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Julia Donaldson se Amok op ’n besemstok sal beide oud én jonk vermaak en is boonop perfek vir voorlees!

Amok op 'n besemstokDie heks en haar kat vlieg gelukkig deur die lug op haar besemstok. Maar dan kom raap die wind die heks se hoed, toe haar strik en toe haar towerstaf op. In die soektog na hierdie toor-noodsaaklikhede ontmoet die heks en haar kat talle hulpvaardige diere wat saam op haar besemstok wil ry. Maar is daar plek vir soveel diere op haar stok? En sal die nuwe vriende haar kan red wanneer gevaar dreig? ’n Verhaal oor die vreugde van vriendskap en om met ander te deel.

Julia Donaldson is een van die top kinderboekskrywers wêreldwyd. Sy was die VK se “Children’s Laureate” 2011–2013 en het al meer as 100 boeke vir kinders geskryf. Haar boeke het al verskeie pryse gewen, onder andere die Red House Children’s Book Award en die Blue Peter Award. Sy woon in Glasgow, Skotland, saam met haar man, Malcolm.

Axel Scheffler is ’n illustreerder van top internasionale kinderboeke. Sy illustrasies is in meer as 30 lande gepubliseer en sy werk word wêreldwyd uitgestal. Hy is veral bekend vir The Gruffalo en Zog and the flying doctors. Hy woon in Londen, Engeland.

Ander titels wat in Afrikaans by Protea Boekhuis beskikbaar is: Superwurm (2014), Rower Rot (2014), Kris de Kat (2014), Tjokkie (2014), Zok (2014), Stokman (2014, 2016) en Die Stories uit die Eikehout (2016). Donaldson en Scheffler is ook die skeppers van die immergewilde Die Goorgomgaai (Human & Rousseau, 2014).

Marlise Joubert is ’n vryskut skrywer, digter en skilder. Sy is die skrywer van 11 publikasies en ook die webmeester van Versindaba. Vanaf 2001 tot 2006 ontvang sy die eerste, tweede en derde pryse in die Sanlam/RSG radiodrama kompetisie. Sy is getroud met die digter Louis Esterhuizen en woon in Stellenbosch. Marcelle Olivier is haar dogter en het haar bygestaan met die vertaling. Marcelle is ’n argeoloog en woon in Cambridge, Engeland.

Die Engelse uitgawe van Amok op ’n besemstok, Room on the broom, vermaak oud en jonk al meer as vyftien jaar lank. Perfek vir voorlees.


Start the year off celebrating three timeless and tasty works of fiction

Did you know that Jack London, James Joyce and Charles Dickens, who count among the world’s most iconic authors, would have celebrated their 147th, 136th and 206th birthdays respectively during January and February this year? They may be gone but their words are widely read and revered by literary enthusiasts from around the globe.

In honour of these icons and their birthday anniversaries, visitors to Social Kitchen & Bar can pay tribute to their works by sipping on tailor-made, book-inspired cocktails named after each of their most famous works of fiction.

Ulysses by James Joyce

Heralded by some as the best novel in the English language Ulysses has inspired a cocktail that matches the book by taking you on a long journey of flavour. Beginning with light floral and raspberry notes, then moving into a touch of nuttiness and finishing off with delicate vanilla and caramel, this cocktail will make you want to continue the odyssey.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Much like the book, our Call of the Wild cocktail is for adventurers and nature lovers. This earthy cocktail, with cucumber water, a touch of elderflower and a splash of apple soda, is then brought to life by Ketel One vodka. A true adventure for your mouth.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

The best of cocktails. Wine purists might tell a tall tale about this one, but when they taste the extraordinary combination of crisp South African wine, fresh apple juice and vanilla, shaken together with Ketel One, they will only have reason to pronounce themselves living, truly, in the epoch of belief and the season of Light.

So, now that it’s a new year and dry Janu-worry is over, don’t delay. With such a delicious variety of book-inspired cocktails on offer, be sure to visit Exclusive Books’ Social Kitchen & Bar in Hyde Park. Not only is it Johannesburg’s best restaurant to share conversations and hand-crafted food, but it completes the epicurean adventure with inspired cocktails and a view fit for royalty.

Social Kitchen & Bar can be found in the heart of Hyde Park Corner – level six, inside the Exclusive Books store. For reservations call them on 011 268 6039 or email For more information, visit


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The Call of the Wild

A Tale of Two Cities

From Peter Carey's latest novel to Rose McGowan's memoir: here are eight international titles to look forward to in February

Rose McGowan

“My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another. Brave is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my life. I want to help you do the same.” – Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan was born in one cult and came of age in another, more visible cult: Hollywood.

In a strange world where she was continually on display, stardom soon became a personal nightmare of constant exposure and sexualization. Rose escaped into the world of her mind, something she had done as a child, and into high-profile relationships. Every detail of her personal life became public, and the realities of an inherently sexist industry emerged with every script, role, public appearance, and magazine cover. The Hollywood machine packaged her as a sexualized bombshell, hijacking her image and identity and marketing them for profit.

Hollywood expected Rose to be silent and cooperative and to stay the path. Instead, she rebelled and asserted her true identity and voice. She reemerged unscripted, courageous, victorious, angry, smart, fierce, unapologetic, controversial, and real as f*ck.

Brave is her raw, honest, and poignant memoir/manifesto – a no-holds-barred, pull-no-punches account of the rise of a millennial icon, fearless activist, and unstoppable force for change who is determined to expose the truth about the entertainment industry, dismantle the concept of fame, shine a light on a multibillion-dollar business built on systemic misogyny, and empower people everywhere to wake up and be BRAVE.

The Woman in the Window
A.J. Finn

It’s been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.

Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers.

But one evening, a frenzied scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. Now she must do everything she can to uncover the truth about what really happened.

But even if she does, will anyone believe her? And can she even trust herself?

Critical Praise

“Astounding. Thrilling. Lovely and amazing….Finn has created a noir for the new millennium, packed with mesmerizing characters, stunning twists, beautiful writing and a narrator with whom I’d love to split a bottle of pinot. Maybe two bottles – I’ve got a lot of questions for her.” – #1 New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn

The Woman in the Window is one of those rare books that really is unputdownable. The writing is smooth and often remarkable. The way Finn plays off this totally original story against a background of film noir is both delightful and chilling.” – Stephen King

“Twisted to the power of max. Hitchcockian suspense with a 21st century twist.” – Bestselling author Val McDermid

Three Things About Elsie
Joanna Cannon

“There are three things you should know about Elsie. The first thing is that she’s my best friend. The second is that she always knows what to say to make me feel better. And the third thing… might take a little bit more explaining.”

84-year-old Florence has fallen in her flat at Cherry Tree Home for the Elderly. As she waits to be rescued, Florence wonders if a terrible secret from her past is about to come to light; and, if the charming new resident is who he claims to be, why does he look exactly a man who died sixty years ago?

From the author of The Trouble With Goats and Sheep, this book will teach you many things, but here are three of them:

1) The fine threads of humanity will connect us all forever.
2) There is so very much more to anyone than the worst thing they have ever done.
3) Even the smallest life can leave the loudest echo.

This Idea Is Brilliant
Edited by John Brockman

What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?

That is the question John Brockman, publisher of the acclaimed science salon (“The world’s smartest website” – The Guardian), presented to 205 of the world’s most influential thinkers from across the intellectual spectrum – award-winning physicists, economists, psychologists, philosophers, novelists, artists, and more.

From the origins of the universe to the order of everyday life, This Idea Is Brilliant takes readers on a tour of the bold, exciting, and underappreciated scientific concepts that will enrich every mind.

  • Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond on the lost brilliance of common sense
  • Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on how The Genetic Book of the Dead could reconstruct ecological history
  • Philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein on how to extend our grasp of reality beyond what we can see and touch
  • Author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics Carlo Rovelli on the interconnected fabric of information
  • Booker Prize–winning novelist Ian McEwan on the Navier-Stokes equations, which govern everything from weather prediction to aircraft design and blood flow
  • Cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss on the hidden blessings of uncertainty
  • Psychologist Steven Pinker on the fight against entropy
  • Nobel Prize–winning economist Richard Thaler on the visionary power of the “premortem”
  • Grammy Award–winning musician Brian Eno on confirmation bias in the Internet age
  • Advertising guru Rory Sutherland on the world-changing power of sex appeal
  • Harvard physicist Lisa Randall on the power of the obvious

And many, many others…

Anatomy of a Scandal
Sarah Vaughan

You want to believe your husband. She wants to destroy him.

‘The best courtroom drama since Apple Tree Yard … sensational.’ - Clare Mackintosh

Anatomy of a Scandal centres on a high-profile marriage that begins to unravel when the husband is accused of a terrible crime.

Sophie is sure her husband, James, is innocent and desperately hopes to protect her precious family from the lies which might ruin them. Kate is the barrister who will prosecute the case – she is equally certain that James is guilty and determined he will pay for his crimes.

A high-profile marriage thrust into the spotlight. A wife, determined to keep her family safe, must face a prosecutor who believes justice has been a long time coming.

A scandal that will rock Westminster.

And the women caught at the  heart of it.

The Wanted
Robert Crais

The extraordinary now, can’t/won’t/don’t-put-it-down thriller by Robert Crais, author of the classic LA noir crime novels The Watcher and The Monkey’s Raincoat.

Seventeen-year-old Tyson is a normal teenaged boy – he’s socially awkward, obsessed with video games, and always hungry. But his mother is worried that her sweet, nerdy son has started to change… and she’s just found a $40,000 Rolex watch under his bed.

Suddenly very frightened that Tyson has gotten involved in something illegal, his mother gets in touch with a private investigator named Elvis Cole and asks him to do some digging. Cole uncovers a connection between Tyson and eighteen unsolved burglaries in LA’s ritziest neighbourhood. Tyson spooks and runs.

And then the bodies start turning up…

Robert Crais’ books have been published in a staggering 62 countries and are bestsellers around the world. He began his career writing for classic crime and police shows like Hill Street Blues, Cagney & Lacey, Miami Vice and LA Law. He is a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America.

A Long Way From Home
Peter Carey

Irene Bobs loves fast driving. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural south eastern Australia. Together with Willie, their lanky navigator, they embark upon the Redex Trial, a brutal race around the continent, over roads no car will ever quite survive.

A Long Way From Home is Peter Carey’s late style masterpiece; a thrilling high speed story that starts in one way, then takes you to another place altogether.

Set in the 1950s in the embers of the British Empire, painting a picture of Queen and subject, black, white and those in-between, this brilliantly vivid novel illustrates how the possession of an ancient culture spirals through history – and the love made and hurt caused along the way.

Leïla Slimani

The number-one bestseller and winner of the Prix Goncourt – a compulsive, riveting and bravely observed exploration of power, class, race, domesticity and motherhood.

The baby is dead. It only took a few seconds.
When Myriam, a French-Moroccan lawyer, decides to return to work after having children, she and her husband look for the perfect caretaker for their two young children. They never dreamed they would find Louise: a quiet, polite and devoted woman who sings to their children, cleans the family’s chic apartment in Paris’s upscale tenth arrondissement, stays late without complaint and is able to host enviable birthday parties.

The couple and nanny become more dependent on each other. But as jealousy, resentment and suspicions increase, Myriam and Paul’s idyllic tableau is shattered…

Book details

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Also available in eBook format

Watch Margaret Atwood's 200 Women interview

“You can’t empower women without listening to their stories” – Gloria Steinem

200 women from a variety of backgrounds are asked the same five questions. Their answers are inspiring human stories of success and courage, love and pain, redemption and generosity. From well-known activists, artists, and innovators to everyday women whose lives are no less exceptional for that, each woman shares her unique replies to questions like “What really matters to you?” and “What would you change in the world if you could?”

Interviewees include US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, actor and human rights activist Alfre Woodard, and Nobel laureate Jodi Williams, along with those who are making a difference behind the scenes around the world, such as Marion Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund.

Each interview is accompanied by a photographic portrait, resulting in a volume that is compelling in word and image – and global in its scope and resonance. This landmark book is published to coincide with an immersive travelling exhibition and an interactive website, building on this remarkable, ever-evolving project. With responses ranging from uplifting to heartbreaking, these women offer gifts of empowerment and strength inviting us to bring positive change at a time when so many are fighting for basic freedom and equality.

Local interviewees include Graça Machel, Caster Semenya, Zelda la Grange, Mpho Tutu van Furth, Hlubi Mboya, Sahm Venter, Joanne Fedler, Ingrid le Roux, Gillian Slovo and Zoleka Mandela, among others.

A minimum of 10% of the project’s revenue will be distributed to organisations devoted to protecting and advancing the rights of women. Each interviewee can nominate an organisation (or themselves if they are in financial need) to receive their portion of the charitable pool or they can select the principal charitable partner, the Graça Machel Trust.

Here the acclaimed Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, discusses happiness, the importance of conservation, freedom of expression, women’s rights, and what she considers to be the lowest depth of misery:




200 Women

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Asymptote's Winter 2018 issue celebrates the journal's seventh year and 100th language!

Via Asymptote

Asymptote’s Winter 2018 issue celebrates the journal’s 7th year and 100th language! This edition includes a Microfiction Special Feature full of glittering allegory, along with uncompromising fiction confronting today’s grim realities.

Winner of the 2015 London Book Fair’s International Literary Translation Initiative Award, Asymptote is the premier site for world literature in translation. We take our name from the dotted line on a graph that a mathematical function may tend toward, but never reach. Similarly, a translated text may never fully replicate the effect of the original; it is its own creative act.

Our mission is simple: to unlock the literary treasures of the world. (Watch a video introduction of Asymptote here.) To date, our magazine has featured work from 105 countries and 84 languages, all never-before-published poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and interviews by writers and translators such as J. M. Coetzee, Patrick Modiano, Herta Müller, Can Xue, Junot Díaz, Ismail Kadare, David Mitchell, Anne Carson, Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Ann Goldstein, and Deborah Smith.

In our five years, we have expanded our offerings to include a daily-updated blog, a fortnightly newsletter, a monthly podcast, and educational guides accompanying each quarterly issue; we’ve also organized more than thirty events on five continents. In 2015, Asymptote became a founding member of The Guardian’s Books Network with “Translation Tuesdays”, a weekly showcase of new literary translations that can be read by the newspaper’s 5 million followers. This means that Asymptote is the only translation-centered journal that can boast of a genuinely international readership – reaching beyond niche communities of literary translators and world literature enthusiasts.

Always interested in facilitating encounters between languages, Asymptote presents work in translation alongside the original texts, as well as audio recordings of those original texts whenever possible. Each issue is illustrated by a guest artist and includes Writers on Writers essays introducing overlooked voices that deserve to be better-known in the English speaking world, as well as a wildcard Special Feature that spotlights literature from certain regions or cutting-edge genres such as Multilingual Writing and Experimental Translation. To catalyze the transmission of literature even further, Asymptote also commissions translations of texts into languages other than English, thereby engaging other linguistic communities and disrupting the English-centered flow of information. All the work we publish is then disseminated for free via eight social media platforms in three languages, through a dedicated social media team as well as our ever-expanding network of editors-at-large in six continents.

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange those ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” It is in this spirit of sharing ideas that Asymptote invites readers to explore work from across the globe.

Incorporated neither in America nor in Europe, unaffiliated with any university or government body, Asymptote does not qualify for many grants that other like institutions receive. If you enjoy our magazine, help us continue our mission by becoming a sustaining member at just $10 a month. In return for pledging at least a year’s support, you’ll receive an Asymptote Moleskine notebook!

Listen: "The Cape Town situation is very dire" - Professor Larry Swatuk, author of Water in Southern Africa, on Day Zero

When it comes to water, we are fed a daily diet of doom and gloom, of a looming crisis: wars of the future will be over water; nearly one-billion people lack access to clean water; river basins are closed so there is no more water to be allocated despite ever-growing demand; aquifers are overdrawn to such an extent that a global food crisis is just around the corner and major cities, such as Bangkok and Mexico, are sinking. And let us not forget about pollution or vector-borne diseases.

The challenges for sustainable water management are massive.

Yet, as shown in this book, there are many positives to be drawn from the southern African experience. Despite abiding conditions of economic underdevelopment and social inequality, people rise to the challenge, oftentimes out of necessity and through self-help, but sometimes through creative coalitions operating at different scales – from the local to the global – and across issue areas – from transboundary governance to urban water supply.

This first volume in the Off-Centre series argues that we must learn to see water and the region differently if we are to meet present challenges and better prepare for an uncertain, climate-changing future.

Larry A. Swatuk is Professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED) at the University of Waterloo, Canada; Extraordinary Professor at the Institute for Water Studies, University of Western Cape, South Africa; and Research Associate, Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). Prior to joining the University of Waterloo, he was Associate Professor of Natural Resources Governance at the Okavango Research Institute, Maun, Botswana.

Listen to Swatuk’s recent discussion with Marc Montgomery on the “dire” situation of Cape Town’s water crisis here.

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