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Announcing the Inaugural André Brink Memorial Lecture, to be delivered at this year's @FranLitFest

Memories of Andre Brink

andre brink

Memories of André Brink are flooding in on social media and online.

Brink passed away this morning, at the age of 79, while returning from Belgium, where he had been awarded an honorary doctorate from the Belgian Francophone Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).

Read our obituary:

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Lauren Beukes, on working with him as a supervisor:

“I shanghaied him a little bit because he was going for a more literary angle and I came through with this crazy novel, and he went with it and adapted to it.”

Stephen Johnson, one of Brink’s publishers and former CEO of both Random House and Penguin Books:

“There was his innovation in fiction: he was creating new boundaries constantly with everything he published. There was his versatility – criticism, plays, novels, translation – he did them all better than anyone – as no one else could, frankly.

“He is unique in SA letters – there’s no one that can hold a candle to his kind of creativity. The flair that he brought to his work, coupled with a profound depth of insight, was truly second to none.”

Alida Potgieter, former fiction editor at Human & Rousseau, Brink’s long-time publisher:

“This is a very sad day for the South African literary world, and for all of us who knew André well. It was a huge honour and privilege working for so many years with an author of André Brink’s intellectual and creative stature, one of the few Afrikaans authors of international standing. I will never forget his always courteous manner, his always heartfelt appreciation for one’s involvement and work with his manuscripts.”

Kerneels Breytenbach, Brink’s great friend and publication manager at NB Publishers:

“It was a great honour publishing an author of André Brink’s stature, an author who was always modest although he had every reason not to be.”

Tributes from Facebook, shared with permission:

Rustum W Kozain

RIP Andre Brink.

I remember getting a copy of (banned) Kennis van die aand, wrapped in brown paper, from an Afrikaans teacher. Maybe it was Mnr Mathee, in Std 7, at KN. It blew my mind – al die gevloekery en die genaiery oor die kleurgrens, en dit alles in Afrikaans.

Then a friend, whose older brother was at university, leant me his ‘n Droë wit seisoen and Hou-den-Bek. Soon it was Die muur van die pes, which I found a bit too close to Kennis van die Aand.

As a junior colleague of his at UCT way back then, I always found him warm and friendly. Fragments of UCT apocrypha have it that he used to type his novels in Afrikaans and English simultaneously, commanding a keyboard with each of his hands …

Reply by Charles Leonard

Mine was Orgie – as school lightie. The book that made the biggest impression though was ‘n Droë wit seisoen – a major impact on my political consciousness.

Reply by John Eppel

I’m very sorry. He was guest speaker at the launch of my third novel, The Giraffe Man – Bulawayo. His wife at the time was a wonderful person called Maresa de Beer. I was suffering from double middle ear infections, so I missed most of the proceedings. Andre was kind to me.

Reply by Mandy De Waal

Sjoe. Incredibly sad. I read A Dry White Season as a child. It changed me forever.

Reply by AC Fick

I am grateful to have learnt much from his Honours seminars, and for his guidance in further graduate study. One of three university teachers who helped me learn what reading could do.

Reply by Helen Moffett

He was endlessly kind. And generous to other writers, students, strugglers. There is no better tribute: He was kind.

Reply by Tlhalo Raditlhalo

I read his recreation of the slave revolt in the Cape led by Galant [A Chain of Voices]. It changed me forever. The brutishness, the nastiness, and I remembered Nat Turner. I will forever think it is his best novel yet, but that’s just me. Thanks André!

As a black person, you get a perspective unlike any of what it meant to be a slave. Book deserves a movie just like 12 Years a Slave.

PhilidaDevil's ValleyLooking on DarknessAn Instant in the WindThe Other Side of SilenceA Chain of VoicesOther Lives

Mediterreense herinneringeBidsprinkaanPhilidaDie eerste lewe van AdamastorBidsprinkaanDonkermaanHoud-Den-Bek

By AC Fick:

André Brink was born in Vrede (Peace) in the Orange Free State in late colonial South Africa, into an Afrikaner family, and pursued the routes and ways of his times, reaching adulthood just as the country passed out of the arena of the crumbling British Empire into the hands of the white supremacist, Afrikaner Christian nationalist apartheid regime.

Nothing in his early history indicated any signs of the radical shift he would undergo later.

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Tributes from Twitter:

Book details

  • Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life edited by Okwui Enwezor, Rory Bester
    EAN: 9783791352800
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

Louise Viljoen bied beskouings oor die werk van Breyten Breytenbach in Die mond vol vuur

Die mond vol vuur“’n Mens sou inderdaad die indruk kon kry dat ’n studie van Breytenbach se werk ’n soort biografie is, omdat sy werk en sy lewe so nou met mekaar verbind is.”

Só het akademikus en Breyten Breytenbach-kenner Louise Viljoen onlangs in ‘n onderhoud aan Willem de Vries gesê oor haar nuwe boek, Die mond vol vuur: Beskouings oor die werk van Breyten Breytenbach.

Hierdie boek bied ‘n oorsig van verskillende aspekte van Breytenbach se skryfwerk en lewer verslag van ‘n jare lange belangstelling in sy werk, veral sy poësie. Viljoen vertel vir De Vries meer oor hierdie belangstelling en beantwoord ook vrae oor die hernude bewondering in Afrikaanse outeurs, haar vorige akademiese werke en enkele elemente van Breytenbach se werk.

Lees die artikel:

Hoewel ’n biografie oor Breyten Breytenbach nog nie geskryf is nie, is in Die mond vol vuur – bewys van ’n jare lange dieptestudie van sy poësie – ’n storie wat vertel word van hom as digter en ’n mens. Sit die verkleurmannetjie lank genoeg stil vir ’n portret?

’n Mens sou inderdaad die indruk kon kry dat ’n studie van Breytenbach se werk ’n soort biografie is, omdat sy werk en sy lewe so nou met mekaar verbind is.

Omdat sy lewe so sterk neerslag vind in sy oeuvre, is dit nodig om ook na bepaalde aspekte van sy biografie te verwys wanneer jy sy werk analiseer. Die feit dat Breytenbach na homself verwys as ’n verkleurmannetjie of Kamiljoen strook met die vele fasette van sy werk en ook die verskeidenheid identiteite of subjekposisies wat hy inneem, iets wat hom in staat stel om ’n saak van verskillende kante te bekyk

Podcast: Ian Fuhr Chats About His Special Relationship with Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu

Get That FeelingIan Fuhr, author of Get That Feeling: The Story of a Serial Entrepreneur, was a guest on Power FM‘s Power Business show recently.

Get That Feeling, which was launched in September last year, is the fascinating story of Fuhr’s life in business for over 40 years, culminating in the success of the Sorbet beauty franchise.

In the podcast, Fuhr chats about his relationship with legendary musicians Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu.

“I was in a retail environment called K-Mart that we started, and we used to sell music. And Letta was one of our top-selling artists at the time, and one of our partners – because we were one of the first if not the first company to have a black shareholder and director, said to us one day ‘Letta and Caiphus are in Harare, in Zimbabwe, would you like to go and meet them?’

“I thought that was very, very special, so we flew up there and within minutes I had a really great relationship with Caiphus … and ultimately we went into business together and he gave us permission to distribute his music in South Africa.”

He also talks about opening his first K-Mart in Soweto, at 22 years old, just two weeks after the Soweto Uprising began in 1976.

Listen to the podcast:

Book details

The Wild Wonders of KwaZulu-Natal Captured on Instagram

KwaZulu-NatalPicturesque Durban and SurroundsPicturesque Drakensberg

Traveller24 has shared a list of natural wonders and fun family activities in KwaZulu-Natal, along with Instagram images. Fishing around Lake St Lucia, guided walks in the Mangrove swamps and surfing the amazing waves of the warm Indian Ocean are some of the attractions shown in the article.

Some of the images come from Roger de la Harpe’s extraordinary Instagram account:

#KosiBay in #kwazulunatal. What an awesome place. Photographed on the #GoPro #Hero3black and #dji #phantom #meetsouthafrica @gopro @djiglobal #outdoors #beautiful #travelphoto #instasafari

A photo posted by Roger de la Harpe (@rogerdelaharpe) on

For even more things to do and places to marvel at, check out Sue Derwent and De la Harpe’s books about KwaZulu-Natal: KwaZulu-Natal: Adventures in Culture & Nature, Picturesque Durban and Surrounds and Picturesque Drakensberg.

Read the article:

Margate & Balito
We know the hipsters who surf for recreational purposes only all too well. These coastal towns, however, boasts with generational surfers who were born on their boards. Think the waves and surfing of Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, plus the laid back-ness of Coffee Bay – also in the EC – all combined in more tropical waters. This is the vacation experience that awaits you in Margate south of Durban, and Balito north thereof. Take note: It can get quite busy in the festive times, as Jo’burgers flood to this surfer’s town to get a piece of the good life.

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Tim Butcher: Louis Botha's Willingness to Compromise is Comparable to Nelson Mandela's

Louis Botha's WarIn a blog post celebrating the publication of his new book Louis Botha’s War, Adam Cruise shares part of the foreword, in which Tim Butcher compares Louis Botha’s spirit of compromise to that of Nelson Mandela.

Louis Botha’s War tells the story of the former prime minister of the Union who led South Africa in a campaign against the Germans during the World War I. The book also investigates the conflicts at home, as many South Africans refused to fight alongside Britain a mere 12 years after the South African War.

Botha’s challenge was not only to defeat the Germans, but to persuade his countrymen to forgive the English and rally for a common cause. According to Butcher, Botha’s willingness to compromise with his former enemy for the sake of the greater good can be compared to South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Mandela.

Read the article:

As the accomplished author of Blood River, Tim Butcher, who also has just published a book on the Great War entitled The Trigger, states in the foreword to this book:

‘You will read a story of derring-do, of troops trekking for days on a diet of biltong and biscuit, of Botha’s indomitable wife rushing north to nurse her husband back to strength during the campaign, of forces who dared to traverse the Kalahari desert in full battle order.

But mostly, you will get to know better a man who, rather like Nelson Mandela later in the century, was willing to adapt, compromise and change, all in the name of peoples putting their differences behind them. Botha’s name might no longer be revered around the globe but after reading this book with its account of his tactical brilliance and political courage in the deserts of Namibia, one could be inspired to think how lucky South Africa has been to sire the greatest of leaders.’

Book details

Video: How to Use the Internet Safely: 10 Top Tips from Project Isizwe

Really, Don't Panic!Moenie stres nie!Project Isizwe, an organisation founded by Alan Knott-Craig Jnr that provides free Wi-Fi to disadvantaged communities, has shared a video on internet safety.

Knott-Craig is a tech-entrepreneur and the author of Really, Don’t Panic! (also available in Afrikaans as Moenie stres nie!).

The video contains helpful tips for the new internet users who are benefiting from the project. It gives practical advice that is easy to understand, like making sure to only access secure websites by looking out for the green padlock in the address bar.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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