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Listen to five short stories by Nadine Gordimer (including Loot read by the author) via @openculture:

Book Trailer: Nadia Davids Reads from An Imperfect Blessing, Introducing Readers to Walmer Estate

An Imperfect BlessingJohn Gutierrez has created a beautiful video of Nadia Davids reading from her debut novel An Imperfect Blessing, featuring scenes from the streets that inspired events in the book – “a neighborhood called Walmer Estate, a small universe at the foot of Devil’s Peak”.

Watch the video, which also serves as the trailer for Davids’ book:

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Must Watch: Book Trailer Revealed for Lauren Beukes' New Novel Broken Monsters

Broken MonstersDirector Marc Sidelsky has put together a seriously creepy book trailer for Lauren Beukes’ latest book, Broken Monsters.

The video, which was produced by Chanelle Critchfield, Sanra Broekman and Mr Alexander production company, features imagery from the novel, overdubbed with a whispery voice saying:

I dreamed about a boy with springs for feet so he could jump high.
So high I couldn’t catch him.
But I did catch him. But then he wouldn’t get up again.
I tried so hard. I got him new feet. I made him something beautiful.
More beautiful than you could imagine.
But he wouldn’t get up. And the door wouldn’t open.

Watch the video:

Broken Monsters Book Trailer from Marc Sidelsky on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Random House Struik today shared some more photos from the Broken Monsters launch at The Book Lounge.

Facebook gallery

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Job Opportunity: Designer at Zebra Press

Random House Struik invites applications for a new exciting job opportunity:

Zebra Press: Designer Job Advert

Uittreksel uit Geloof anderkant Sondag: Julian Müller verduidelik wat hy bedoel met "Sondag-geloof"

Geloof anderkant SondagRapport het Sondag ‘n uittreksel gedeel uit Julian Müller se nuwe boek, Geloof anderkant Sondag.

In die uittreksel beskryf hy die begin van sy sogenaamde “Sondag-geloof” en verduidelik wat dit beteken om “anderkant Sondag” te glo. Hy skryf, “Die woord ‘Sondag’ is in dié geval nie net die naam van ’n dag nie, maar ’n metafoor vir die georganiseerde godsdiens en ’n streng kerklikheid.”

Lees die uittreksel:

Ek het op die plaas Witkop naby Nigel aan die Oos-Rand grootgeword waar ons gesin deel van ’n hegte boeregemeenskap was.

Dit was ’n voorreg om my kinderjare in so ’n omgewing deur te bring, want dit het baie sekerheid en ’n duidelike ervaring van geborgenheid gebied, ook ten opsigte van my geloofservaring.

Die Müllers het soos die meeste ander boeregesinne elke tweede Sondag kerk toe gegaan. Ek het saam met my ouers en twee susters op die ander Sondae na die kerkdiens op die draadloos geluister.

Die tradisie van Sondag kerk toe gaan was die samevloeiing en bevestiging van ’n hele lewenswyse. Die kerk was letterlik en figuurlik die middelpunt van die dorp en die boeregemeenskap.


Excerpt from Whoever Fears the Sea by Justin Fox: Somali Waters and the Search for Solace

Whoever Fears the SeaAerodrome has shared an excerpt from Whoever Fears the Sea by Justin Fox – a novel about the search for solace, the inhospitable Somali waters and the dangers of the sea.

In this extract researcher Paul Waterson emerges on deck “to find the skipper sharpening the end of a broomstick with his seaman’s knife to form a crude spear”, reflecting on his time in the Seychelles researching the Hispaniola, “a hundred-foot Dutch topsail schooner”. During his time on the islands he finds that “everyone on the islands wanted to talk about pirates”.

Read the excerpt:

Paul emerged on deck early the next morning to find the skipper sharpening the end of a broomstick with his seaman’s knife to form a crude spear. ‘Strange things are happening in the world,’ he said. ‘It can’t hurt to be prepared.’

He was in the Seychelles to research a travel documentary about the Hispaniola. Ordinarily, he would have enjoyed such an assignment, involving a pleasant week of knocking about the islands. He was a bit of a Sunday yachtsman back in Johannesburg and loved anything to do with boats. His­paniola was a hundred-foot Dutch topsail schooner, restored and refitted for the luxury tourist market. The vessel had been converted to look like a pirate brig: a painstaking, two-year project by the owners.

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Jonathan Jansen: "My Measure of Success is the Extent to Which I am Able to Make a Difference"

How to Fix South Africa's SchoolsWe Need to ActThe Legacy Project recently interviewed Jonathan Jansen, asking him a range of questions pertaining to success, skills, lessons he has learnt and the resources he draws on for inspiration.

“My measure of success is the extent to which I am able to make a difference in the lives of others; there is an impossible-to-explain joy and fulfillment to be able to feed a hungry student, fund a poor learner, offer a shoulder to a hurting teenager, and inspire a generation of youth,” says Jansen.

He lists the animated movie Finding Nemo as one of his favourite inspiration sources: “Finding Nemo is still the greatest movie ever made; that sense of the little fish defying authority, venturing beyond the limits proscribed, and getting lost in dangerous adventure offers powerful lessons for living and leading that speak to everything I believe in. You will be found, and in the process find yourself. Cartoon movies do it for me.”

Read the article for more:

I Am Driven By | A simple and singular sense that the future of our country and continent, and the world depends on the quality, depth and meaning of the education we provide youth as the next step-up leaders. Knowing that I am privileged to lead thousands of young people, and influence many more, gets me out of bed and, some would say, keeps me out of bed as I drive myself to live this one life fully for others, and for our young people in particular. There is no other way to secure the future.

What Distinguishes Good People From Really Great Ones | Is a sense of passion for the one thing you really, really believe in. Find that one thing, and putting all your energy and imagination into it, is what makes people truly great. Great people therefore have this uncanny trait that they can see further than others, and move heaven and earth to get there.

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