Making Africa Work: A Handbook for Economic Success by Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo, Dickie Davis
    EAN: 9780624080275
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Twee nuwe Asterix-boeke vir die jongspan

Asterix en die Koperpot
Vertaal deur Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois

Die Galliese stamhoof, Tweegesix, vra vir Allamapstix om sy koperpot vol geld te bewaar en uit die Romeine se hande te hou.

Asterix hou wag by die pot, maar dit en die geld word gesteel.

Asterix en Obelix moet nou maniere vind om geld in te bring sodat hulle die skade aan Tweegesix kan terugbetaal. Hulle doen enigiets: neem deel aan gladiatorkompetisies, is akteurs in ’n teaterproduksie en beroof selfs ’n bank! Sal hulle die geld kan terugbetaal en uitvind wie sit eintlik agter die kroekspul?

Asterix in Spanje
Vertaal deur Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois

Die dapper Iberiërs hou nog die fort teen Julias Caesar, net soos Asterix en sy vriende.

Maar wanneer die Romeine Grootcoq y Dores se seun gevange neem, staan die Galliërs reg om te help. Asterix en Obelix kry vir Pépé uit die kloue van die Romeine en moet hom Spanje toe neem.

Langs die pad moet hulle egter teen ’n oeros baklei en die nukke van die astrante Pépé trotseer …

Asterix in Spanje is die 14de boek in die gewilde Asterix-reeks.

Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois woon in Parys, Frankryk. Sy het in Stellenbosh gestudeer en beskik oor ’n Magistergraad in Frans. Sy is onder meer die vertaler van die Kuifie-boeke.


Four international titles to look out for in June

Love, Africa
Jeffrey Gettleman

A seasoned war correspondent, Jeffrey Gettleman has covered every major conflict over the past twenty years, from Afghanistan to Iraq to the Congo.

For the past decade, he has served as the East Africa Bureau Chief for the New York Times, fulfilling his teenage dream of living in Africa. Love, Africa is the story of how he got there – and of his difficult, winding towards becoming a good reporter and a better man.

At nineteen, Gettleman fell in love, twice. On a community service trip in college, he went to Africa – a terrifying, exciting, dreamlike continent in the throes of change that imprinted itself on his imagination and heart. One day, he vowed, he would return there, to stay. But around the same time he also fell in love with Courtenay, a fellow Cornell student – the brightest, fiercest, kindest woman he’d ever met.

Courtenay became a lawyer in America, and all Gettleman wanted was to be with her. But he also hungered to be in Africa. For the next decade he would waver between these two abiding passions.

Finally, after a great deal of growing up, he learned to be honest with himself about what he wanted – a realization that ultimately fulfilled both of his deepest desires.

A beautifully rendered coming-of-age story in the tradition of Barbarian Days, Love, Africa is a tale of passion, professional rivalries, tortuous long-distance relationships, marital strife, forgiveness, parenthood, and happiness that explores the power of finding yourself in the most unexpected of places.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection
Derek Landy

The skeleton detective is coming back to life… again! It’s the tenth, triumphant novel in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, and it will rearrange your world.

Skulduggery and Valkyrie are back in the tenth instalment in the bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series – an incredible and unexpected treat for the legions of fans around the world.

We can’t say much but we can say this: Skulduggery and Valkyrie are going to team up with beloved characters from the first nine books as well as an all-new cast, including new teen co-star Omen Darkly, for an adventure that takes the story to truly global proportions … while answering questions that go right back to the beginning.

And Derek says this: “I was halfway through Last Stand of Dead Men, I think, when I realised that I had more stories to tell. I told myself that if Skulduggery and Valkyrie survived the series, I would leave the option open of returning to their world. There were still secrets I need to reveal, after all, and there were still horrors they had to face. They survived the first series. But they’re really going to wish they hadn’t.”

The Light We Lost
Jill Santopolo

11th September 2001. Lucy and Gabe meet at Columbia University on a day that will change their lives – and the world – forever. And as the city burns behind them, they kiss for the very first time.

Over the next thirteen years they are torn apart, then brought back together, time and time again. It’s a journey of dreams, of desires, of jealousy, of forgiveness – and above all, love.

And as Lucy is faced with a decision she thought she’d never have to make, she wonders whether their love is a matter of destiny, or chance. What if they should have been living a different life all along?

Me Before You meets One Day in this passionate debut novel, The Light We Lost, an epic love story about the heartrending decision that one woman must make…

Now translated into 28 languages.

All By Myself, Alone
Mary Higgins Clark

Fleeing a disastrous and humiliating arrest of her husband-to-be on the eve of their wedding, Celia Kilbride, a gems and jewellery expert, hopes to escape from public attention by lecturing on a brand-new cruise ship – the Queen Charlotte.

On board she meets eighty-six-year-old Lady Emily Haywood, “Lady Em,” as she is known throughout the world. Immensely wealthy, Lady Em is the owner of a priceless emerald necklace that she intends to leave to the Smithsonian after the cruise.

Three days out to sea Lady Em is found dead – and the necklace is missing.

The list of suspects is large and growing. Celia sets out to find the killer, not realizing that she has put herself in mortal danger before the ship reaches its final destination…

Book details

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Vyf kinder- en jeugboeke om vandeesmaand te lees

Om te dans
Noreen Nolte

Skaars drie maande terug was Lisa se lewe nog normaal. Hulle was ’n gesin, sy het vriende gehad en sy het geléwe vir ballet. Toe verander alles.
Ná die bom bars, gaan haar ma vir drie maande oorsee, en Lisa moet by haar eksentrieke ouma gaan bly wat pienk tekkies dra en glo in lysies maak. Sy moet probeer aanpas in ’n nuwe skool, waar alles onbekend is; en sy moet probeer vrede maak met wat gebeur het. Lisa is nie seker of sy kans sien vir hierdie nuwe begin nie. ’n Mens kan egter nie ’n “delete-knoppie” druk en al die aaklige dinge in jou lewe uitvee nie. Sy is vasbeslote om nóóit weer te dans nie en sy weier om met haar pa te praat, ná wat daardie vreeslike dag gebeur het. Die enigste ligpunt is Jaco, haar ouma se buurseun met die donker oë. Sal Lisa die moed kan bymekaarskraap om ooit weer alleen op ’n verhoog te stap en die wêreld in die oë te kyk? Om te dans is ’n vars, boeiende debuutroman vir tieners oor die opdraandes én die lekkertes van grootword.

Cowboy Koekemoer van die Klein-Karoo en die Petrolpadda
Henry Ferreira
Illustreerder: Alistair Ackermann

Doer ver op die horison kom ’n stofstreep oor die vlakte nader. Die stofstreep word ’n stofwolk wat vinnig groei en al hoe groter en groter word. Dit is niemand anders nie as Cowboy Koekemoer van die Klein-Karoo wat op sy getroue kameelperd, Shorty, aangery kom! Dit is ’n verbeeldingryke storie oor die avonture van ’n eg Suid-Afrikaanse cowboy wat die skelms laat les opsê. Wanneer gevaar hom in die gesig staar, is Koekemoer die kalmste cowboy in die hele Klein-Karoo!

Die Fantastiese Avonture van Theo die kat
Wendy Hartman
Illustreerder: David Theron

Theo bly saam met sy ma, sy broer en sy suster reg langs die biblioteek. Die ander katte stel net belang in kos, kattekwaad en kattemaai. Nie Theo nie, hy hou van lees. In hierdie omnibus verskyn drie lekkerleesstories oor Theo se avonture. In Theo die biblioteekkat is hy die enigste een wat ’n rot ruik toe die aaklige mevrou Zuurpruim al die katte nooi om by haar te kom woon. In Theo en die kattedief is al die katte in Huis Kietziekatzie dol daaroor wanneer Theo vir hulle stories lees, maar op ’n dag verdwyn die katte skielik spoorloos. Waar kan hulle wees? In Theo en die sirkus is daar op ’n dag ’n plakkaat in die biblioteek opgeplak. Alle diere word genooi om by die sirkus aan te sluit. Almal is opgewonde en oefen om toertjies te doen, maar Theo lees iets wat sy snorbaarde laat kriewel …

Z is vir Zackie 5: Die pretpark
Jaco Jacobs
Illustreerder: Alex van Houwelingen

Zackie en Vincent kan nie wag nie. Hulle gaan vandag pretpark toe! Daar is ’n Groot Wiel, ’n Wilde Wipwa en ’n Spooktrein. Anton, die skool se grootste boelie, is ook by die pretpark. Toe hy vir Vincent begin terg, besluit Zackie om hom ’n les te leer!

Z is vir Zackie 6: Die tent-avontuur

Jaco Jacobs
Illustreerder: Alex van Houwelingen

Zackie en Vincent is opgewonde. Hulle gaan saam met Zackie se pa kampeer. Die hele naweek lank gaan hulle visvang, voëls kyk en om die kampvuur kuier. Anton en sy pa gaan ook vir die naweek kampeer. Anton is ’n boelie en hy terg graag ander kinders. Gaan hy dit regkry om Zackie en Vincent se naweek te bederf?






Drie Afrikaanse boeke om in Mei te geniet

Jonathan Ball het vandeesmaand drie opwindende titels in Afrikaans waarby beide oud en jonk sal aanklank vind. Lekker lees!

Joycè Kotze

Een familie, deels van Britse en deels van Boere-afkoms, ontdek dat hul lewens onlosmaaklik verstrengel raak deur die onverbiddelike gang van die geskiedenis. Die Transvaalse politiek en die Britte se arrogante imperialisme sleur hulle mee in die Anglo-Boereoorlog van 1899-1902.

Liefdes- en vriendskapsbande wat in die Transvaalse bosveld en die sitkamers van Victoriaanse Engeland gesmee is, word op die slagvelde van Suid-Afrika getoets. Wanneer die formele fase van die oorlog oorgaan in die gruwelike beleid van die verskroeide aarde en ’n guerrillastryd, moet die familielede gewaagde keuses maak.

Wintersrust is ’n bruisende verhaal vol hartstog en avontuur oor die individu se worsteling met magte buite sy beheer. Sommige, wat deur wanhoop oorweldig word, oorleef nie. Ander moet ten slotte by ’n plek van vrede en vergifnis uitkom.

Oor Berge en Dale
Jackie Grobler

Daar is nie ’n grondpad te rof, plaasdraad te hoog of aanwysings te gebrekkig om Jackie Grobler te keer nie. As hy eers ’n monument in sy visier het, sal hy dit vind. In hierdie boek reis hy oor berge en dale van Lichtenburg in Noordwes tot die heuwels van Tabankulu in die Oos-Kaap.

Grobler reis onder meer op die spoor van Voortrekker Carel Trichardt deur Mpumalanga en in KwaZulu-Natal gaan hy na die slagvelde van die Anglo-Zoeloeoorlog.

In Gauteng vind hy monumente ter ere van twee van Suid-Afrika se grootste leiers: Nelson Mandela en Jan Smuts. In die Vrystaat soek hy na oorblyfsels van twee konsentrasiekampe en in Limpopo kom hy af op monumente van ’n Anglo-Boereoorlogkanon (die Long Tom). Sy reise na die Oos-Kaap neem hom na gedenkplekke vir Steve Biko en in die Wes-Kaap gaan hy op die spoor van die Portugese ontdekkingsreisigers. Elke provinsie sal ’n kaart hê wat die monumente aandui.

My Ballerina Droom
Michaela DePrince

Michaela DePrince was ’n driejarige oorlogwesie in Sierra Leone toe sy op ’n dag ’n windverwaaide tydskrif optel met die foto van ’n glimlaggende ballerina op die voorblad. Daardie dag het haar obsessie met ballet begin. Sy het haarself daar en dan voorgeneem sy sou eendag ook so gelukkig soos die vrou op die foto wees.

Sy is kort daarna deur ’n Amerikaanse gesin aangeneem. Sy het egter nooit die foto van die ballerina vergeet nie. Toe haar nuwe ma bewus word van haar belangstelling in ballet het sy begin klasse neem. Sedertdien het sy nog nooit ophou dans nie en vandag is sy ’n hoogs suksesvolle ballerina. ’n Storie wat enige jong meisie (of seun) sal inspireer om groot te droom.

Die boek is die geïllustreerde kinderboekuitgawe van DePrince se roerende memoir, Hope In A Ballet Shoe. Die kleurvolle illustrasies is deur Ella Okstad.