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Announcing the Inaugural André Brink Memorial Lecture, to be delivered at this year's @FranLitFest

Potgooi: Willie Burger bespreek Breyten Breytenbach se verse in Vyf-en-veertig skemeraandsange

Vyf-en-veertig skemeraandsange uit die eenbeendanser se werkruimteIlse Salzwedel het onlangs met professor Willie Burger gesels oor Breyten Breytenbach se jongste digbundel, Vyf-en-veertig skemeraandsange uit die eenbeendanser se werkruimte.

Die Hoof van Afrikaans by die Universiteit van Pretoria vertel dat die digter se nuwe bundel hom laat dink het aan die meesterstorieverteller in Salman Rushdie se boek, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, wat toegang het tot ’n geheime kraan wat aan die see van stories verbind is. “Dit laat my voel toe ek hierdie optel Breyten het iewers so ’n geheime kraan na die poësie.”

Burger sê die betekenis van die gedigte is nie soseer belangrik nie, dis die indruk van die ontwykende oomblik wat vasgevang word wat by die leser agter bly. Hy vertel dat Breytenbach se verse liries en toeganklik is – “moeitelose poësie” – en lees die gedig, “Die wensklippies”.

Die gesprek begin om 29:39. Luister na die potgooi:

Verwante skakels:



The Reddit Book Exchange: Send a Book Across the Globe - and Receive One in Return!

Reddit can be a scary place.

Known as the front page of the internet, many things you find on this social networking service can never be unseen. With subreddits for any imaginable (and unimaginable) topic or interest – from The One True God (Nicolas Cage), Photoshop Battles, Trypophobia (an irrational fear of holes) to Avocados Gone Wild, Celebrity Arm Pits, Birds With Arms and Cats Are Assholes – you are always one click away from regret.

However, it can sometimes be a magical place.

One of my favourite subreddits is I Am A … Ask Me Anything. Here you can find Julian Assange, Astronauts, The President of the USA, Peter Dinklage and so many more interesting people answering interesting questions in the best possible way. Many amazing authors have done IAmA’s, including our very own Lauren Beukes.

There are quite a number of amazing bookish subreddits, with the best one uniting book lovers to “encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres or publishing in a safe, supportive environment.” Be sure to visit and favourite Books.

Then, the most magical (and potentially, most disappointing) subreddit, and the point of this article:

The Annual Book Exchange.


How do exchanges work?

1. Sign up & get matched

Sign up for the exchange.

The morning of March 16, 2015, we will close signups and our computer program will choose who you should send a gift to (this is the most important part; this is about the giving!).

2. Find the perfect gift & send it

Once you come back here to pick up your match’s information, you’ll have until April 3, 2015, to ship your gift. When you ship it, keep a receipt and come back here to tell us you’ve shipped it.

3. Receive a gift from your match

When you receive a gift, you’ll need to come back here and post an amazing thank you note, hopefully with photos!


I’ve taken part in two bookish exchanges and can say, without any reservation, that it was worth the effort.

The Way of MenThe New Century of South African PoetryThe Catcher in the RyeHarry Potter En Die Orde Van Die FeniksHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

My first exchange, the 2014 Book Exchange, was very difficult because my match was hard to figure out.

The Belgian gave me very little to work with, basically just listing books he still wants to read and mentioning that he likes fiction and non-fiction, poetry, literature and fantasy. In the end I sent him a copy of The Way of Men by Jack Donovan which he claimed to be excited about getting and threw in my old copy of The New Century of South African Poetry edited by Michael Chapman and a moustache to add some sparkle to what I did not want to be a lame gift.

My secret Santa, however, showed no initiative. I had listed The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger as a favourite, even mentioning already having a copy, and he sent me another one. Via Amazon. With no note. I had to remind myself of the Reddit philosophy that it is about giving, not receiving, and moved on with my life.

My second exchange, on the other hand, was a great experience.

My Harry Potter Gift Exchange match was a quirky girl from Scotland who felt it important to point out that she thinks it very unfair that she will never be able to read in front of the fireplace in the Ravenclaw common room. She was so colourful I had to limit myself to not go overboard with all the possible things I could send her. In the end I collected random tidbits, including a tiny warm water bottle (to use for warmth when she misses the fire), a plastic tiara (in memory of the famous lost diadem of Ravenclaw) and a copy her favourite Harry Potter book in Afrikaans – Harry Potter En Die Orde Van Die Feniks – because she said she loves foreign languages.

My secret Santa for this exchange mimicked my thoughts and sent me a hardcover edition of my favourite Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – in Estonian! She also wrote me heartfelt note and included a drawing of Hagrid in the package.

Unfortunately my package never arrived in Scotland – as many parcels from South Africa do, it got lost in the mail. Consequently I have been de-credited on the exchange system and have to send something to someone before I may participate again. Sigh.

If your question is, after having two very mixed experiences, would I do it again, or recommend it to anyone? My answer is yes. Definitely. Connecting with someone so passionate about something that means a lot to me in such a dramatic way gave me a kick I can’t explain. Maybe I will write a haiku about it one day, who knows.

So do it! Sign up for the Reddit Book Exchange, say a prayer to the post office gods and hope for the best.

Don’t forget to share your story with us in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter!

Book details

Tom Gouws resenseer Assignaat deur Willem Krog

AssignaatUitspraak: stokkie

Met die verloop van die bundel besef jy: Anders as sy suster Antjie, he is not begging to be black. Hy probeer lomp ’n saak uitmaak vir die dilemma waarin hy hom bevind, ook probeer hy histories sin van dinge maak, maar Willem Krog oortuig my geensins nie. Sy “moerig(heid) vir Afrika” veroorsaak ook dat hy nie ’n betroubare skriba-assignaat is nie, want sy “vooroordele (is) steeds te veel”. Met die rol wat hy as assignaat probeer speel, maak hy homself dus doende verdag. Die vooropgestelde uitgelewerdheid van die digterspreker is dalk outentiek, self ’n posisie waarmee die sogenaamde gewone lesers hulle kan vereenselwig, maar die boeg van assignaat-wees word ironies genoeg deur die digter self ondergrawe.


Pitika Ntuli: It is Important that Politicians like Baleka Mbete Mind Their Mouths (Video)

Pitika Ntuli: The poetryPitika Ntuli, artist, historian and author of Pitika Ntuli: The poetry, weighed in on the conversation about Baleka Mbete calling Julius Malema a “cockroach” in an interview with eNCA.

In the interview, Ntuli speaks about the connotations of the word “cockroach”, which has become tied up with the Rwandan genocide. He says that regardless of their own feelings, it is important that political leaders maintain decorum.

Ntuli says it is worrying for a number of different reasons when political leaders don’t behave as they ought to, and more worrying if they are not prepared to apologise.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Book details

Amanda Lourens resenseer Nuwe Stemme 5 saamgestel deur Heilna du Plooy en Loftus Marais

Nuwe Stemme 5Uitspraak: wortel

Sedert die eerste verskyning het die Nuwe Stemme-reeks daarin geslaag om digters op te lewer wat reeds deeglik hulle merk in die Afrikaanse digkuns gemaak het. Die bekroonde Loftus Marais, wat saam met Heilna du Plooy vir Nuwe Stemme 5 verantwoordelik is, is – soos ook Danie Marais – self een van die digters vir wie die Nuwe Stemme-reeks ’n platform vir selfstandige publikasie geskep het.

Dit is dus nie sonder ’n redelike mate van verwagting dat die leser die bundel opneem nie.


Marlies Taljard ondersoek die akademiese diskoers in Marius Crous se digbundel, Vol draadwerk

Vol draadwerkMarlies Taljard het onlangs ’n artikel geskryf vir LitNet Akademies getiteld, “Akademiese diskoers en die skep van ’n akademiese ruimte as voedingsbodem in Marius Crous se digbundel Vol draadwerk”.

Taljard ontleed onder meer die digter se styl en register, sy gebruik van akademiese skryfkonvensies en die voorstelling van die akademiese ruimte. Sy bestudeer die spreker se konstruksie van ’n eie identiteit as béide gay én akademikus en belig die bundel se intertekstuele gesprekke met akademiese tekste en teorieë.

Lees die artikel vir Taljard se analise van die vakwoordeskat in Vol draadwerk:

’n Gedig waarin die akademiese sfeer onder andere deur akademiese vaktaal en verwysing na akademiese aktiwiteite voorgestel word, is “Wawielstraat” (68). Hier word die professionele persoon metonimies geïmpliseer deur gebruikmaking van die diskoers wat in die beroepe gebruiklik is:

wat het geword van die uitgewersetes
my debute as pierrot en as lear
in lesingsale wat ruik na feromoon
die vliegritte na panama of princeton
vir refereer en saampraat oor die jongste gier
vasgebinde nagte in leerharnasse [...]

Bepaalde woorde (soos “refereer”) wat verwys na tipiese akademiese praktyke (wat metonimies ook die beoefenaars van die praktyke insluit), word in dié reëls gebanaliseer en ontluister deurdat die vakspesifieke diskoers oor akademiese aktiwiteite byvoorbeeld vermeng word met ’n woord soos “feromoon”, ’n vakterm uit die biologie wat hier ingespan word om op ’n seksuele ingesteldheid te wys.