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Tim Noakes joins Penguin Random House South Africa authors to make Banting more affordable


Penguin Random House South Africa (PRHSA) is proud to announce that Professor Tim Noakes will co-write his next Banting book with PRHSA authors Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan.

The Banting Pocket Guide will be published in partnership with The Noakes Foundation (TNF) early in 2017.

Noakes, who started the Banting revolution in South Africa, and TNF are passionate about making the Banting lifestyle affordable and accessible to all South Africans. Douglas and Allan share this objective and have already made the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet more inclusive with their books The Banting Solution and Die Banting-oplossing, published early in 2016.

The Banting SolutionDie Banting-oplossing

The Banting Pocket Guide will be user-friendly and provide all the tips and advice readers will need to start, successfully conclude and maintain their Banting diet. It will also offer more affordable solutions and include products that are more accessible to people of all walks of life. The author trio and TNF are also planning further Banting titles in this line with PRHSA.

On his decision to join PRHSA and The Banting Solution authors Douglas and Allan, Noakes says:

The focus of TNF’s Eat Better South Africa! campaign is to take the Banting Revolution to all South Africans. I am very appreciative of the chance to partner with Bernadine and Bridgette to advance our common goal – to help all South Africans understand that what we eat each day is a key determinant of our long-term health. This book provides practical information of how we can eat high-quality, healthy foods, even on a restricted food budget.

PRHSA is thrilled to have TNF on board. The foundation is a non-profit corporation founded for public benefit. Its aims are to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a LCHF diet by providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition that is free from commercial agenda. Jayne Bullen, manager of TNF says: “We are excited about this new partnership to support dietary changes needed in all populations with a clear message of Ubuntu behind it. Noakes’s proceeds from this book will go towards the TNF’s Eat Better South Africa!”

Douglas and Allan feel very privileged to have Noakes and his foundation involved in their next book. Allan said: “With the involvement of Tim and his fantastic team I am tremendously excited at the potential that The Banting Pocket Guide has to improve health across South Africa.” Douglas added: “It’s an absolute honour to have Prof. Noakes and The Noakes Foundation on board to take a healthy lifestyle to the next level.”

PRHSA is also looking forward to publishing the follow-up to Noakes’s Challenging Beliefs in 2017. The new book will include more on the LCHF diet and the highly controversial HPCSA trial.

Book details

  • Die Banting-oplossing: Jou laekoolhidraat-gids vir permanente gewigsverlies by Bernadine Douglas, Bridgette Allan
    EAN: 9781776090365
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Why we are losing the battle for our food system, why it matters, and how we can win it back: An Empty Plate by Tracy Ledger

An Empty PlateJacana Media is proud to present An Empty Plate: Why we are losing the battle for our food system, why it matters, and how we can win it back by Tracy Ledger:

Why is it that food prices are so high that millions of South African families go hungry, while the prices paid to farmers for that same food are so low that many cannot stay in business? Why are the people that produce our food – farmworkers – among the most insecure of all? Why do high levels of rural poverty persist while corporate profits in the food sector keep rising? How did a country with a constitutional right to food become a place where one in four children is so malnourished that they are classified as stunted?

An Empty Plate analyses the state of the South African agri-food system. Ledger demonstrates how this system is perpetuating poverty, threatening land reform; entrenching inequality and tearing apart our social fabric. The book asks two crucial questions: how did we get to this point and how might we go about solving the problem.

This is a story of money, of power, of unanticipated consequences, and of personal and social tragedy. But it is also a story of what is possible if we reimagine our society and build a new system on the foundation of solidarity and ethical food citizenship.

About the author

Tracy Ledger is a researcher in the field of economic development, with 25 years of research experience. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Stellenbosch University. She is an agri-food activist, believing that a more equitable agri-food system is fundamental to building a more equitable society.

Book details

Join Quivertree Publications at a pop-up market in Cape Town - with discounted books

Braai: Reuben on FireThe Low Carb Solution For DiabeticsThe Great South African CookbookReal Food - Healthy, Happy ChildrenEat Ting
Indigenous Plant PalettesCook BetterStar FishTartsThe Real Meal RevolutionA Life Digested

Quivertree Publications will be hosting a pop-up market from 2-3 December 2016 at 147 Main Road, Rondebosch.

There will be a Quivertree Book Shop selling your favourite Quivertree titles at a discount – come and stock up on your Christmas gifts here!

Reuben Riffel, Pete Goffe-Wood and Obie Oberholzer will be around from 3 PM on the Friday afternoon to sign books.

On 3 December, there’s a fun food workshop for children (ages two to six), hosted by experienced clinical dietician Kath Megaw’s Nutripaeds team in the photographic studio. Designed to expose children to sensory experiences, teach them about healthy ingredients, and help them develop fine motor skills, this event costs R120 per child, and prior booking is essential. (Please email or call 021 686 6849.)

But that’s not all, below is a list of stallholders that you can expect to see at the market:

Peta Becker, crochet art
Jackie Knutsen, sojo children’s wear
Dan Wickham, Garagista artisan beer
Janine Davidson, Scarab jewellery
Pete Goffe-Wood, steak rolls
Karen Canning, lis-spa, beauty products and treatment vouchers
Ilse Menck clothing
Nondumiso wine
Ceramics by Louise Gelderblom & Karen Henstra
Skinny laMinx
Amanda and Kathleen from Nutripaeds will host a Clever Cooks children’s food workshop in the photographic studio
Verushka Louw – cakes, biscuits and pastries

Event Details

  • Date: Friday, 2 and Saturday, 3 December 2016
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Quivertree Publications
    147 Main Road
    Cape Town | Map
  • Facebook event: Click here for more

Book Details

Rooi Rose Kuierkos deur Vickie de Beer - want kuier is immers lekker (Plus: Twee heerlike resepte)

Rooi Rose KuierkosRooi Rose Kuierkos, saamgestel deur Vickie de Beer, is nou beskikbaar by Human & Rousseau:

In Kuierkos kuier ons saam met ons hartsmense – familie en vriende. Ons hou familiefeeste en vier Moedersdag en hou ‘n fyn tee vir ouma, want so word ons herinner aan waar ons vandaan kom. Kuier saam met vriende is ook hoog op die prioriteitslys te wees, want wat is nou lekkerder as om ‘n sop-opskop te hou, te braai of sommer net te gaan piekniek hou? Sluit ook die jaar op ‘n gepaste noot of: Hou Kersfees saam met oud en jonk. Want kuier is immers lekker.

Oor die samesteller

Vickie de Beer is die afgelope 13 jaar die kosredakteur van Rooi Rose, maar haar liefde vir kook kom van haar ma af.


* * * * * * * *

Probeer gerus die volgende twee resepte uit Kuierkos:


Die lekkerste manier van kuier: Sit die pizza in die middel van die tafel en laat elkeen stukke afbreek en smul.

Genoeg vir 6

gekaramelliseerde uitjies
20 piekeluitjies geskil
10 salotte, geskil (of nog uitjies as jy nie kan kry nie)
2 knoffelbolle, punte afgesny sodat die huisies oop is
8 tiemietakkies
150 g botter, in blokkies gesny
45 ml olyfolie

500 g meel
10 g kitsgis
5 ml sout
375 ml water
15 ml vinkelsaad
15 ml winterspeserymengsel, opsioneel (resep heel regs)
45 ml olyfolie
15 ml knoffel, fyngekap
60 ml dennepitte of sonneblomsaad, gerooster, vir opdiening
125 ml crème fraîche, vir opdiening
oreganumtakkies, vir opdiening tiemietakkies, vir opdiening

gekaramelliseerde uitjies
1. Voorverhit die oond tot 160 °C.
2. Sit die uie, knoffel, tiemie en botter in ’n oondpan. Besprinkel
met olyfolie en rooster vir 45 min. of
tot sag en gekaramelliseer.

3. Meng die meel, gis en sout met die hand of met ’n spaan in die bak van ’n staanmenger. Voeg die water stadig by en meng vir 3-5 min. teen ’n stadige spoed tot die deeg bymekaarkom. Meng vir nog sowat 4 min.
4. Bedek met ’n vadoek en laat rus vir 30 min. of tot dit tot dubbel die grootte gerys het.
5. Verhoog die oond se temperatuur tot 210 °C en sit ’n bakplaat daarin om warm te word. Verdeel die deeg in 2, rol liggies uit en strooi vinkelsaad en die speserymengsel oor. Rol sodat die speserye in die deeg vassit en rol dan dun uit.
6. Meng die olyfolie en knoffel en verf aan die deeg.
7. Sit die deeg op die warm bakplaat en bak vir 15-20 minute tot goudbruin.
8. Druk die sagte knoffel uit die huisies en meng met die crème fraîche.
9. Rangskik die uitjies op die basis, gevolg deur die dennepitte, en skep groot eetlepels van die knoffel-crème fraîche daarop. Rangskik heel laaste oreganum- en tiemietakkies bo-op.

winterspesery- mengsel

Maak hierdie geurige speserymengsel en bêre dit in die yskas. Ek gebruik dit ook om bredies te geur.

Maak 250 ml

45 ml koljander
30 ml vinkel
15 ml komyn
15 ml mosterdsaad
6 kardemompeule
2 heel naeltjies
10 ml swartpeper
15 ml knoffel, fyngekap
1 brandrissie, vliesies en pitjies verwyder (opsioneel)
4 lourierblare, gekrummel
15 ml bruinsuiker

1. Rooster die koljander, vinkel, komyn, mosterdsaad, kardemompeule en naeltjies vir 3-4 min. oor hoë hitte in
’n braaipan.
2. Stamp fyn met ’n stamper en vysel.
3. Meng die swartpeper, knoffel, rissie, lourierblare en suiker in.
4. Bêre in ’n lugdigte houer in die yskas.

’n Lekker laaang bruschetta

Sit dié lang bruschettas voor met ’n verskeidenheid bolae, Parmaham en ander kouevleise sodat almal hulself kan help.

Genoeg vir 6

2 baguettes
2 knoffelhuisies, gekneus
80 ml olyfolie

1. Voorverhit die oond tot 220 °C.
2. Sny die baguettes in die lengte middeldeur, smeer met knoffel en verf olyfolie aan die binnekante.
3. Rooster vir 5-8 min. of tot goudbruin en bros.

gemarineerde dun groenboontjies

Genoeg vir 6

200 g dun groenboontjies
250 ml olyf- of avokado-olie
60 ml witwynasyn
15 ml Dijonmosterd
1 knoffelhuisie, fyngekap
5 ml heuning
2 hande vol pietersielie, fyngekap
60 ml dennepitte of sonneblomsaad, gerooster

1. Kook die groenbone vir 2-3 min. in soutwater.
2. Dreineer, dompel in yswater en dreineer weer. Skep in ’n skoon glasbak.
3. Meng die olie, witwynasyn, mosterd, knoffel, heuning, pietersielie en dennepitte en sprinkel oor die groenbone.


The Lose It! Magazine Cookbook - A collection of the Lose It! team's best recipes ever

The Lose It! Magazine CookbookJonathan Ball Publishers is proud to present The Lose It! Magazine Cookbook: A collection of our best recipes ever:

Filled with delicious and easy low-carb, high-fat recipes for the busy home-cook, this is a beautifully photographed addition to the health-conscious South African cook’s shelf.

The cookbook is compiled from favourite recipes from Lose It! Magazine, the magazine dedicated to low-carb, high-fat healthy eating. Lose It! Magazine has grown from a quarterly magazine to a bi-monthly publication, with a dedicated social-media following. Lose It! gives its legions of loyal readers everything you need to know to follow the low-carb, high-fat diet plan, and in the process lose weight, clear your head, increase your energy levels and sleep better – all while eating delicious, satisfying meals that are easy to prepare.

The Lose It! Magazine Cookbook includes tried-and-tested favourites and 20 brand new recipes, and over and above the usual contenders (meat dishes, fish and chicken), includes chapters dedicated to vegetarian options, nut- and dairy-free alternatives, and sweet, low-carb treats. Each recipe includes a fat, carb and protein break-down, and expert guidelines for sticking to the lifestyle are provided. Best of all, the recipes are delicious, appealing, fresh and tasty, cooked from easily sourced South African fresh produce.

Book details

Sophia Lindop explores the magic of spices in Spices South Africa Flavours and Traditions

Sophia Lindop brings life to food with her series of cook books and shares with us a rich history of our country and the stories around her inspirational recipes.

- The Next 48 Hours Cape Town, Jenny Morris

Spices South AfricaSophia Lindop has produced another little gem in the Flavours and Traditions range, telling the tale of not only the two main influences, namely the Indian population and the Malay population, and how their age-old usage of spices and eating habits influenced the rest of our country in such a way that their recipes are now part of South Africa’s national heritage, but of all the other nations that played a role in this spicy story.

“Spices that we add to our food every day without thinking, such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, were such a valuable commodity in the 15th century that they inspired fearless mariners to cross vast oceans in less than adequate vessels in search of new routes to the spice-rich Orient. Today pumpkin without cinnamon, potatoes without nutmeg and a curry without ginger is unimaginable, so, even now, all around the world, spices are still making magic …” writes Lindop.

Recipes in this tantalising collection include, among others, Cauliflower-and-chickpea biryani, Chilli bites, Courgettes stuffed with lamb mince and fragrant rice, Cucumber pickles, Chocolate cardamom brownies, Milk tart, Spicy rooibos iced tea and Mosbolletjies.

Spices South Africa Flavours and Traditions is the latest book in the Flavours and Traditions series and is a little book of gastronomic delight. It brims with history, unique South African recipes, and will hopefully inspire you to cook flamboyantly.

South African Flavours and Traditions, Cape Town Flavours And Traditions, Braai and Potjie Flavours and Traditions have been created for both locals and tourists alike, celebrating our heritage in a bite-sized chunk.

About the author

Sophia Lindop was born on a farm near Douglas, a small village in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, where she grew up in an environment characterised by old-fashioned values. Lindop is zealous about food and wine and displayed an aptitude for cooking from the age of five.

Book details