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Take a look inside Wendy Hartmann's magical new book, The Singing Stone

Storm has a beautiful stone that her parents gave to her when she was born. When she holds this stone and sings, everyone in the village stops to listen. But when she is tempted by an old woman to sing songs that can control the wind, waves and the entire ocean, things go wrong.

With her brothers and all the other fishermen lost at sea, will she be able to undo the things that she has done?

Written by award-winning author Wendy Hartmann, The Singing Stone is a magical tale about family love and encourages children to believe in themselves. Folk tales help develop strong reading skills and a love of stories.

Available in English, Afrikaans (Die Singende Klip), isiXhosa (Ilitye eliculayo) and isiZulu (Itshe Lokucula.)

Wendy Hartmann has been writing for many years, with more than 40 children’s books published. Her books have been selected for honour’s lists and nominated for awards for writing and illustration. Wendy lives in Cape Town, is married and has two daughters. In her spare time, she paints, has taken part in numerous exhibitions and has works in private collections in South Africa as well as overseas.

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READ Educational Trust celebrates Mandela and his pursuit of literacy

On behalf of READ Educational Trust

As we look back on the month of July, in South Africa a month synonymous with the late Nelson Mandela, who was born on 18 July 1918, we reflect on this particular year, which marks his 100th birthday.

‘Madiba Month’ generated a phenomenal amount of goodwill, with individuals and businesses around the country paying it forward, donating 67 minutes of their time to creating a better South Africa.

A beautiful quotation by this great man is truly at the heart of READ Educational Trust’s quest of literacy for all South Africans: “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.”

In that same spirit, READ celebrated Madiba Week by visiting Lawley Primary School in Lenasia, Gauteng. Over 50 foundation phase learners were extremely excited to experience our Pop-Up Library. When Mrs Book, a.k.a. Lindiwe Mthembu lit up the room with her animated story-telling skills, the children’s mouths dropped open with delight!

Mrs Book, a.k.a. Lindiwe Mthembu lit up the room at Lawley Primary School in Lenasia, with her animated story-telling skills

The little ones loved browsing through the book selection in our Pop-Up Library and couldn’t believe their eyes when they received a donation of books from READ, for their own school library! The Father of our Nation was surely smiling down at South Africans honouring his legacy!

For more information about the READ Educational Trust visit

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"Writing this book was painful, but enlightening." Carol Gibbs on All Things Bright and Broken

Published in the Sunday Times

Writing this book was painful, but enlightening; a journey of self-discovery. When my mother died I had an emotional breakdown, and then I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. I realised the fragility of life and I decided to write. My inspiration has been largely my own despair, a desire to explore family dynamics and understand myself and my parents and siblings on a deeper level. To heal.

Despite this, All Things Bright and Broken is not a sad book. Seen through the eyes of a child, there is lots of unintentional humour. Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes also inspired me. His childhood in the slums of Ireland was different, but there were parallels. I had to face my buried monsters and the dissociation and false self built to cope with the harshness of childhood. It has taken courage to visit those dark places in my mind.

I knew this would be the ultimate journey of self-discovery and so I delved deeper into psychology. I devoured every self-help book I could find. I hope the book resonates with readers, even if it is only discovering gratitude at not having spent a childhood crippled by adverse circumstances.

My first attempts were prosaic and boring. One morning when reviewing the previous day’s longhand scribbling, I read: He sat on the windowsill, framed by the Dorothy Perkins roses … That was the turning point. It may sound ordinary, but to me it was like discovering colour when I had previously only used black and white. Something changed in me. I started writing with a different eye. Everything came alive and flowed with a new rhythm. No one was more surprised than I was. I wondered where this had come from and then I remembered my father’s fascination with language, both English and Afrikaans. He carried a notebook with him at all times, filled with phrases from newspapers and magazines.

But technically I was still in the dark ages. Changing from longhand to computer was a huge challenge. It has taken 20 years to see this book grow from baby steps to the final published product. Some days I ended up in floods of tears – I battled with revealing family secrets and sharing my innermost feelings with the world.

But laughter saved me, and one incident comes to mind. My first version of the story was titled White Boots and Tuppenny Cakes. Having lunch in Kalk Bay, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman at the next table. He enquired about my writing and we swopped e-mail addresses. I received an e-mail enthusiastically enquiring about White Boobs and Tupperry Cakes. It kept me amused for weeks.

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Die Afrikaanse vertaling van Chris Riddell se Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse het sopas die rakke getref!

Wenner van die Costa Kinderboek van die Jaar 2013.

Ada Goth is die enigste kind van Lord Goth. Hulle woon saam in die reusagtige Ghastly-Gorm Hall.

Lord Goth glo dat kinders gehoor maar nie gesien mag word nie, en laat Ada groot lomp stewels dra sodat hy haar altyd kan hoor wanneer sy naderkom. Dit maak dir vir haar moeilik om vriende te maak en sy is eintlik baie eensaam.

Een dag kom Emily en William Cabbage by hulle bly, en saam met ’n spookagtige muis met die naam Ishmael begin hulle om agter die kap van die byl te kom van dit wat die geheimsinnige opsigter Maltravers probeer konkel.

Ada en haar vriende moet saamwerk om ’n stokkie voor sy nare planne te steek voordat dit te laat is!

Chris Riddell (gebore 13 April 1962 in Kaapstad) is ’n Britse illustreerder en skrywer van kinderboeke en ’n politieke strokiesprenttekenaar vir die Observer. Hy het drie Kate Greenaway Medaljes gewen, die Britse bibliotekarisse se jaarlikse toekenning vir die beste geïllustreerde kinderboeke. Boeke wat hy geskryf of geïllustreer het het drie Nestlé Smarties Boekpryse gewen en was vier keer silwer of brons naaswenners. In Junie 2015 is hy aangewys as UK Children’s Laureate.

Kobus Geldenhuys is bekend vir sy kinderboekvertalings van outeurs soos J.K. Rowling en Roald Dahl. In 2015 het hy die Elsabé Steenbergprys vir vertaalde kinder- en jeugliteratuur in Afrikaans ontvang vir Cressida Cowell se Hoe om jou draak te tem: Hoe om Drakonees te praat (Protea, 2014), en in 2016 is hy met die Alba Bouwerprys vir kinder- en jeugliteratuur bekroon vir sy vertaling van Michael Morpurgo se Hoekom die walvisse gekom het (Protea, 2015).


Now available in South Africa! The follow-up to What the Fat?, What the Fast! is the ultimate guide to intermittent fasting

“Our mission in writing this book is to help you. We want to change the world. Join us in helping the world live longer and healthier.”

Want to drop a few kilos, stay sharp and get your health on track? By simply not eating breakfast and lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays and supercharging your dinner meals, you will become a super-faster.

Super-fasting allows for super wellbeing, from effortless weight loss to enhanced immune and brain function. Become a super-faster and unlock the biology of super ageing to live a long, healthy life. The low-carb, healthy-fat Monday–Tuesday fasting plan, from the bestselling authors of What the Fat?

The follow-up to the bestseller What the Fat?, What the Fast! is the ultimate guide to how Monday and Tuesday will change your life. What the Fat? has become the bestselling low-carb, healthy-fat bible with over 30,000 copies sold to date in New Zealand and with editions in the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, China and Taiwan.

About What the Fat?

Heard the one about the Fat Professor, the Whole-Food Dietitian and the Michelin-trained Chef who want to change the world? Nope, this is not a silly joke. Far from it. In fact, we hope this book provides some serious answers. We hope it is the beginning of a life-changing journey for many who have experienced inexplicable weight gain, the heartbreak of constant deprivation and yo-yo dieting, or worse, physical illness through poor nutrition.

For decades, the brightest minds in the nutrition and science field have had fat pegged as the bad guy. As a result, many of us have been enslaved by an outdated food pyramid which has pushed us to eat carb-laden and processed food. As the evidence mounts against sugar and processed carbohydrates, it’s time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia.

In this practical guide, we present inspiring success stories, compelling evidence, and simple ways to “eat upside-down”. Forget everything you were taught at school, flip the food pyramid on its head and start nourishing your body the way it was designed to be nourished.

What the Fast!

Book details
What the Fast! by Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn, Craig Rodger
EAN: 9781928257509
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What the Fat?

What the Fat? by Craig Rodger, Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn
EAN: 978-1-928257-49-3
Find this book with BOOK Finder!

Die 18de titel in die immergewilde Asterix-reeks het sopas die rakke getref!


Hoofman Allamapstix en sy vrou Margarien gaan kuier vir sy swaer Spoggerix in Lutecia. Allamapstix en Spoggerix kan egter nie help om te wedywer nie en dit loop uit op ’n uitnodiging van Allamapstix: Spoggerix kan ’n bredie wat gekrui is met lourierblare uit Caesar se lourierkrans by hulle kom eet! Dit beteken Asterix en Obelix moet Rome toe om die lourierblare te gaan kry. In Rome verkoop hulle hulself as slawe om naby aan Caesar te kom. Sal hulle met die slaaf Copineenmus kan ooreenkom om die lourierkrans met ’n vinkelkrans te ruil?

Caesar se lourierkrans is die 18de boek in die gewilde Asterix-reeks.


Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois woon in Parys, Frankryk. Sy het in Stellenbosh gestudeer en beskik oor ’n Magistergraad in Frans. Sy is onder meer die vertaler van die Kuifie-boeke.