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Ontdek Italië soos nog nooit tevore met Italiaanse intermezzi: Reissketse deur André Pretorius

Italiaanse intermezziItaliaanse intermezzi: Reissketse deur André Pretorius is nou beskikbaar by Naledi:

André Pretorius is verlei deur Italië toe ’n Romeinse meisie hom in 1992 op ’n warrelwindtoer deur Rome geneem het. Vier jaar later het hy die land deurkruis met ’n universiteitsvriend, ’n rugsak en ’n tweemantent. Sedertien het hy teruggekeer op die spore van komponiste, kunstenaars en selfs Afrikaanse digters.

In Italiaanse intermezzi bring hy die leser van aangesig tot aangesig met die vele gedaantes van hierdie land vol skoonheid en teenstrydigheid. Hy swig voor die wondere van die menslike gees in Rome en Venesië, maar hy verdwaal ook langs die agterpaadjies van Sicilië en die Abruzzi. Hy proe smake – balsemiek, Parmaham – uit die hande van dié wat hierdie sakramente van lewe vir hulleself gemaak het. Hy bejeën heiliges en pouse eers met verwarring en dan met ontsag vir hul heerskappy van die Italiaanse wese.

Oor die jare verander sy reisgenote – van daardie universiteitsvriend tot sy verloofde en uiteindelik sy kleuterseuntjie – en elke keer is sy blik anders. Uiteindelik staan hy saam met die leser verwonder oor ’n aangrypende land met dikwels verrassende eggo’s van sy eie Afrikaanse wortels.

‘n Lewendige boek vol skoonheid, hartstog, inligting, fyn waarneming en sterk persoonlike opinies, en dis hoekom ons reis. – Nataniël

Dit is iets unieks, ’n ongewone reisboek, nie ’n Baedeker of ’n Michelin of ’n André Brink nie, maar ’n hoogs persoonlike ervaring wat op twee of dalk meer vlakke afspeel … Vir my maak dit die boek een van die leeswaardigste reisboeke in Afrikaans – een van die heel beste Afrikaanse reisboeke wat ek nog gelees het, in dieselfde klas as ‘n Uys Krige, André Brink, Ernst van Heerden of WEG Louw. – Danie van Niekerk, oud-hoof Tafelberg uitgewers

Oor die outeur

André Pretorius het sy eerste treë op Marble Hall in Limpopo gegee, maar sedertdien ver genoeg geswerf om die etiket “reisskrywer” om sy pols/tas/nek te hang. In ’n vorige lewe was hy ’n buitelandse verslaggewer vir Suid-Afrikaanse koerante en radiostasies. Sy twee bundels reissketse, Iets ver en nuut en Eilande en enklaves, is goed ontvang. Hy het die afgelope twintig jaar in onder meer Londen, Brussel en Hongkong gewoon en is tans tuis in Cambridge, Engeland.


Kalk Bay Books understands readers - Luke Alfred

The Art of LosingWhen the Lions Came to TownLuke Alfred, renowned sports journalist and author of The Art of Losing: Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup and When the Lions Came to Town: The 1974 Rugby Tour to South Africa, recently paid a few visits to Kalk Bay Books in Cape Town, one of the country’s best loved bookshops, and found it to be one of the finest out there.

Alfred supports his argument by listing, and explaining, the reasons readers read and visit bookshops. Kalk Bay Books, according to him, understands this and presents itself as both a place “with a sense of self and of humour”.

“What academic monographs and run-of-the-mill reviewing fail to do is to take us into this place – part fantasy, part reverie, part stunted friendship – at the very core of how readers read.

“We read soulfully, vulnerably, and the bookshop in Kalk Bay seemed to acknowledge this, resisting the temptation to link the experience of selecting a book, buying it and taking it home to read with any other form of consumption. Here we had a strong black with a dash of milk and one sugar,” Alfred writes.

Read the article, then start planning your trip to Kalk Bay to experience this remarkable bookshop for yourself:

My family and I found ourselves in Cape Town’s Kalk Bay for the holidays. As well as the village’s many delights — the Olympia Café and the decadent seals twirling in the harbour — Kalk Bay possesses a fine bookshop.

If it is not independent of ownership, it is certainly independent of spirit. During several immersions there, I found myself wondering about the shop’s range and atmosphere, realising that as well as the staff clearly being readers and loving books, the shop pedalled a view of the world.

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Image courtesy of SA Venues

It's not Table Mountain that makes Cape Town beautiful, it's the people - Nechama Brodie

What makes Cape Town such a magnetic destination?

Nechama Brodie recently answered this difficult question during an interview on Expresso with Leigh-Anne Williams when she was invited to talk about The Cape Town Book.

The Cape Town Book“I think everybody pinpoints the mountain, because it’s so dominant on the landscape and people who’ve grown up in Cape Town will relate the story of their own geography in relation to the mountain. Particularly people whose families were move from the city centre to the very far outlying areas where they went …” the author said.

However, she doesn’t necessarily agree: “I think what defines Cape Town is the people who live here, and when you start understanding how many stories there are … Cape Town hasn’t got one story. Its got tens and hundreds of stories, so when you start talking to people, those threads that I said make up those tapestries of histories, when you start looking at the individual stories within that – that’s when you really see how beautiful Cape Town is. That’s when Cape town becomes friendly. It’s not just beautiful, it’s the people.”

Watch the interview to find out more about Brodie and her new wonderful book, which introduces readers to this way of thinking about the Mother City:

YouTube Preview Image

Related links:


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Win a digital camera with MapStudio and Mooiloop!

MapStudio, SABC2 and Mooiloop are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a digital camera.

The essence of the award-winning programme Mooiloop! (as seen on SABC 2) is captured in Mooiloop!: The Book, which invites you to take South Africa’s provincial/regional routes and experience small-town South Africa.

Read: Presenting Mooiloop! The Book – The People, the Places and the Recipes as Seen on TV

All you have to do to enter the competition is answer this easy question:

Name one of the presenters of Mooiloop?

The answer can be found by watching the show – season three starts on Monday, 1 February at 7:30 PM – or visiting the Mooiloop Facebook page.

Follow the link below and enter your answer, along with your contact details, to stand a chance of winning.

The prize is valued at R4 000, and the competition closes on 1 March 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

Mooiloop!Book details

Discover 56 must-visit wineries within easy reach of Cape Town with Wineries of the Cape

Wineries of the CapeJonathan Ball is proud to present a new edition of Wineries of the Cape by Lindsaye McGregor and Erica Bartholomae:

In this new edition of Wineries of the Cape, Lindsaye McGregor – a long-time contributor to Platter’s wine guides and a regular writer in the world of South African wine – shares her extensive industry knowledge by profiling 56 independently selected, must-visit wineries.

From historic gabled manor houses to contemporary wineries, quirky family-run farms to iconic estates, country picnics to world-class fine dining restaurants, all within easy reach of Cape Town.

Wineries of the Cape guides you in experiencing the very best of the winelands.

About the author

Lindsaye McGregor is a contributor to Platter’s South African Wine Guide, as well as various other wine publications. She has also written several food-and-wine pairing recipe books, including the best-selling Braai Masters of the Cape Winelands.

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Sunday Read: Asymptote’s 5th anniversary edition, featuring Toast Coetzer and never-before-seen work from 30 countries

It’s no secret that we love the award-winning journal Asymptote.

In their latest issue, the quarterly magazine dedicated to literary translation and contemporary writing celebrates their fifth anniversary with a magnificent theme: Eternal Return.

“We may die, but our souls somehow survive, in images, in gestures, in words haunting the written page… Years come and go, books are borrowed and sometimes lost, but words linger forever in our minds,” the Editor’s Note states, introducing the exciting line-up for the January 2016 issue.

Read the note in full to see what you can expect:

Somehow, the year’s end always comes as a surprise. Suddenly, January is upon your doorstep: you’re another year older. This month, Asymptote turns five, a ripe old age for a literary magazine run entirely by volunteers. Yet we haven’t jaded a bit—heartened as we are by the success of our recent mini-fundraiser, and, of course, by this new issue (video trailer here). Aside from exclusive interviews with the great Junot Díaz and Yann Martel, this issue hails never-before-published material from thirty countries.


NaweekSouth AfricaIn this jam-packed issue, one of our favourite local word smiths Toast Coetzer joins the likes of Junot Diaz, Yann Martel, Ingo Schulze, Caroline Bergvall, Sybille Lacan, Olga Tokarczuk, Xiao Kaiyu.

Coetzer translated three of his poems from Afrikaans: “own terms”, “circulations of blood” and “Anene Booysen”. His section of the e-magazine also features the original poems and a recording of him reading “circulations of blood” in Afrikaans (“bloedsomloop”).

As this week’s Suday Read, find Coetzer’s work on Asymptote and browse the website for more literary delights:

Three Poems
Toast Coetzer

own terms

you are here on own terms
just like Omar al-Bashir and his walking stick, Jeb Bush and his exclamation mark, Nasser al-Wuhayshi and his final meal, a regular sickle-bush, a lone donkey at a dry spring

the desert wind blows, on its own terms,
waves of sandgrouse, whirring balls of dust, are loosened
from the far-off mountains where the single horn
of an old oryx bull catches the light

you are here on own terms, with the cancer
that ring-barked you, the drunk pick-up
that burst through the fence and snapped
the telephone pole in half so it came to
rest on your forehead naming
all the names of your leaking things

here it is, your heart in a photograph
still printed at the CNA, underneath a shirt
in which you were smaller, your skin softer,
your hair thicker, laughing

there’s a time when everyone – al-Bashir, all Bushes,
also Zuma – will be dead, and the people who stand around
those graves, with pretend tears, or thorns in their palms,
will recognize, in the sharp corners of the hole, the depth
thereof, the end-of-story of all our outcomes.

Watch the trailer for Asymptote‘s Eternal Return edition:

YouTube Preview Image


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