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Cyber Infidelity Busts the Sexual Myth That Women Cheat Less

Ageing and SexualityDr Eve has launched a video series, Dr Eve’s Sexual Health Centre, in which she addresses myths about sexuality.

Dr Eve, whose most recent book is Ageing and Sexuality: Your 21st Century Guide to Lifelong Sensuality, says she used to buy into the myth that women cheat less than men. However, during her research into cyber infidelity, she says she has discovered that the truth is far more complicated.

With a focus on the users of Ashley Madison, an online dating service for people who in a relationship – with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair.” – Dr Eve says 76 percent of women using the site then go offline to meet a partner.

Dr Eve believes an equalisation is happening between men and women when it comes to cheating.

“About 63 percent of men and 53 percent of women are cheating,” she says.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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"Sit dit aan, Sit dit aan": Kom luister na Koos Kombuis by die Atterbury-teater

I-TjiengKoos Kombuis, outeur van I-Tjieng: ’n GPS vir verdwaalde siele, is ‘n legende in eie reg – bekend van Bettiesbaai tot Barberton.

Op 8 Mei betree hy die Atterbury-teater in Pretoria vir ‘n solo-vertoning soos min. Met “Sit dit aan, sit dit aan” bied Kombuis van sy jongste liedjies, oudste treffers en nuwe weergawes van ou bekendes.

Kaartjies kos R130 of R150, afhangend van waar jy wil sit, en kan aanlyn gekoop word.

Moenie hierdie geleentheid misloop nie!

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Try Ine Reynierse's Lekker Low Carb Beverage Recipes: Bulk Ice Tea and Protein Smoothie

Low Carb is LekkerLow Carb is Lekker author Ine Reynierse has shared two of her staple beverage recipes on her blog, one for Bulk Ice Tea and another for Better than Banana Protein Smoothie.

The latter uses pumkin as a base. Reynierse admits that it might seem shocking or strange, but urges you to give it a try. “Pumpkin has more potassium than bananas. ‘Banana people’ however always makes it sound like a banana is the only way to obtain a much needed dose of potassium,” the low-carb, high-fat expert writes, explaining the additional benefits of pumpkin.

Try Reynierse’s beverages:

Better than Banana Protein Smoothie


2 heaped Tbsp cooked pumpkin
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp xylitol
1 Tbsp butter (soft or melted)
1 cup Iced Tea (As above)
1/2 cup Coconut cream
(or 1/4 cup coconut cream and 1/4 cup cream)
1 Tbsp Protein Powder.

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50 Blaaskansblokraaie: Twee nuwe boeke propvol kopkrappers vir woordraaisel-liefhebbers

50 Blaaskansblokraaie: 150 Blaaskansblokraaie: 2LAPA Uitgewers stel bekend 50 Blaaskansblokraaie: 1 en 50 Blaaskansblokraaie: 2:

50 Blaaskansblokraaie bied aan woordraaisel-liefhebbers die geleentheid om jou skoene uit te skop, ’n koppie koffie te maak, ’n potlood op te tel en jou gunsteling-tydsverdryf te beoefen. Die boek bestaan uit 50 woordraaisels wat jou sal uitdaag, jou sal laat kopkrap en jou tone sal laat krul van lekkerkry.

Vegetarian Braai Option: Try Melissa Bushby's Tomato and Red Pepper Kebabs

Fresh from the Vegetarian KitchenGrazia shared a delicious recipe for a healthy braai alternative for vegetarians from Mellissa Bushby’s cookbook, Fresh from the Vegetarian Kitchen.

The style magazine notes that Bushby’s dishes “will tempt even the most dedicated meat-eaters” and presents her recipe for Tomato and Red Pepper Kebabs as proof, offering vegetarians a great alternative to throw on the braai.

Try Bushby’s simple but memorable recipe:


(Serves 4)
2 red peppers, seeds removed and chopped into 3cm lengths
250g cherry tomatoes
2 large courgettes, peeled into ribbons or cut into chunks
16 small pickling onions, peeled and cut in half
3-4 fresh basil leaves, shredded

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The Real Meal Revolution: Are Artificial Sweeteners Too Good to be True?

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieThe validity of artificial sugars came under the spotlight recently in an article on The Real Meal Revolution’s website.

The authors argue that artificial sugars are merely a means to an end – quitting sweet things entirely.

Sugar in all its forms, even sweeteners, can trigger the “bliss point” or “the exact amount of sugar, fat or salt needed in a food to trigger an ‘I want more of that’ response”.

Sweeteners therefore may have no calories but they don’t stave off the cravings.

Read the article:

This ‘Bliss Point’ is regulated in the appestat. Located in the hypothalamus, the appestat is the part of the brain that moderates and controls our appetite. With proper-eating habits, the appestat tells us when we’ve had enough to eat. It prevents us from over-eating, which in turn regulates digestion and hormone-secretion.

Sugars and most artificial sweeteners send distorted messages to our appestat, triggering our ‘Bliss Point’, which in turn confuses our body into thinking that we need more of what we’ve just eaten, even when we don’t.

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