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The 15 Best Local Book Covers of 2014: Do you agree with our selection?

Excerpt: Adriaan Liebenberg Unpacks the Social Stigma of Being Fat in The Brain Surgeon's Diet

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetRead an excerpt from Dr Adriaan Liebenberg’s book on healthy living, which was recently published by Penguin Books in both English and Afrikaans: The Brain Surgeon’s Diet and Die Breinchirurg se dieet.

The premise of Liebenberg’s book is that you can train your brain to keep healthy and fit without becoming reliant on fad diets or appetite-suppressing drugs.

Prior to the trade publication of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet Liebenberg shared the first chapter of the book on his Facebook page.

In the extract Liebenberg describes the feeling of being overweight and the emotions and negative self talk that come with it. He writes that the market is flooded with diets and says he has only ever followed one diet, the one in the book, and the rewards have been boundless.

Read the extract:

If you have never stood in front of the mirror in absolute disgust, horror and feeling completely hopeless, then this book is not for you.

This book is for you if you believe that there is somebody underneath who wants to come out and somebody who can still turn heads, who can be healthy and full of energy and be happy with their body.

I have been in the situation of self-hatred, loathing and mirror aversion, and know exactly what that feels like.

Please allow me to point out some facts that you may be ignoring or pretend to be unaware of.

Chubby, overweight, pudgy, rubenesque. These are all little pet names to describe something which is not cool at all: being fat.

There is a social stigma attached to being fat.

There is a belief that fat people are lazy and have no willpower.

People do not find fat people attractive. They might find them fun to be around, but they do not find them attractive.

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The Wild Wonders of KwaZulu-Natal Captured on Instagram

KwaZulu-NatalPicturesque Durban and SurroundsPicturesque Drakensberg

Traveller24 has shared a list of natural wonders and fun family activities in KwaZulu-Natal, along with Instagram images. Fishing around Lake St Lucia, guided walks in the Mangrove swamps and surfing the amazing waves of the warm Indian Ocean are some of the attractions shown in the article.

Some of the images come from Roger de la Harpe’s extraordinary Instagram account:

#KosiBay in #kwazulunatal. What an awesome place. Photographed on the #GoPro #Hero3black and #dji #phantom #meetsouthafrica @gopro @djiglobal #outdoors #beautiful #travelphoto #instasafari

A photo posted by Roger de la Harpe (@rogerdelaharpe) on

For even more things to do and places to marvel at, check out Sue Derwent and De la Harpe’s books about KwaZulu-Natal: KwaZulu-Natal: Adventures in Culture & Nature, Picturesque Durban and Surrounds and Picturesque Drakensberg.

Read the article:

Margate & Balito
We know the hipsters who surf for recreational purposes only all too well. These coastal towns, however, boasts with generational surfers who were born on their boards. Think the waves and surfing of Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, plus the laid back-ness of Coffee Bay – also in the EC – all combined in more tropical waters. This is the vacation experience that awaits you in Margate south of Durban, and Balito north thereof. Take note: It can get quite busy in the festive times, as Jo’burgers flood to this surfer’s town to get a piece of the good life.

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Leadwood Smoked Confit Guinea Fowl, a Recipe from Nico Verster's Award-winning Kitchen

Savannah to SeaThe lodge that Nico Verster acts as general manager and chef for, Jamala Madikwe, has won the Safari Award for Best Safari Cuisine Africa and South Africa 2015. Verster, author of Savannah to Sea, says that inspiration for the book and the award-winning cuisine is drawn from the splendour of Jamala Madikwe’s setting.

Jamala Madikwe has shared a recipe for Leadwood Smoked Confit Guinea Fowl with Saffron Sweetcorn Polenta from Savannah to Sea. It is a dish that demonstrates perfectly how the bush inspires Verster’s cooking.

Try the recipe:

1 whole guinea fowl cut into portions legs, breast and winglets
500 gr duck fat


200gr Sea salt
2 whole star anise
2 whole cinnamon sticks
10 whole coriander seeds
10 whole cumin seeds
2 grated garlic cloves
1 sprig rosemary
1 sprig thyme

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Tim Noakes: Die Banting-dieet se suksesverhale bewys die teenwoordigheid van ’n swart swaan

Die kosrevolusieDie kosrevolusie“Die vraag wat mense hulle moet afvra, is: Wat is die werklike gewig van die bewyse wat die ‘kundiges’ voorhou?”

Só het Tim Noakes onlangs in ’n rubriek vir Netwerk24 geskryf oor kundiges se kritiek teen sy lae-koolhidraat-hoë-vet-Banting-dieet.

Die sportswetenskaplike en outeur van Die kosrevolusie vertel dat die goeie terugvoer wat hy kry van mense wat die Banting-dieet navolg die teenwoordigheid van ’n swart swaan bewys. Hy sê dat dit wat aanvaar word as die waarheid dalk nie ’n absolute waarheid is nie.

“Ek wens diegene wat in ivoortorings sit en aanvoer hulle verstaan wat met voeding in Suid-Afrika gebeur, kon die staaltjies saam met my aanhoor,” sê Noakes.

Lees die artikel:

Mense met diabetes het vir my gesê hulle kon hul medikasie verminder, sommige het selfs gesê hulle het dit nie meer nodig nie. Hul tipe 2-diabetes het dus in remissie gegaan nadat hulle die lae-koolhidraateetplan begin volg het.

Elkeen van die stories is, soos die skeptici my telkens herinner, bloot staaltjies.

Daar is egter ’n belangrike verskil. Niemand kon nog hul hoë bloeddruk of tipe 2-diabetes omkeer sodat hulle danksy die gebruik van voorgeskrewe medikasie nie meer die medikasie nodig het nie.

Die mense se stories is dus nie net staaltjies nie, dit is wat ons in die wetenskap noem ’n swart swaan.


Australian Football League Team Melbourne Swears by The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieThe Real Meal Revolution low-carb, high-fat eating plan has been adopted by Australian rules football team Melbourne, and the players are reporting positive results.

The team was visited by Real Meal Revolution author and advocate Tim Noakes in October last year, and then adopted the diet, according to Melbourne’s elite performance manager David Misson, to give the team a “competitive edge”.

As a result of their new diet, members of the team have reported experiencing weight loss without any loss of strength.

Read the article:

Melbourne’s elite performance manager David Misson told in November the club was adopting the diet to give it a “competitive edge”.

While some experts have backed the diet, it has also drawn criticism from some dieticians and doctors.

However, it appears to be working at Melbourne, with players returning to the club after the Christmas break sporting leaner physiques.

The benefits of the diet were also on display during Friday’s 3km time trial at Princes Park, with many Demons running personal bests.

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Wallabies? Vampires? Cathy Marston Shares 5 Bizarre Cape Wineland Rituals for Harvest Season

Love Your WineWine expert and author of Love Your Wine: Get to grips with what you are drinking Cathy Marston has shared five interesting and somewhat bizarre traditions followed on five respective wine farms in the Stellenbosch winelands.

On Middelvlei, wallabies, large footed animals similar to kangaroos, are used to stomp grapes. Harvesters at Eikendal have special stakes to deter vampires from their vineyards. Jordan Wines’ staff members wear kilts while harvesting. At Warwick‘s the two winemakers only taste at full moon, while the winemaker at Simonsig sabrages a single Pinot Noir grape to prepare for harvest.

Read Marston’s article to find out why all these practices are followed:

Wine farms across South Africa are gearing up to harvest and Stellenbosch is no exception. All around the region, equipment is being cleaned and sterilised, sugars are being tested and wines are being bottled to make room for the 2015 grapes. But Stellenbosch has a lot of other additional preparations being made, many of them unique to this special region. Here are five completely and absolutely true facts about Stellenbosch harvest rituals which you can take with a pinch of salt as you chortle into your glass of wine.

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